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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Last Minute Gift guide

Hi Everyone, 
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I have most of my Christmas gift already but there is always one person I struggle to find anything for!

I was doing my normal late night online shopping and came across HMV gift guide and If I'm Honest I started shopping for myself. You May or may not know But I LOVE musicals! There is nothing better than a cold wet Sunday sat warm on the couch with the fire on watching a musical. I don't get to do this as often, as I would like but when I am at my mother in laws or she is here, We get to watch one. 

Another little known fact I studied acting and also preformed in lots of theaters. when I was younger.
 I Love DVD's and have a huge collection but I have to say I don't have this one! must see musicals; 10 films. So what films are included  just all the old classic's of course!

 42nd Street (1933), Meet Me in St. Louis (1944), Easter Parade (1948), Annie Get Your Gun (1950), Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

The Band Wagon (1953), Calamity Jane (1953), A Star Is Born (1955), High Society (1956), Gypsy (1962). 
This is a great gift for any theatre goer like me! and is only £29.99. 

Hope this has helped you find that hard to buy for person a surprise.  check out all the gift guides over at HMV. I always think films are a perfect gift for anyone. 

Whats your favriote musical? 


Tuesday, 13 December 2016

NEW Results with Lucy Program! Results extreme

Hi Everyone, 

I know not many people are thinking fitness at this time of year! Expect me! I am almost half way through my HIIT Harder Program with Resultswithlucy.com. Update soon! 

I love Results with Lucy, You know I try a lot of programs but I always go back to RWL. 

When I got an email with the newest RWL Program. I was like Yes! I have always admired Lucy and  Cecilia. During My HIIT Harder program I have been introduced to more of the team and have a Love/hate relationship with Liam I think its because at the moment his section are the last of the day! 

The new Program is Devised by the amazing Sophie Holmes! I always love her sessions. She is fun and really motivating. I am excited to announce that once I have had my ass truly kicked by HIIT HARDER I'm moving on to this New program! Its called Results extreme its £49 for the full 6 week program. 

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Now If that is not inspiring enough check out this Ladies INSANE body! 
Sophie is a complete inspiration! Her situation really resonates with me. I was born 8 weeks premature and I was very lucky as I only had jaundices and was a bit small. She really has shown the world that nothing will stop her and she really can do anything. It does make me think that a lot of us take our health for granted. This Girl is a POWER HOUSE!

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So who is joining me get my ass kicked by the amazing Sophie? 


Friday, 9 December 2016

Healthy tasty snack! Go Head!

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

You may know, if you have been following me a while that I am doing Results with Lucy fitness plan. I am trying to make healthier choices with regards to snack! Enter Go Ahead!. I have always been a fan of these snack. I almost want to say biscuits but that really doesn't fit with each snack.  I Thought I would do a quick  review on these ones that were sent to me. 

Fruity Breaks Strawberry & Apple Approximately 132 calories. 

This one is super tasty. I like that these one are more or a cake than a biscuit. Its a baked outer shell with a nice gooey center. I have to say I prefer the strawberry.  I find this is the perfect thing to have in my pocket when I'm out biking as it give the right amount of sugar boost and carbs to continue on the trail. 

Yogurt Breaks Cherry, Forest fruits and Raspberry. Approximately 142 calories

These have been my go to snakes for as long as I can remember. I actually remember having these on night shift when I worked in the police. These are delish. I love that they are crunchie and the yogurt outer coating really adds that extra some thing that keeps me going back for more! I honestly can pick a favorite. There is not many ranges of products, where I really like each and everyone, yes I am picky. But these are awesome. and 

Crispy slices orange and apple 54 calories per slice.

I must confess, I don't like orange so I didn't eat these but my mother in law did and said they were really nice. I did have the apple ones and these where everything you come to expect from Go Ahead!
great quality, low calories snacks. These are the prefect mind afternoon treat for me. Not to sweet and really hits the spot.

Cookies Bites chocolate and orange, white chocolate and raspberry 99 calories a bag. 

