MissLJBeauty: My Kitsch Hair tie review

Thursday, 25 September 2014

My Kitsch Hair tie review

Hi Everyone

How are you all today?

I’ve started to work with this amazing beauty product testing website. Who have sent me some goodies to test for them.

Today I’m reviewing Hair ties from www.mykitsch.com
These are so pretty. It almost like theses where picked for me. I love animals and sparkles and you put both these things in these ties! You cheeky lot you!

I have just gone on the site On My Gosh they do amazing head bands.  I am in the market for anyways. As I think when you work out you need a good headband so I will defo get some to review for you all!
I love that these are not only nice to wear on my wrist as let’s face it who hasn’t been guilty of have a ugly hair bobble on their wrist turning your hand blue (Just me)

Have you tried this?

What do you think?

MissLJBeauty xoxo


Rochelle and Natasha 25 September 2014 at 07:09  

These are pretty cool :-) So simple but so stylish! Thanks for sharing.

x Roch & Tash x

Cecile Davis 25 September 2014 at 21:03  

Wow i need this, looks simple and easy to do xx


Jessica Edmunds 28 September 2014 at 06:13  

These are adorable! hope you're having a nice weekend xxx

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