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Inspirational Sunday Emma from gemzbyemz

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My inspirational person this week is the gorgeous Emma or as I know her, @gemzbyemz. From the really successful if you do t know of Emma's amazing jewels get over to her site. I worn you you mite spend a wee bite or fall in love I know I love so many of her gorgeous items. 

Now here is Emma to tell us her fantastic story so grab a cuppa and let's explore. 
If Emma's amazing courage and strength doesn't inspire you I don't know what will. 


I was born in Essex in August 1989 to a Scottish Father and part Italian Mother. I had never been the type of person to 'fit in' at School and was always a bit different to the social norm, I did, however have an extremely creative flare and was often one to 'think outside of the box.'

Growing up as a child for me was certainly not easy. At the age of 10 I was in constant agony with my left leg and my parents noticed that my left foot was pushing out to the side whenever I walked anywhere, so they decided to take me to the doctors. After a 9 month wait on the 'urgent' list with the NHS I was finally seen by a specialist! The specialist originally thought that I had a tumour in my left leg and was eager to operate, however I constantly refused as I wasn't aware of the seriousness of my condition. It eventually emerged that I actually had a condition called 'Osteomyelitus.'

'Osteomyelitus' occurs when the infection enters the blood stream; in my case the infection entered through a cut in my knee. This infection then travelled through my blood stream until it found the bone in my foot and my lower left fibia. The infection began to grow on the bones and eat away at me! I went down to 5 and a half stone, I had to have my leg in plaster for 3 months to rest the bone, take strong antibiotics every 6 hours for months on end and I contracted severe anaemia for a long time. I had to miss a fair bit of School due to lots of hospital appointments and I eventually had to have an operation to cut away the infected bone. This operation, however did not entirely treat me as the infection ended up returning and this lead to a further operation when I was 14. Luckily, the second operation finally treated the Osteomyelitus, however it led to further problems for me elsewhere.

The stress of everything I was going through led to me contracting vitiligo. This is a skin condition which causes the cells to attack each other and cause a loss of melanin in the skin. I slowly began to develop white patches all over my skin and these began to spread quite rapidly. I went to see a dermatologist who informed me that there was no cure for vitiligo and that I would always have it. The vitiligo made me feel ugly and insecure and it affected my self esteem and confidence in a big way, I felt like I would never be 'normal' or accepted because of everything that kept going wrong with me.

Throughout school I was constantly bullied due to my conditions and I used to dread going in. People would always make comments about my looks and my weight and the fact that I was in hospital so much that it made me hate school and I couldn't wait to leave! I used to feel anxious and sick going to school and I was very withdrawn and insecure as well as conscious of my looks and my weight.

After school I decided that something had to change! I tried my best to not let comments from other people affect me as hard as it was. It took me a good few years but I am finally in a good place. I slowly built up my confidence and my self -esteem and this led me to start up my own jewellery business. I have always loved jewellery and being creative so I decided to start making my own items. People started to love my jewellery and this gave me the confidence to start selling my products. Slowly but surely my business has grown and I have lost count of how many Celebrities are supporting my business and wearing my items! I am extremely grateful to everybody who has helped me and supported me throughout my journey and it has shown me who my real, true friends are. I have met some amazing and inspirational people along the way and they have helped me to become an even stronger and happier person than before.

Having Osteomyelitus and vitiligo has taught me to be a strong person and to realise that beauty is not just about looks, there is a hell of a lot more to life! My experiences have matured me and I have seen how cruel and nasty people can be so I always make sure that I give up my time to help others, believe in them and give them a chance. I still can't believe how great my life is right now and it just goes to show how much confidence, self-belief and positivity can turn your life around.

Never judge someone because you don't know the life they have led and always believe in yourself and follow your dreams.

Emma xo

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( I am in love with this "love" braclet) 









Now I gave to say I am loving this series and Emma is another wonderful story now I love chatting to Emma on twitter and she is one of the nicest people I have met through blogging so thanks for taking part. 

MissLJBeauty xoxox 

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