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The best description for anxiety I have seen

Hi everyone, 

As you all  know I suffer with anxiety and when I came across this online I had to share it with you. 

I struggle when trying to explain what happens to me when I get a attack . Please check this amazing artists drawing of whats its like here Sophies blog

This couldnt be more on point if it tried! 

Do you suffer from anxiety? If not hope sophies drawing help you to understand it a bit better. 


  1. Brilliant Post!!!! I Can relate to this! x

  2. I love this, you sometimes forget that other's do know exactly how you feel. Makes you feel less alone :)

    Lovely read!

  3. Very true, I can also relate to this x

  4. have done for years and this has hit a chord. you dont ever get over anxiety, just get better at dealing with it and being able to function x

  5. This is great my friend suffers from anxiety too