MissLJBeauty: July 2013

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July's random favourites

I love reading people's non beauty related extra so here are my I can't live without this month. 

1. My new smoothie maker. It's a ken wood and a complete steal at £20 from Argos.  I make smoothies in these handy to go cups and take with me to 
Work and have made a few Oreo milkshakes (don't judge me) ok and maybe a few cocktails ! I used to have a smoothie maker with a pourer but it just dripped constantly this is so good there is no mess and I can make everyone what they want! I bought this as I sometimes hit the slim fast diet and this will be good to make them colder with crushed ice. 


Yeah your eyes are not deceiving you choclate muesli. This stuff is amazing and I feel like I work for this as I have to pick out the raisin. So delish. Can I have some now ? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

July's skin care favourites

 Since this is my 1st favourites I thought I'd do a few category's 

Here is my skin care 

1. L'oreal Paris skin perfection. This has had loads of rave reviews and I have to admit I can see why this is amazing at getting even the most stubborn mascara of my eye lashes and doesn't leave my skin 

2. Garnier moisture match combination to oily skin. At first I really didn't think much of this product. 
Then I started using it as a base for my make up and found its a great primer leave the skin 
Prepped for make up. 

3. I love me some oils. Sanctuary spa body moisture spray. One word springs to mind LUSH
This smells heavenly, absorbs super fast and leaves you moisturised.  

4. This is my cheeky little secret  palmers cocoa butter natural bronze. This is so nice it's a gradual tanner that smells amazing instead of crushed biscuits! Plus loads of people have asked if I've been 
Abroad lately bonus! 

Please leave any comments or question on any of my blogs and ill get back to you ASAP

MissLJbeauty xoxo 

July's favourite make up

Now its make up turn 

1. The body shop Leona Lewis face brush. I love this it is extra soft and applies my blush where I need it. 

2. Not really make up but my favourite smell of the month Taylor swift wonderstruck. This smells almost musky when your 1st spray this on. Which at first try I hated but it settles to this lush sweet smell of apples and raspberries. I've had so many compliments on this.

3. Mac bronzing powder in refined golden. Its summer right and this is the best bronzer for me it apples well and most importantly it lasts ages. 

4. No shock to anyone MUA undress me too eye palette. I have a few MUA palette but this is the one I wear all the time. It's long lasting with eyeshadow primer and has great pigment. 

5. Bubblegum lip scrub by lush. I have just discovered this and I love it. It smells so sweet and bubble gum like I can't stop using it plus the bonus is it helps my lips and tastes nice.

6. High beam by benefit. This instantly lifts your face with a tiny bit of this to the cheek bones or brow line. 

7&8 ill put the two Garnier BB creams together I have the one for an oil completion and the one for under your eyes. I have tried loads of BB creams as foundation is to heavy for me and I always come back to these too. They do how ever smell a bit alcoholy.

9. GOSH Mascara Allongant in black now I hesitated to put this in as there is a big con to this. I find this has made my eyelashes grow like it claims to do but it is very easy to come off with the smallest amount of water not great for us hay fever sufferers but it really has made my lashes grow.... Mmm

10. My holy grail MAC zoom water fast lash Mascara. This is the best. I haven't found anything that will compare to this. I have gone snorkelling in this and it hasn't budged what more can you ask for.

11. Benefit blush sugar bomb. I love this, its summer in a blush. to me it has the right amount of bronzing tones to it and it mite be me but I think it smells lovely really sweet. 

12. Revlon lip butter in Cotten candy. This is my summer moisturising shade I love it! The pink pops and  looks great on the lips and last and ok amount of time. 

13. And to fix my look in place I use MUA Pro-base fixing mist. I have only recently found fixing sprays but I really find this helps my make up last. 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Leave me a comment with your links so I can add you 

July's favourites hair care

This is my 1st favourites (yeah). I have desided as a one off two do this in sections.

