Thursday, 31 October 2013

Mac false lashes waterproof & MUA Matte Peachy Keen

Hay everyone, 

How are you all today? I'm doing my first impression of 
Mac False Lash Mascara Waterproof get it here .debenhams.
this is £18 I got it from MAC direct but they have sold out. 

No Mascara

left side with mascara right without

This is a scary photo but look at the length

My new MUA Matte In Peachy Keen
The final look 

 So what  do you think> I have to admit I never thought anything
would replace my beloved Mac zoom waterproof but I am madly in Love 
(don't tell my fiance)

I love MUA Peachy keen it seem to be lasting on my lips too for £1 this is so awesome! pick up this here you wont regret it muastore

MissLJBeauty OXOX

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The last so project make up tool

Well it's finally here it's the last in the series of the so project :( boo

But this week is a exciting one for me as I love make up brushes an dal always looking out for a bargain. 

Here are the kits I have 

This elf kit which I love.  My brushes are in a bit if a used condition so I have found this old photo of them on line ;) 

I just bought this one off amazon for about £10 

But mines is in a leopard print pouch. I really love this set and the quaility is amazing I really recommend them. 

And I have just bought a beauty blender sponge now I can't comment on this as I haven't used it yet. 

Can't wait to read everyone's post 

Missljbeauty xoxo 

small haul

Hi everyone,

Well I've been given bad news about my job so I popped into town to grab sleeping tablets as I'm sleeping. 

So I don't now about anyone else but when I'm down I like to cheer myself up with a wee shop! 

 I finally got my hands on st Ives apricot scrub £1.99 superdrug

I got two MUA Matte Lipstick In peachy keen and pouty pink

and its 3 for two in superdrug so picked up this blue nail polish as my freebie.

then I wanted some bath Bomb and I totally forgot a local shop stocked Bomb cosmetics this were £1.99 each where I picked them up. bombcosmetics

I'm so excited to try these as I have never had any bath bomb from Bomb Cosmetics
but I love their little hotties

Let me know if you have any of these products 

MissLJBeauty XOXO

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Disappointing products

Hi Everyone,

How are you all this raining sunday?

since its raining and miserable I thought I'd do product not worth the hype in my opinion.

I am on the ultimate hair quest to grow my hair for my wedding.

I read about this product Nioxin cleanser shampoo and conditioner £17.47 on lookfantastic now I had high hopes for this and to be frank its horrid. I have very thin hair and this made it greasy after one day! boo and I hated the tingling feeling it left on my head whilst shampooing. It felt like mint showergel on over drive.
plus my head was read for the rest of the day not ideal at all.

now when I first tried superdrugs natually radiant hot cloth cleanser I was so impressed and though this was a great dupe for my beloved Liz Earle but low and behold this gave me more spots and breakouts than anything i have every tried. now I though this is good its clearing out all the impuritys in my skin. so I persisted with this and OMG the breakout didnt stop infact they got worse.
I have combination skin so beware if you have combination skin too this could cause you to break out. superdrug

tell me about your nightmare products it is the season for scary products right!

MissLJBeauty XOXO

Saturday, 26 October 2013

bridesmaid dresses

Hi everyone

My bridesmaid dress are here. 
wooop now I did the thing everyone say not to do I bough these on Ebay. Pausing for gasp!

Now here is one of my gorgeous bridesmaids and me trying them on.
what do you think?? ignore the fact I look half asleep and have no make up on as the postie had just come and I was soooo excited I had to try them.

Now they are soooo Long they will need taken up which is good as I was worried they would be to short as my 5 gorgeous girls are all different heights and I would guess most will need taken in. 
 If you have any question about the dress send me a comment. 

I ordered the bridesmaid shoes last night so I will post them when they come.

MissLJBeauty xoxox

Friday, 25 October 2013

The Scariest thing tag !

The Scariest Thing 

Now my morning routine when I'm not workng is to catch up on vlog and blogs so I was watching FleurDeVlog and seen her do this tag! I love fleur and I thought hell yeah I want to do this one 

Scariest real life experience? I do have one but it's not something Im going to talk about, but a recent one would have to be a car crash myself my fiancé and our doggy were in. We were coming home from Glasgow and we went on the Loch Lomond road home and the road was very wet! The last thing I remember is my fiancé saying is " this road is really bad I can't do more than 40" then bang
My side of the car skidded in to the rock face then spun and hit another car! In the second I thought I was dead! I seen a flash (probley the airbag going off) and felt scared but eerily calm. Then my fiance shook me and the car was filled with smoke and he was shouting get out get out. And I got out and I forced open the door and grabbed the dog. But I was really weak so my fiancé grabbed me as I was about to faint. This was horrid and I remember thinking this is it I'm dead! 