OH MY GOSH theses are heaven! so Much so I checked the calories about four times. 
My hubby stole the orange ones and he loved them. The white chocolate and raspberry ones are just like normal cookies but soooo tasty. this kills my sweet craving dead! I love them. 

which is your favorite? 


Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Annoying Things Woman Have To Deal With!

Hi Everyone, 

Us women has to go through an awful lot, so we absolutely have the right to have a moan about it sometimes. Whether that be to your man, your friends or online! - Let it out girl, you will be preaching to the choir!
Here are some of the most annoying things we have to deal with.

Hair Removal
If men had any idea of how much money we spend on ways to remove our hair - they wouldn't believe us! It is an endless circle of plucking, ripping and shaving. Why do we put ourselves through all of this? Whatever reason - it's a lot of work, and a little appreciation would be nice sometimes, right ladies?

Now not everyone woman wears makeup, and to those who don't - more power to ya girl! But for the women that do, it can get a little tiring. Sure you start off with a new look in your head, so it's fun to play with eyeshadows, etc. But once you get into a routine, and have to do it every single day - that's where we start to lose interest.
If you really feel the need to go through the process every morning, think about trying to focus on different things on different days, for example, Monday - Eyes, Tuesday - Lips, Wednesday - Highlight, etc. That way you do not have to do the whole glamour routine every day, you can put your attention into other things.

Hair once was a nightmare to deal with in the mornings, straighteners, curlers and tons of hairspray to keep everything in place. Fortunately for us, the trend this year was messy updos like quick braids, messy buns, and ponytails. They take 5 minutes to do and look deliberately rushed. So it has been a win-win for us girls this year!

Skinny Is Hot
Okay granted - this does not regard women only, but it's still something that we feel the need to do in order to be ‘perfect.’ “Don't eat that, it will go straight to your thighs!” Are you not sick of hearing that? Maybe you want that extra cookie! Maybe you want it to go to your thighs(!)...
Anyway, there is a lot of pressure on women to keep in shape, otherwise we can't be classed as ‘hot’ anymore. Staying fit, healthy and active is what everyone's priorities should be to leading a healthy life.
And if you are one to have those curves - embrace them! People are surgically enlarging their hips nowadays (which costs more than a damn car!)

Have you ever met a woman that is happy to have her period every month? No way! Yes, we understand as women why need them, not only is it a way to have children, it also flushes out our system so our bodies can start fresh every month. But that doesn't mean that it's enjoyable! The inconvenience, the cramps, the hygiene and the 'hormones' are not fun to deal with.
Fortunately for us, utovlan can be used to delay your period. Maybe you have a romantic weekend planned or a holiday coming up, and you (of course) don't want to be on your period - well now you don't have to suffer!

We are the ones who carry a child within us for 9 months, while the men are out with their friends, having a drink down the pub, and are not getting fatter and fatter and having the urge to pee every 5 minutes! We are super women! And after all of that, we then have to push out a living being from a place that just shouldn't be used to push out a living being! But hey, there isn't a better title in than the world than to be called a Mother.

Women Envy
We can't help it; we see a beautiful woman and we immediately compare them to ourselves. Are they prettier than me? Is she more fashionable in what she’s wearing that what I am in my clothes? Are her boobs better than mine? Should I dye my hair like hers?
We know it's not good - but we do it anyway!
We need to learn to empower each other's beauty instead of being envious of it. As Beyonce once said "Who run the world? -Girls!" We could be such powerful entities to mess with if we all stopped gossiping about each other, and came together as one.

We are all equal. We are all beautiful.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

How to stay safe at work

Hi Everyone, 

How are you? 

This might seem like at a bit of a left field post but at this time of year. Staying safe at work becomes a hot topic. You know my back ground is in the Police. I always found that I would end up at least one serious and one fatal incident at work places over the festive period. This can have devastating effects. I now you it may be a running joke in the office. OH No what would health and safety say ? But it is very important and sometimes its the difference between life and death.  So lets take how to stay safe. 

