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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Christmas season, Me & depression

Hi everyone, 

I have been in two minds about posting this but i feel it is something that need to be said. 
As you are all aware I suffer with depression and I have a overwhelming urge tell people about it. 
Ok so that's not really what I mean but ...  Anyway let me explain.

This time of year is lovely for most people but for some it reminds you that the whole world is celebrating and you are struggling. You see hundreds of smiling faces looking back at you on facebook and twitter and you feel even more detached from the world. 

You are not alone. I myself find christmas hard. I had a very bad incident about 16 years ago and this will alway haunt this holiday for me. Also I don't have much in the way of family. If you have been following my blog for a while I'm sure you are very aware of this. 

Depression is a funny beast. It can lay under the surface for a long time before it reappears. I know the winter can be quite a hard time for people like me who suffer. Check out www.mind.org.uk If you need urgent help and can't get to your doctor. The best thing I did for my depression was contact My doctor. I honestly would not be here if it wasn't for my Husband and the doctors help.  

Everyone is different, no one is the same. This seem like a silly thing to say but I am a people pleaser and this causes me loads of problems. I always judge myself against everyone else. I have slowly learned that this is a good thing. I do try to remember this. 

For instance this time of year go's hand in hand with alcohol. Now I can be fine after drinking but 
I can also get complete crippling depression, where I sit and cry for hours just because I think I have made a fool of myself or said something stupid. I almost feel suicidal. When I come out of it I can't believe how I felt. I always try to think, if a friend of mine acted like I acted would I care? and the answer would always be no. I never do anything bad if anything I'm overly nice to people. Read this it helped me drinkaware.co.uk

I try to remember that I am so Lucky I have a lovely husband, mother & father in law. I have my amazing friend and dogs. I have my health. There will be a post about what's been happening with my health soon. Its seems crazy but remember some people would kill to be you. You are unique & special & can't be replaced.  

Hope this has helped at least one of you. 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Monday, 28 December 2015

What I got for christmas 2015

Hi Everyone.

How are you all?
Hope you all had a very Merry christmas.

ig missljbeauty instagram
So this is what I got for christmas this year. I am always quite aware that these post can be a bit controversial as some people think you are gloating. I asked you all on twitter and it was a highly requested post so here it is. I was spoilt by my friends and family. I am posting most of my presents but a few I have held back. I got a gorgeous frame from my BFF with her & her hubby and my goddaughter which is very special so I'm keeping that one just for me. I also received some money I am getting a sports tracker with this. ( any suggestions I want Heart rate monitor and gps)

 I love candles. My Friends know me so well. I have to say the silver one with the L on was handmade by my lovely friend paul which is so thoughtful & I don't think I will burn it as its so nice. 
 Sorry I have worn this already, I just love it
 You know me I'm Obsessed with Liz Earle and this is my favorite scented hot cloth cleanser.
La Roche-Posay Effacler anti blemish system. I can't wait to try this I have some of their product already and really like them. My skin has been terrible this winter so here's hoping this helps.
 A gorgeous Body shop cranberry set and bubble bath 
 New Endura Mountain biking glasses ( yeah!! no more bugs in my eyes) I haven't had any since my big crash at bike park wales.
A running dog lead. So I can go running with Mylo (dalmatian) easier. This go's round my waist and has a wee spring so it doesn't pull on you so much. 
 I love this I cant wait for it to be put up in my beauty room! 
 Soap and glory get set
 New biking gloves to keep my hands toasty and not wet and cold. A very cute pen and notebook. 
dalmatian slippers!! 
  Yankee candles so nice and a new hot water bottle
 My Big pressie from my hubby. Which nearly didn't arrive as it came from Macys 
 You know I love handbags and this one is more than perfect!
 I love the gold piping which looks better in real life than in the photos
 The inside lining is divine

 so many pockets to hold all my junk

 Borders Cookies the best cookies in the world!
 My mother in law got us this little hand soap pump I couldnt like it more. 
 My lovely friend made this for me. so cute looks just like mylo 
 The lovely People at www.cheerz.com sent me some christmas gifts too.