1st things first hair care

1. Tangle tweezers this has transformed my hair in the two years I have had it. To be honest I don't ever use a proper brush in my hair anymore. How did I live before this was invented. My hair was a tangled mess and I would struggle to get any brush through it! 

2. Dove hair therapy nourishing oil care. Now I have to be honest I really don't like the smell of Dove but luckily this doesn't smell like normal Dove products and it seems to really nourish my hair without leaving it greasy.

3. Macadamia natural oil hair mask just amazing from the smell to the Devine way my hair feels after a condition with this bad boy. Tangle free and smelling amazing eh yes please!  My hair is so soft and healthy it's increable. 

4&5 Kerastase cristalliste shampoo and conditioner for fine hair this stuff is awesome. I have long fine blonde hair. I found my hair was needing washed everyday for a while as my hair was getting greasy at the roots. I like to wash my hair every second or third day. This product lets me do that. It not only cleans the hair but it doesn't weight it down like most products do. This leaves my hair soft but not flyaway and clean. 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

The BBloggers Global Hop

As you know I am a new blogger and have been reading blogs forever. (well it feels like forever) I stumbled across this BBloggers Ho.p now I am new to this, so I have never heard of this before but to put it simply. It is a fantastic new way for New bloggers such as my self to spread the word about their Blog and also (which I love) find new blogs to read (I'm not a beauty stalker ok maybe I am. its run monthly by two lovely girls http://promakeupartistblog.blogspot.co.uk/ and http://www.deesbeautifullife.blogspot.co.uk/ whos blogs I read anyways. Here is the link have a sneaky look for your self and get joined up. http://bbloggersglobalhop.blogspot.co.uk/ MissLJBeauty xoxo

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Nip+fab spot fix

We're has this been all my life!! 

Ok back ground of my skin is I am blessed with only spots at that time of the month.
I always get at least one spot. I don't know about you but when you don't have spots 
Often people love to point them out. Get over it I get spots to. (Sorry) 

Last night I found a spot on my temp, well in my hair line. This was a angry red lump of a spot. 
So having received this Nip + fab spot fix  £ 9.95 in my Glossybox and though well what's the worst that can happen right? So I popped a little of this clear solution on my spot and woke up this morning
Did my make up and it wasn't until I remembered this afternoon that I had a spot that I realised 
This must be a miracle product. I'm so happy with this product. I have used loads of spot 
treatments but nothing has ever worked this fast. I have the slightest red mark which I can see but that's it no lump or spot nothing! Amazing ! 

This product claims to be infused with salicylic acid, tea tree and eucalyptus, which is meant to purify  refreshes and clean pores while targeting the spots. As far as I'm concerned this has done that 
And more. Now as you know if you read my blog I'm a smell person and have to smell everything 
I put on my skin this smells very much of eucalyptus but its not to over powering. 
Wish this was about when I was a teen.

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Superdrug haul

Hi everyone, 

I have been a bit crazy shopping the last few days so there will be a few haul post going up! And hopefully a empties too. 

My 1st haul was superdrug 

I picked up two MUA sheer finish lipgloss in cute talk and happy days (darker pink) 

I am loving both of these glosses cute talk is very light pink on the lips. Where as happy days is a bit more a pop in pink colour. I think for £1 there is no better on the market I find that they both last and ok amount of time for a gloss. The smell is vanilla like and the taste isn't to bad just a kinda sweet taste but i can't think what this reminds me off. 

Now the next 3 nail varnishes are completely the fault of Kristie at http://kristieblogsbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/ I read her blog post on her BarryM Hi gels and I remembered how much I 
adore them I got lychee, blue grape and satsuma I have yet to put these on but I have got other colours from this
Range and I know they will be good. These were 3 for 2 £3.99 each 

My last 3 purchases are random I know. I needed a lip balm for work and I haven't found maybelline baby lips  yet so I though palmer cocoa butter formula  lip balm would be quite good £1.26. Now I have tried this and I'm not so happy with it. This has the normal smell from palmers  coconuty chocolate goodness which is amazing but when I apply this to my lips the stick kinda cracks and leaves little lumps of lip balm on my lip and this tastes horrid. 