Do you know anyone convicted of a violent crime? There is a boy of a story! So a few years ago my dad called me and was like is it ok if your cousin comes to see you! This was strange as I haven't seen him in years but I was like yeah ok cool! So he came and went we had a good chat and I called my dad back after he left! So my dad said did he tell you much about prison ? I was like WTF ! 
It turned out he was just out of jail! For stabbing someone on princes street! The family had hushed it up! 

I have a second story. I lost another cousin to a car accident when he was mucking about on a friends car making faces on her windscreen and she hit the accelerator and long story short he was run over a few times and didn't make ( he was ver young and a good guy) but I found out that a couple of monthsbefore he died he had hit someone with his car and they had died too. 

Are you afraid of the dark? Now this is weird I used to be so scared of the dark but I think I'm not as bad as I used to be. 

Does your hometown have any scary legends? Yeah it's about three trees 
Basically a family had 3 daughter and they would plant a tree ever time they had a child. 
The 1st child died very early in life as did her tree! The middle child had a stroke on her right side and the right side of the tree withered and started to die. The youngest lived a very long life as did her tree ! 

What's your favourite Urban Legend? I'm not really in to urban legends so I not sure! 

What is your scariest nightmare? I have a reacurring nightmare which I have had for years! 
I dream I have been kidnapped by cannibals with member of my family and friend ( always different people) and I get to watch them torture and kill them one by one them it's my turn and I can feel them cutting me and the hot blood running from me then just before I die I walk up scary eh? 

As you know I love tag so I tag everyone who reads this to do this! 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Nair Brazillian spa clay 1st impressions

Hay everyone,

This is my first impressions of this product. Now I have to be honest I have never tried any of theses product before unless you 
count experimenting with my mums when I was young! It scared me for life I left it on too long and burn my legs! 

So as you can imagine this left me with a bit of a fear. So I was given this in my goodie bag from the Fabb event and I though what the hell lets see what happens. 

So I put this on my legs and its very thick clay and quite a nice subtle pink colour (every girl like pink right?). Now as you know I have a bit of a thing for smells this had a nice smell which I wasnt
expecting i thought it would be quite chemically for some reason. I left this on for about 2 minutes before I jumped in the shower. 

you have to leave this on for a few more minutes. So I washed my hair and then it was time to remove this. 

I was so skeptical as I couldn't believe a clay would remove leg hair but low and behold it actually does. In the kit there is a little spatula thing to use to remove the clay this has quite a sharp edge and it glides over your skin really well. You use this like a razor and remove all the product. 

My legs are completely hair free and sooo soft. I was not expecting much from this but I am so surprised. I only did this, this morning so I cant comment how long this will leave my legs hair free but I'll keep you updated. 

have you found any good hair removing product I should try? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Curvy Kate Freebie Friday

Hay everyone, 

I was a very lucky girl and won this gorgeous bra set. 
and its like the lovely girls at Curvy Kate new that sweets are the 
way to my heart! Yes there was 4 sweets sent but as soon as I seen them one disappeared like magic (what I didnt eat it). 
 I received the dream catcher bra in my size 30G which retails for £29, and they matching undies which retail at £14
now I love the cute detail on the back of theses 

now I struggle with bras as I have a very small back and large chest but I am very happy to report that this is a very comfy bra in deed and on having this on I will have to purchase another one as its so nice to wear. although I have to say it is very see through so it is limited to what you can wear over the top unless that's the look you are going for! 

have you tried Curvey kate or any other brands for big busted small back girls? let me know 



Monday, 21 October 2013

NSPA gift

The lovely people over at sent me a wee pick me up 

I have to say I'm in love with these! 

I received 

1x hot cloth cleanser 
1x melting cleansing gel! 

Melting cleansing gel this is really weird but in a good way you put it in a dry face and it feel really silky
And removes your make up amazingly! It's worth buying just to feel this on your skin it's so nice and weird. 

Now I have tried both and I'm living them as you know I love hot cloth cleansers. I have tried 
Liz earle which I love but is very pricey. Liz earle is amazing and really does the trick and I find the nspa one just as good if not better as the smell is a lot nicer that the liz earle one! 

I have to say I was using the super drug radiant hot cloth cleanser which I though I loved but oh my gosh this breaks me out more than anything I've ever tried! Spots galore !! 

If your on a budget but the nspa on its amazing and smells great bonus!!! 

Have you tried any hot cloth cleansers? Or any cleansers ? 

What do you recommend? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo 

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Glossybox October Dark romance

Hi everyone 

Its Glossybox time again,

Now I'm afraid I'm not excited by this box at all!
In fact I am very disappoint with this box. 

 As normal the Glossy Mag is great though!

Katy Perry Killer Queen a whole 1.5ml sample 

 Mememe Cherub's Blush Cheek and lip Tint. full size £5.50
This is the best product in the box but i have to say don't spill it like I did it goes every where!