This frame is so cute and at only £19.95 Its a bargain.  If you're in the market for new frames or photo printing. 
I couldn't recommend them enough. Plus the app is so easy to use get over there. 
 These posters start at £11.95 I really like how this has turned out plus editing the photos was so simple. We haven't had many of our wedding photos framed and this is just so nice in our living room we have had so many compliments already!

 some sparkles 
a really special photo
ig missljbeauty instagram
Incase you though millie had been left out my Hubby got me a Team springador T shirt! 

Hope you have enjoyed my post and Leave me links to your christmas posts I love reading these. 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Monday, 21 December 2015

5 Bizarre Ways To Lose Weight

Hi Everyone

How are you all? 

With Christmas on the horizon, there is one thing on everyone’s mind – putting on weight! The festive period is the best time of the year for enjoyment, but it is the worst time for your body. Thanks to all the food you are bound to eat and the lack of exercise, you are bound to put on weight in some capacity. January, as a result, can be hard. No one wants to spend their nights in the freezing weather trying to burn off the calories, or in the gym making up for lost time. Still, you do want to lose the excess weight and look your best again, so what are your next steps? You can always try these bizarre methods of weight loss if the conventional ones are not your bag.

Eat More

Yes, eating more may be the answer to your prayers. How? Eating more is a good tactic for losing weight because it stops you from snacking. Instead of picking at unhealthy foods in the fridge all day, you can control your diet and your hunger by eating smaller meals throughout the day. So, forget about eating three times a day, and eat five to six times a day.

Eat Chocolate

Chocolate may have a bad reputation, but it is not as harmful to the body as you may think. In fact, the right type of chocolate is brilliant for weight loss because of its natural properties. Chocolate that is over seventy percent in cocoa helps reduce body fat and sugar cravings thanks to flavonols. Flavonoids are also the reason that dark chocolate is better than milk or white chocolate because they are more prominent. Remember that too much chocolate is going to lead to weight gain, but a couple of pieces here and there will help you drop the pounds.

Chew Gum

Chewing gum is a great way to keep your mouth occupied while you are hungry. When you already have gum in your mouth, you have to throw it away to find space for more food. Okay, that is not difficult, but it is better than just being able to throw down the snacks at will. Plus, it tricks the brain into thinking that the body doesn’t need food as it mimics the actions. If you don’t already, start stocking up on gum for the foreseeable future!


If you want immediate results, you normally have to go under the knife. Cosmetic surgery is the best way to lose weight in a short space of time, but it is also dangerous. However, Coolsculpting completely negates that aspect of surgery as it is not invasive. Plus, it is affordable because Coolsculpting prices are reasonable. It uses cool conditions to target the problem areas and then break down the fat cells with the help of a process called Cryoliposis. It does work, so give it a try if you cosmetic surgery is more down your street.

Work Out At Home

Exercise is essential to losing weight, but finding the time and the energy is hard. However, if you workout at home, you don’t need the time or the energy. You can simply do all of your training in the comfort of your home without the need to go outside.

It is much easier to motivate yourself to train at home than it is to go to the gym or for a run.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

last minute Gifts for him

Hi everyone 

following on from my gifts for her. 

It's the last few days to order before the xmas delivery cut off date! So here are my suggestions for the guys. 

My go to website for secret santas gift ( and most gifts to be honest)

has to be Toxicfox.co.uk you know I love their items and they have given me a 15% discount code for you lovely readers add 15MR at the check out and get on over there. 

I love this half pint glass only £9.99

Half Pint Glass
best secret santa gift ever

The action man in your life

Land Away Triple Flying Lesson Experience
Land away triple flying lesson experience £149.99 for three flying lessons, Ok so this might be for me too.

The hard to buy for guy 
For me this is most guys to be honest.  

I love this gift finder at Thorntons so much fun go on Have a try. It will help you pick a present for grandad. 
you know from my last post, I love thorntons   
Defo my hamper favorite of all time

At £60 this is great value!

For that special someone

These Hip flasks by Swigflasks.com are luxury in its finest. I love the harris tweed one. It's so affordable at £59.99 and look way more expensive, the attention to detail is so nice with these flasks they all come with a serial number so you know yours is unique. *

What have you bough the men in your life? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

Thursday, 17 December 2015

My Guide to a Perfect Girls' Night In

Hi Everyone,

How are you all?