Oral B 3D White Brilliance toothpaste  (£1.72) is by far my favourite toothpaste I love the clean it gives me and the taste is very minty which I really like and I really think this has whitened my teeth. I have worked in a dental clinic and have in the past had my teeth whitened using whitening gum shields ( if you would like a post on this just drop me a comment) I think this is the best whitening toothpaste available in the UK and has caused no sensitivity or enamel damage which can happen with whitening products.

Last but not least, Sure maximum protection in confidence (£5.29)  I blogged that I wanted to try this after trying the Dove equivalent but I haven't used up my Dove yet so I'll let  you know how this go's. it smells quite scented and fresh so here's hoping this is nice and not over powering I hate that in a deoderant. Why would I want something to over power my perfume ? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo 

Please leave me any question or comments 
I love reading them  

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Today's nails

Now I'm going to say something a bit controversial (sorry) but I'm not a huge Essie fan. 

I honestly don't know if its my nails but it really doesn't last long And it takes ages to dry. To be completely honest it quite easily smudged too. On the plus side the range of colours that Essie have are is amazing. One day maybe I will change my mind but for me there are defo better on the market! And cheaper! 

Today On my nails I have Essie nice is nice ( £7.82 on beauty bay) and Barry basecoat topcoat & nail hardener as my top coat (£2.99 at superdrug).  

Essie nice is nice is such a gorgeous colour light lavender and so fresh! I really want to love Essie but I just cant. 

My topcoat is always something I'm hunting and looking for my holy grail. At the moment I like this one but I think I'm looking for something abit more gel like! 

If anyone can recommend a topcoat that would be awesome ? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Here is what I'm hoping to dress my bridesmaids like for my wedding

These are £80 at Bhs I love that the girls can all style them they way they like ! 

Matching shoes these are £8.50 in the bhs sale ;) 

For my girls hair I'm thinking something like 

With something like 

And for make up I just love this 

Fresh and gorgeous. 

I have 5 bridesmaids I know 5 and 2 flower girls and 1 babymaid (under 1 year) 

If any one has any recommendation for any bridesmaid outfits, gift, make up please let me know. 

What do you think ? 

Missljbeauty xoxo

Monday, 22 July 2013

Payday must haves

Hi guys, 

So it's near that time in the month when we all get a bit richer for at least 24hrs before the direct debit monster takes all our money away. 

I've been thinking quite hard what I want beauty wise and I've come up with a few things 

1. Rimmel apocalips £4.48 on asos
I have heard so much about this I can't resist it, so I think this is a must for me. I'm not to sure what colour I will go for though. Any suggestions 

2. These hair ties from eBay 

These are £4.58 with free postage :). I don't know about anyone else but I have to try my hair up for work which means a big lump where the hair bobble has been (annoying) and I'm trying not to use heat on my hair ATM so these were mentioned on a blog I just read and I can't find it. I will add the link to it later it was a very good one too.

3. Hair product 

I need help choosing out of theses two ?

I love shampoo and have had my fair share of hair disasters ( burnt head with bleach ) so I am stupidly fussy about what goes on my hair and I will spend far to much money on hair care. I would love it if anyone could recommend a hair care line for me that they have tried and loved. 
I have long thin blonde hair that I am growing for my wedding! 

4. The halo, £89 for 16 inches 

I have never had hair extensions or even clip in ones as my fine hair just doesn't cover the clips and it was destroyed for so many years. But now my hair dresser is happy with the condition and I am thinking about what to do for my extra volume for my wedding. So I think I will treat myself to a halo first and see how I get on.

5. Deodorant (random I know ) I have been trying dove maximum protection and I'm ashamed  to say  this is the first of its kind I have tried so I'm going for the sure alternative £5.30. If any one can recommend a scent that would be great. 