  1. Know your limits. For instance if you can't reach that high shelf. Get a ladder. don't over stretch yourself. No one want a bad back. Or worse a trip to the hospital from a fall from height. 
  2. It is now dark very early, Especially up here in the highlands. If you work outside Please wear Hi-viz. You Need to be seen to be safe! 
  3. As above, it is dark outside this makes going to your car more of a hazard be careful and remain vigilante. 
  4. Watch your feet. Yes it is so easy to have a fall and this can have serious consequence. I have known a few broken wrist and arms. From a silly fall. 
  5. Fire safety. Do you know your company's fire plan? Where is your nearest exit? Who is the fire warden. 
  6. Infection, It is so easy to catch an infection at this time of year! hand sanitizes is a must. use personal protective gear. 
  7. If like me you use hazardous substances, Know your product that 5 minutes reading up on it might just save someones life. always remember to store these safely and securely. 
  8. First aid, Who knows first aid in your company? Do you know first aid? Check your qualification are still in date. 
  9. Check your station. How is your chair are you positioned right? Do you have a sore wrist? why not get a wrist support?  Is your screen angled right for you? When was your last eye test? Always get your eyes checked if you are finding you are getting headaches. 
  10. Mental health, This time of year can be and is hard for some people. You know I have had my own struggles with depression. If you suffer your self get help! If you see someone else is struggling sometimes just a chat can help that person feel 100 times better. We are all human and not everyone like Christmas be respectful. 

It is imperative and law in the UK that all company supply health and safety training to there staff. Check out NEBOSH courses from sheilds.org  Sheilds are the industry leaders in health and safety training. Why would you train with anyone else? 


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Best Christmas Gift for her

Hi Everyone.

How are you? 

Its Christmas Gift guide time and I have to share my favorite Item I have at the moment. I was going to post this in a favorite post but I am so much in Love that I have to give it, its own post. 

Meet Elko LED Magnifying Vanity Mirror by Pebblegrey.co.uk.  This is on sale at £29.99 reduced from £90. This making it a luxury gift at affordable prices. This little beauty Is the best Mirror I have ever use. Bar None. 

The LED light though, Is super bright. The mirror is 3x magnifulying making make up application even easier.  This helps when doing that pesky eyeliner.

No Make up Selfie and I feel it still makes me look good thanks to the LED light. Shh If like me you take a a selfie or film You-tubes then I use this as my ring light. Yes one Low cost item and many uses! This works like a dream. 

Can we take a minute for how stylish this mirror is! I love the sliver mirrored finish and the super bright light ring.

it is operated by a plug which is supper compacted. No need to hunt for battery or a chance of it getting dull. 

If I received this for Christmas I would be more than delighted. 


Monday, 28 November 2016

what would you do If the unexpected happened?

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

I don't know about you but at this time of year, You can always guarantee one thing. Expect the unexpected. 

Is it just me but you can be so organised, good at saving and budgeting then wham. Your car breaks down probably two weeks before pay day.  Why do these things always happen at Christmas! I have also had the misfortune of the bathroom flooding between Christmas and New Year. Come on, Why Just Why? 

What to do? At this time of year I can't access my savings and I am not going to ask a friend or relative for help. Enter vivus.co.uk. I am one of those people who researches everything before for I use it so Loans are the same.  You know I am a stickler for good customer service so That is one of my top priority With any company I use. 

So why would I choose Vivus. Vivus are a loan company, Not a broker. So no middle man. 

They are here to help me in my time of need. They offer savvy people like me the chance to borrow up to £500 via a one loan repayment loan. This is done on a only what you need bases. So if you need £256 that is what you borrow no more no less. I like this as I feel it put the borrowing in my hands. 

For first time borrower like me, they offer a half price first loan. Perfect as who want to pay extra when they don't have too. They want to take the stigma way for short term lending. Last face it we have all been there. So why is there still negativity with this type of loan? It makes not sense to me.  I'm not scared to say I have used them so why are other people? There no shame in needing a bit of help in hard times.

In simple terms ViVus (Subject to status- credit check) 

Apply. Get approved, receive the cash, bill paid and you can sleep a bit better that night.  All loans are processed in super quick time too.  Then on your next payday (up to 41 days) you fully repay your loan with interest. Just like that no need to think about it again. 