 Premae Multi-Vit Smoothie Serum small sample 20ml
this seems quite good but im not going to get much of a chance to try it as it wont last too long. 
 Vita Liberata Latte illuminating skin finish 2 x 3ml again not the best to get in a glossybox

 Monu Illuminating Primer 20mls this is a small smaple for this company as i have had full size product in beauty boxes before. 
but i like this brand. why two primer products in one box

I'm so disappointed this month. oh dear hopefully it will be better 
next month  glossybox

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Friday, 18 October 2013

Halo comp win

Hi everyone,

This is a comp win!

This is a really quick post but this came in the mail and I'm excited to try these products out.

I love the bag theses have come to. 

you can find all the wipes here Halo

I received

1 x Moist toilet wipes 
1 x Toilet and surface wipes
1 x Deodorant wipes 
1 x Handy hygienic wipes
1 x Eye make-up remover pads

I think these are such a great product. I will review the make up removing pads ASAP. 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Sunshine award !!

Hi Everyone,

The lovely Hope at you have to add her. Amazing blogger. then the lovely Micaylah nominated me to so make you you add her too.

Here are the rules for the Sunshine Award

* Share 11 random facts about yourself.
* Answer 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
* List 11 bloggers. They should be bloggers you believe deserve the recognition.
* Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer, and let all of them know that     they have been nominated.

So Heres gos.

11 facts about me.

1. I love the sun and need the sun in my life
2. I have too much make up and I know it.
3. My fiance is my world and I feel completed by him
4. I had one of the best days of my life shopping with one of my bridesmaid Michelle
5. I like mountain biking.
6. I love candles too much and have far to many.
7. I like animals more than most people.
8. I was once a Uk size 22
9. I love the CI channel and watch loads of crime programs.
10. I have a huge DVD collection which are mostly action films ( a friend came in the other day as asked if these where my fiance) I guess I have manly taste.
11. I have dyslexia I was diagnosed in primary school

11 Questions from Hope.

1. What is your favorite thing about being a blogger?

I love having some where to share my feelings and o be honest it gives me something to do. I live in a rural location and there is not too much to do. plus my passion in life is beauty products

2. What is your favorite snack?

I love apples and chocolate give me a bar of daily milk and im a happy camper

3. What is your favorite clothing store?

mmm now I Love Primark on the highstreet and BooHoo/asos online

4. Which season is your favorite (spring, summer, fall, winter)?


5. Do you have any pets?

my gorgeous Millie shes a Springador!

6. What is your favorite brand of makeup?


7. Where is one place you definitely want to visit someday?

8. What is your favorite animal?

dogs and puppys and dogs lol

9. Do you prefer drugstore or high-end makeup?

Im loving drugstore at the mo.

10. Where do you live?

The highlands of Scotland

11. What is your dream car?

mm I'm not sure tbh I guess a small one I Have a Ford Ka and I have to say its perfect I can park it and turn it anywhere

Questions From the lovely Micaylah

1.) What is your everyday makeup routine?
primer, bb cream, concealer, mac minerlize skinfinish, blusher, eyeshadow, brow gel, and mascara.

2.) What is your favorite facial wash?
soap and glory peaches and clean

3.) What makeup brush could you NOT live without?
ELF blusher brush

4.) What is your favorite candle scent?
ooo coconut or vanilla its a tie

5.) What do you think about Tumblr?
I dont have it

6.) Do you decorate your room according to season
no Im in a rented place :(

7.) What is your favorite nail polish brand & color?
Barry M nail gelly in pomegranate

8.) Do you like Nivea Lip Butter? Because I love them!
I havent tried them think i should now

9.) How often do you go to Starbucks?
when ever I am in a big city my nearest one is about 2hrs drive away :(

10.) What is your favorite makeup catagory? Ex: Foundation, eyeliner, blush, Mascara
ooo blush

11.) What is an unhealthy habit you have that you know you shouldn't do?
I stress eat junk mostly sweets :(

who I'm Tagging

glasgow fashion girl at
kayleigh at
Cat from
Claire from

Heres my questions girlies,

1. What is your must have skincare product?
2. what is your favorite mascara?
3. what is your fave A/W trend?
4. If you had to recommend one Youtube blogger who would it be?
5. Why do you blog?
6. Favorite make up product?
7. Best beauty bargain you have found?
8. Best hair care product?
9. If your house was on fire what three things would you grab?
10. You can only eat one meal for a week (dinner) what would it be?
11. what is your fave TV show?

Loved this tag!

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My after work out care

Hi everyone,

today I'm posting about my poor muscles savoir! now a bit of back ground, I have tore my Achilles and my soleus muscle in four places! yeah I Know what a Muppet. Basically I tore my Achilles then tiredto walk on it the next day and that when the soleus muscle got the damage. That was about two years ago.