6. Soap and glory the breakfast scrub £8. Now I should have loads of this left but my lovely fiancé discovered this is amazing for getting mountain bike oil of his skin ! Need I say more (grrr) 

 7. This is also random but as mentioned in my other blog I am trying to find my wedding scent so 

These have made my list. I reall hope they smell nice as cheesy as it is this would be perfect 

8. Now the final thing is abit more random but think I'm going to join resultswithlucy.com

This is all in the aid of bridal beauty. I like working out but have to admit the weather is making me abit lazy and my treadmill is crying use me use me! So I think this mite push me to work out more. I love jillian micheals but I've done so many of her workouts its getting crazy so I think it's time to change. Plus paying money will make me us this. It's £12.99 per month and can be cancelled any time. 

Have your any pay day wish lists? I'd love to read them ;) 

Any question please comment me 

MissLJBeauty xo


Sunday, 21 July 2013

Big thank you!!

Just a wee post to say thank you to my followers I now have 20 on bloglovin and over 100 twitter. 

 This is so special to me as a new beauty blogger! Thanks to everyone who has left me comments I really enjoy reading them! 

 hope you all enjoy future blogs 

MissLJBeauty xoxo 

July birchbox

Here's my July birchbox 

I'm going to be honest I'm not to impressed this month. Nothing really has the woo factor for me but here's my run down of what I got 

Product 1
Dead sea spa magik cleansing facial wash 
25ml (£8.80)

This was ok for a face wash but I just think there are better more rewarding products on the market.  The smell is very clay like to me. It took a bit of work to remove my make up and I just didn't have a really clean skin feeling afterwards and found myself re cleansing. I won be buying this I'm afraid 

Product 2 
RMK creamy foundation
15g mini sample full price (£35) 

I liked this foundation and for once the sample was a better match to my skin tone. It lasted quite long in this amazing heat we have here at the moment. Which I think is fantastic as I wouldn't expect many foundations to last long in these temperatures! I liked the silky texture and it absorbed in to my skin nicely its a bit heavy for me though so I don't think ill be buying it any time soon but a good product 

Lifestyle extra
The chia co shot 
Full sized (£4.79) 

Not to sure about this think I will add it to my daily smoothie and see how it goes down but I have had linseeds before and these look similar. 

Product 3 
Vitabella hand cream 
Mini size 8.5ml
Full size (£17)

This smells so Devine, it smells expensive like it should be in harrods or a posh spa somewhere. 
As soon as you put it on the moisturising begins. you can feel that its a bit greasy but that gos pretty fast after application. Nice product think I would buy this one. 

Product 4 
Thebalm cosmetics instain long wearing staining blush
Mini size Full size (21.50)

Ok a wee bit small for a item especially when it clearly says not for re sale sample product. So I'm wondering if I could get one of these for free somewhere. That is annoying but I love getting proper make up and this blush is really good and out lasted my foundation on a hot day which I really like the colour is quite peachy and matt. 

Product 5 
Blanc cachemire creme de jour 
Mini size 15ml
Full size (£54.75)

I like this cream it's moisturising and refreshing. The smell is very strange though and I can't seem to place it. It's almost nutty but not in a good way. I think there are better moisturiser on the market for way less money and I will not be spending that amount on this. If it wooed me then I mite consider it but I didn't see any dramatic changes in my skin but maybe if I keep using it. 

This month I will have to say glossybox was my favourite by far. Can't wait till next months instalments 

What did you get in your boxes ? Did you like this months ? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Thursday, 18 July 2013

My latest lust

Hi guys

Ok so I had a big birthday this month and I was very spoilt with gifts and money. I have been lusting after this for so long 

It's the rebecca minkoff mini mac in this gorgeous purple! Miss budget beauty has posted that she has just purchased it and this is tempting me even more. On my birthday I was in London and went in to harrods to look at the bags but I wasn't impressed with this at the time as they didn't have this colour and the black was gorgeous but if I'm spending £160 on a bag I want to really want it! And as soon as I seen this i was like woo. I have a lot of guess bags. I'm ashamed to say some still with the tags on :( I just can't decide to get it or not! I think it would be the perfect everyday bag for me and I would use it a lot but with my wedding next year I should be saving all my penny's for that ! 