Source: Gordon Flood

I love spending time with my best lady friends, and sometimes that calls for a girls' night in. Going out is fun, but staying in has benefits too. You can still have a scream without feeling completely exhausted at the end of the night. Even younger people need a rest now and then! There are lots of things you can do during the evening, from pampering each other to watching some of your favourite movies and TV shows. If you want a quiet night for New Year's Eve, you could even have an evening in with your friends instead of going out. Here are some of the fun things you can include in your ladies' night.


Grabbing some pamper time is one of the best things you can do during your girlie night in. You could take it in turns to give each other massages, do your makeup and style each other's hair. If anyone isn't comfortable having someone else do it for them, they can concentrate on pampering themselves. You could go on YouTube to find tutorials for hair and makeup and experiment with new looks. Maybe you just want to sit around in dressing gowns all evening, or you could try on some clothes and have a fashion show.

Food and Drink

You might be more into eating and drinking than messing around with makeup. If you love food and drink, there are lots of fun things you can do. Wine lovers will enjoy having a wine tasting party - or just drinking a lot of wine. Who needs an excuse? If you're more cocktail ladies, you could try out some different cocktail recipes instead. Get a cocktail shaker if you don't already have one and have a go at some classics. If you're feeling brave, you could try inventing your own. You could have a good old-fashioned pizza party too, or just order in whatever food you feel like eating.

Making Use of Your TV

Your television can provide you with plenty of entertainment. Use it to watch your favourite movies and shows all night if you want. You can rewatch anything you haven't seen in a while or try out some new things. Another option is to set up a video game console and have a tournament. They're not just for men, you know! You could hook your TV up to the internet too and have fun browsing through different sites. Maybe you could do a bit of online window shopping, watch funny videos or look at cute GIFs.

Craft Party

If you want to have a productive night in, you could all make something. There are lots of crafts you could try out for a fun time. Everyone could have something to take home or maybe you could work on a project. For example, perhaps you want to make some bunting for your wedding. You could get all your friends to help out and reward them with food and drink.

You shouldn't need to do much to have a fun night in with your girls. I think I might have to plan for one soon.

MissLJbeauty xoxo

Monday, 14 December 2015

Last minute gifts for her

Hi Everyone,

How are you all?

If like me you have just started your xmas shopping. I want to give you a few Inspirations.

For the friend who has everything.

This gorgeous necklace is made to order with a photo of your choice.

I was delighted to have the first ever one made for me by the gorgeous Gemz by emz
Engraved Photo Necklace
Who wouldn't love this! so personal and so special.
I love the cushions too Only £24.99 and her framed photos.
Stronger Together CushionTiara Framed Print
Photos from Gems by ems site.

For your mother/sister

Jones bootmaker

Have an amazing range of shoes and boots for women.my favorites are these two.

These are The Bellingham court shoe and on sale at £44 a steal considering they are so well made.
Jones Bootmaker Tara Knee Length Boots

These are The Zara knee high boots which are on sale for £140. These boots are classic making them the perfect wardrobe staple.

Ok I also love Love love this Skeeter handbag

a steal for £60 I think it's very marilyn monroe.It would brighten up anyones wardrobe. 

images from website 

for your baby sitter, neighbour, teacher etc. 

I love this gift finder at Thorntons so much fun go on go try it. It will help you pick a present for your nearest and dearest too.

The Snowdog White Chocolate Model (80g)Image result for thorntonsMilk Chocolate Ronnie Reindeer Model (250g)Milk Chocolate Santa Model (250g)
To be honest I love thorntons and alway make a dash to a shop before christmas. I love the santa's reindeer and snow dogs these are on 3 for 2 at the moment and you can get names put on them.  I have been know to buy there Hampers to
This one maybe the best hamper of all time

At £60 this is great value!
images from thorntons

For the oh no what do I get her gifts 

Now my go to shop will not be a huge surprise for you as You all know I have a slight claireabella addiction.  Toxicfox.co.uk you know I love their items and they have given me a 15% discount code for you lovely readers add 15MR at the check out and get on over there. 

Selfie Make up bag main imagePet-a-Bella Dog Jute BagHow Was Your Day? Wine Glass
selfie make up bag Only £12.99  Petabella jute £29.99 (but 25% off today)& Wine glass only £12.99

Images from toxic fox website 

what have you bought?

MissLJBeauty xoxo