So I know muscle pain very well. unfortunately I have loads of scar tissue from the muscle tearing and healing. so I get a lot of pain! but I have to work out to keep me sane! I had a lot of physio and I have learned a few great tips that I want to share with you.

Ice the injury straight after impact ie when its just happened to reduce swelling then its all about

Heat... heat heat! I have one of these.

pop it in the microwave and its ready to pop on your injury or tightness.

Now this is amazing and I try to do this after ever major work out!

its Epson salt Bath!

OMG I have to say this is a life saver and to be completely honest when I first tried this I was like yeah right a bath will sort my pain! BUT I'm in love with this and I even buy this on Amazon on subscription! this is £4.29 for 1kg which lasts me about a month. depending how hard I'm pushing it!

what I do is add about two hand fulls to my bath and unlike some bath salt this can be added with your bubble bath! I love me some bubbles!now I really recommend staying in the bath as long as you can but 20 mins is Fab! So get your Ipad and pop
on some of your fave bloggers YouTube videos and relax ( or is that just me) why not pop your fave face mask on? and hair mask? Ok I want me a relaxing bath!

Now as you know I do results with Lucy and by god it kills my muscles I used to have major pain the next day but with a Epson
bath I have very little to no pain! helping me get back to my workouts.

Now I have learned the hard way that you shouldn't workout daily unless you are being supervised by a professional.
I know you want results but 3 to 4 good work outs a week is better than 7 half assed ones that could cause muscle damage and wear and tear!
As much as you want a killer body remember your body is very precious and its a complex machine so it needs recovery as well as maintenance!

Do you have any tips to recovery? leave me any comments

MissLJBeauty Xoxo

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The So Project eyeshadow

I have to apologies I missed last week Sorry.

This week its Eyeshadow. remember to go and look at the great stephs blog the creator of this amazing project!

My first tip is primer primer primer!

I used this MUA one its a steal at £2.50. I love this any I will defo buy the new version of this once my one has run out.

This gives you a cream base and helps your shadow last as long as possible.

Now my recommendation for starting out is theses

No shock its MUA Palettes £4 each

I have both of the undress me palettes and I love them and use them all the time.

now i sue the darker colours as liner too all you need is a good liner brush I use these

You can get similar here

I want to pop in another couple of eyeshadow I cant live without.

Theses are the 17 metallic eyes these is in wild nude and bronze these are my every day staple for cream shadow. They are £3.99 each but on 3 for £10.

I also love this Sleek Palette. £7 I like this for a pop of colour.

all theses shadows are affordable and amazing quality.

MissLJBeauty XOXo

Today's nails

Just a quick today's nails post using barry m pink sapphire and telly hi shine in lychee 

Topped of with the one and only sech vite top coat ;) amazing ! 

Had to show you all how I had to paint my nails I my dog was so tired and cuddley
She was hugged up yo me ! Omg how hard is it not to move about painting your nails 

What have you got on your nails? 

Send me a photo @missljbeauty on twitter 

MissLJBeauty xoxox

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Cocoa brown tantastic

Hay gorgeous readers, today I'm talking tan! Oh yeah so summer is over and autumn is here. Now there is no need to be untanned
as we have sooo many fake tans on the market.

So as you may know I love me some tan! and this is my tan of choice at the moment!

Cocoa brown tan 1 hour tan! This go's on like a dream! now I really cant say this enough please remember tan apply s better to prepped skin.

you should try cocoa the tough stuff scrub this will prep your skin and get it tan ready and smooth!

now lets be honest its October so our skin is starting to feel the cold air and need some TLC or is it just me?

I like to use a scrub them a dry body oil before I put on my tan! now this tan is so nice and here is why.
it doe not smell of biscuits! all you fake tan girls/boyz out there know what I mean! this has a Signature Tahitian Gardenia scent yum.

This is a mousse and this is defo the best way for me to tan now I love sprays but my cream carpet doesn't. This glides on the skin and doesn't stain anything, not my white bed sheets, not my towels nothing! woop! I'm pointing the figure at you st topaz!

now you can leave this one for between 1 to 3 hours! now I'm going to tell you a secret I leave mine on all day and this gives me

"Have you just come back from holiday" look! and no don't worry this will not make you Orange!

its a golden glow tan not a "Oh my gosh your tangoed" tan!

now one of the huge plus points is the price £7.99 on (psst they always have discount codes).

now here is something a wee bit weird my dog Millie is in Love with the smell of this product.
I have seen her come through from the living room because she has smelled me applying this. she always trys to lick me when I'm trying to apply this. Silly girl!

so what do you think of this tan? have you tried it?

MissLJBeauty Xoxo