Aw what to do what to do :s

Any advice ? Do u have this bag? 


Glossybox July

Hay everyone, 

My glossybox review for July 2013. I have already posted this yesterday but the Internet fairys seem to have deleted it! So here gos

This boxes is lush I love the vibrant colour and up it looks so tropical,

Product 1
Anatomicals facial spritz 
Full size (£6)

I would have loved this product but the smell is lavender which I really really dislike. So this will have to be past on to my mother in law to be. 

Product 2
Alterna haircare wave tousle texture mist 
25ml mini size, full size (£23)

I love this product and I own lots of brands of this. I find this one to smell really fresh and clean almost beachy. I like the texture it gives my hair. It doesn't weight my hair down and I can smell this in my hair for a few hours which is nice! Although it doesn't hold my beach wavy for long and I ad to use another product too

Product 3 
Nip +fab spot fix
Full size 15ml (£9.95) 

I have pretty good skin most of the month but like all girl at that time of the month I get a break out ;( 
So this will be good to try then I have to say I will be interested to see if this will replace my current spot 
Treatment by clean and clear 

Product 4
Ciate London Paint pot in island hopping 
Full size 13.5ml (£9)

I am a nail varnishaholic and I am quite happy to admit it! I love receiving nail varnishes. 
This varnish is rubbish the colour gos on pinky with glitter and then gos more red/orange 
Now I put this on last night before bed and it has chipped on every nail. Rubbish I would be gutted if I'd spent £9 on something that just doesn't last!

Product 5 
Coola organic suncare rose essence tint
Mini size 7 ml, full size 50ml (£29.99)

Omg this product looked right up my street it was a darker colour which is better for me. As normally the samples in these boxes are so light. As soon as I put this on I could smell the product which was over powering and I really didn't like the fragrance! When I put this on my face, my skin started to burn and itch I am clearly sensitive to some ingredient in this product. I had to wash my skin straight away it left me a bit red and tender I would not buy this. 

The box this month is not the worst I have had and I liked getting more full sized products. 

What did everyone else get ? Did u enjoy your box


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

TAG/ Liebster award

Hay everyone, so I was tagged today by the lovely kristieblogsbeauty  to do this tag.I have never heard of this Tag but I'm excited to do this one. so here gos basically i was tagged by kristieblogsbeauty   and I have to tag 11 other blogger who have less that 200 followers like me and i pick the new 11 questions. 

 1. If you could only have one make up item for the rest of your life what would it be? it would be a tinted moisturizer like mac 

 2. What made you start blogging?
 I love reading blogs and I was like it looks fun lets give it a bash 

 3. What is your favourite food? 
OMG this is hard i love fruit so like strawberries and apples 

 4. If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go? 

 5. What is your most used hair styling tool? 

i dont like putting heat on my hair but it would be the occasional ghds 

6.Do you have a favourite mascara?

 benefit their real 

 7. What is your favourite childhood story book? 

any of the disney princesses 

 8. Pick your favourite palette 

i like the mua undress me too 

 9. What is your favourite kind of blog post to read?

 i love empty and halls 

 10. Any advice for new bloggers?
be your self and youll be fine 

 11. What's the most daring make up look you have tried? 

I have to dress down for work with mininal make up so i love a bright lip like mac chatterbox 

 who I'm nominating

My questions?
 1. name the best lipstick you own? 
2. what three things would you take to a desert island make up wise?
 3. what is your one beauty must have?
 4. where would you like to be right now?
 5. when you where little what did you want to be? 
6. pick your favorite shampoo and conditioner?
 7. biggest beauty blunder? 
8. favorite tv series? 
9. biggest beauty or fashion splurge?
 10. what is your best memory? 
11.its hard starting out as a beauty blogger what posts do you love? 

 I cant wait to read your responses ! I loved this tag thanks again Kristieblogsbeauty 

Monday, 15 July 2013


I'm joining blog lovin

<a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/9877327/?claim=rpzsv9hmxg5">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Naked skin Sunday?

I don't know about you but I love a make up free day. This for me is a Sunday I like nothing better than once a week not putting on make up. I love the feeling of clean and moisturised skin with no make up clogging my pores or mascara on my lashes. Don't get me wrong I love make up so much but I think it is really important to give your skin a good breather and let it just be!

Today is one of those day and here is all I'm using 

I like to pop a face mask on and just now I am using sanctuary spa deep cleanse facial 5 minute thermal detox mask. This mask is warming but not to warming I have to admit it brought out a few blemishes the first time I used it but these have nearly gone and it seems to have cleared my skin now.
This is £10.50 at boots.com

Then I moisture with Monu moisture rich collagen cream. I'm really not a fan of the smell of this product but it seem to do wonders for my skin and is very hydrating. I got this in one of my beauty boxes and I have to admit I reach for it a lot. This is currently priced at £16.25 on feel unique.com 

On my body I am currently using sanctuary spa body moisture spray. Now I love oil on my skin and have used baby oil forever before it was cool to use oils and now I feel like there are so many to try I am in heaven. I love the feeling of this and the smell is Devine. I normally like really sweet smells but this one is woody ,rich and luxurious and I can't get enough of it. £5.50 from boots.com ( I bought a few bits from this range as there was an offer to get a free Crème Souffle which I couldn't pass by.

Then I add the body shop peppermint intensive foot rescue which is ok but I think I will be going back to the soap and glory product as I think it is really effective and seem to work better then this. The smell is lovely though its so minty and fresh. This £9.00 on the body shop website but they have a 35% off code on there website. 

Lastly I always treat my hair to a wee treat today I lave just popped in some dove hair therapy 
Nourishing oil care leave in conditioning and care spray. Woo the smell of this is amazing so light and fresh. Now I have to state I normally hate the smell of dove product and would not buy them even if they were the last thing on the shelf but this doesn't smell like dove it smells more like a sun cream and yummy. My fiancé normally never realises when I change a product but this on he loves and could stop smelling my hair. This is half price at £1.79 at boots.com

Any question or comment please feel free 

MissLJBeauty xoxo 

Friday, 12 July 2013

More MAC

Mac zoom mascara is amazing amazing, it separates lashes and the water fast one is my holiday must have, I can wear in the pool and the sea and it stays put! I do have to say its hard wearing and lasts all day and night if you want it to. You do need a good make up remover to shift this off your lashes!  

Two eye liners in black and a liquid one in black too. The pencil black is good but it doesn't stay on my waterline long at all and sometimes moves down and gives me a slight panda effect! I like the liquid black liner it stays put and does not budge. I do find it hard to get off just like the zoom but that's a good thing I always thing with eye liners!

Left to right 
In the white packaging is Lush light bronzer studio care blend/ pressed my holy grail bronzer I just love this product and as you can see I bought it again and will keep repurchasing this forever.  

Medium mineralize skinfinish natural this is a brilliant setting powder and I have used this daily and as you can see there is loads left and I bought it over a year ago! 

My 2nd bronzing powder

Mac studio moisture tint SPF 15 this was my holy grail foundation for years I am using more bb creams now but this is defo something I will repurchase.

Mac select cover up concealer. This cover up is ok but it not the best  I have. i have far better cheaper products. 

Springsheen sheertone shimmer blush as you can tell I loved this product when I got it. I have to say I don't use my MAC blushes as much as I think you can get the same pigmentation from cheaper brands. 

Mineralise blush nuance & A triumphant blush face kit both have lovely colours but I haven't really used nuance a lot it's quite sheer. 

Colours in there are Melba, peach twist and a finishing powder underneath smooth harmony this is my holiday blush kit as its compact and the perfect colours with a tan. 

I have a lot of mac eye shadows but the deserve there own post so ill pop them up in a few days. 

I was always the girl who would only wear MAC but now I feel I have to try other brands especially high street brands and I have found that there are loads to try and experiment with. 

I would love to read more MAC collection so drop us a comment with your recommendation or blogs 


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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My mac lipsticks and dazzle glass

I love mac and I have been trying to eases off my addition. I love mac and there is not a product I have found from them I hate but the lipsticks are something I reach for all the time. They are smoothing on the lips the colours always stays lovely and has the right amount of pigment.

Starting at the top

Cremesheen creme cup
Mellow mood lustre
Cremesheen innocence beware Disney addition
Lady bug ( bright red)
Frost Sandy b 
Creme sheen shy girl 
Creme sheen ravishing 

Two lip dazzle glass the pink is baby sparks and the oranges name has come off

Starting at the top

Cremesheen creme cup
Mellow mood lustre
Cremesheen innocence beware Disney addition
Lady bug ( bright red)
Frost Sandy b 
Creme sheen shy girl 
Creme sheen ravishing 

Two lip dazzle glass the pink is baby sparks and the oranges name has come off

This deserved a mention on its own it my fav! 

It's called chatterbox and I love every single thing about it. It gives the the best colour which I love it lasts all night with a couple of top ups but the colour just pops my lips and I feel confident and sexy wearing it. 

If anyone has any recommendation of colours to try please leave me a comment as I love trying new ones out ! 

Love MissLJBeauty xoxo

Sunday, 7 July 2013

My mua lipstick collection

I love MUA and the lipsticks especially. I mean what's not to love its only £1 

Ok the colours are amazing and really pop they don't have the best staying power but what can you buy for a pound now a days ? They slide on your lips with easy and I find them quite moisturising and silky. These are fantastic for top up on nights out. I dont like taking my MAC lipsticks out as I love them and would hate to lose them. This is where MUA comes in handy they look fantastic and you don't mind them being in you handbag. If worst came to worst and you lost one, pop into superdrug and buy a replacement!

I have the following shades 16, 12, 11, 9, 7 & 4

Shades are top to bottom starting at 16 & ending with 4!

I will buy these again and again! Will pop these in to the little gift boxes I give my bridesmaids 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Yankee candle of the month

I love Yankee candles, well to be honest I'm always buying candle of all kinds. 

I don't know about you but I want a candle that fill the room with aroma that lasts and I'm yet to find any that can match Yankee for staying power! 

This month for me has to be all about black coconut. I love the smell is warm and cosy which is most likely better for winter but I just love the smell! I'm trying loads of candles as I want tea lights at my wedding and I think smell can evoke memory's so my guests will associate a certain smell with the wedding.

Anyone with any suggestion for candles to try let me no? 

The large jar is £18.99 on play.com just now bargain! 

Friday, 5 July 2013

My 1st blog

Ok I think I will start with why I have decided to take the plunge in to beauty blogging.
I have been watching vlogs and reading blogs for a long time and I thought why not give it a bash.

I love make up, hair care and fashion. I like the occasion splurge but try to be more budget friendly.

I am getting married June 2014 so I will be testing lots of products, looking for my holy grail in make up and beauty items.

I am also trying to get fit so I mite include some of that in my blogs.

My story so far
School was a struggle for me in a very remote village and  I was one of the only kids with dyslexica in the school. I left school to follow a dream of mine in acting but this was not ment to be and I have moved back to a rural area in for work.

The biggest change I have gone through is that about 6 years ago I was a size 22 uk and lost 7 and a half stone and am now a size 8 to 10 I don't want to lose loads of weight I just want to feel good in my skin

I love trying new product and really can't help myself to buying new make up!
I also subscribe to glossy box and birchbox so ill pop on blogs about them to

Well I'm a notice at this so be kind