I like that Vivus really care about their customers, They are not just another loan company out to make quick money from other peoples misfortunes. They are for everyday people who keep a handle on there credit but need a hand.  The last thing they want is for us to get into debt, they just want to help tide us over until payday. Perfect for me when the unexpected happens. 

Have you used Vivus? 


Sunday, 27 November 2016

Christmas gift guide for him

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all? 

Its that time of year!!!! Christmas Shopping time. I always struggle with the men in my life. Why is it so easy to buy for females and then it come to men I really struggle. I love to surprise people with gifts and really try to put thought into my gift. I am always looking for high end brands with low prices. I love quality and I really feel Christmas is the time to spoil the men in my life.

Here is My Gift guide from one of my favorite shops stand-out.net

For your Hubby or Boyfriend. 



For your Brother or Brother In law 



For your Dad Or father in Law




For your Friend




Stocking Fillers 






Hope I have helped you with your Christmas shopping? 


Christmas Home security

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all? 

It's that time of year where it should be all Christmas cheer and happiness. As you know I was an Police Officer and I have to tell you that this time of year house breaking ( Scotland) or burglary (England) increases. 

I know you don't like to believe that people would be so cruel but I have had the misfortune of being at a family's house on Christmas Eve and all the presents have been stolen. Yes even the Santa gifts for the very small children. which were well hidden. All Gone. 

Its easy to forget home security especially when there is hundred's of things to do and get. I can not stress enough that protecting your family is paramount. This type of crime can be relatively low impact. In that no one gets physically hurt but sometime this is not always the case. So why gamble with your family's safety. No one likes to think of people in their home, Going through their belonging and this can cause serious stress and anxiety problems not only at the time but can also cause long term problems to your mental health. 
So what to do? why not Secure your home for less. I found this site when looking for a new home safe. Yes I have a home safe. No I am not a millionaire and I don't have gold bars in there. I think every home should have one. Its a safe place for keeping all your important items like your engagement ring. I cant wear mine all the time. I like to know its all safe and sound in my safe. My husband joke I would put some of my high end make up in there if I could. 

When was the last time you checked all your window and door locks? How many times have you said "I cant find that window key?" Get over there and order new keys. So simple and your back to feeling safe in your own home. 
4400D FAST KEY SERVICES LTD Padlocks - Bluetooth Smart
The site has a whole load of security items. My favorite being a padlock which opens via Bluetooth. My hubby would have this for our bike shed. I think I will have to get one as a stocking filler for him.   

How safe is your home? 


engagement and Vintage luxury jewelry

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all? 

Its nearly Christmas! OH MY GOSH! I love this time of year. It’s really pretty outside and so romantic. 
this time last year one of my best friends got engaged in New York on her 30th birthday and I always thought this is the perfect time of year for a surprise proposal! 

I have been in a bit of wedding and engagement fever lately our best friends are getting married next year and last weekend we had the lovely chance to look round their venue and to say it’s not only beautiful but so "them" would be an understatement. 

We were also lucky to have been with them the day they got engaged in France in the summer. Fiona (the Bride to be), was given her grandmother gorgeous vintage ring. Not only beautiful but meaningful as she lost her grandmother last year and it was her wish to have Fiona have her ring. 

Like very girl I love a good online search and I ended up finding some amazing vintage jewelry here
You may or may not know but I love history. Ever since school, I have always been the one in a museum looking and reading everything. So, vintage Jewelry is heaven to me. I must have lost hours to this site. 

What I love about this site is it has something for everyone from affordable lux to decadent pieces that need to be seen to be properly admired. There is even Medieval Duchess of Lancaster sapphire posy ring, circa 1360-1400 AD which looks amazing. The story behind this ring is lovely. 

It not only stocks divine engagement rings but a full range of vintage jewels. I love the Diamond set eternity ring, French, circa 1920 which is only £1500. Hint hubby Hint if you are reading this. 

I am in love with Dachshund dog brooch, circa 1910. I really want a Dachshund. 

If you are looking for a unique Christmas gift why not go have a browse. 


Top Tips for bike storage

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all? 

I have been having a bit of a nightmare at the moment. We have too many bike and a very old shed with leaking windows. 

I thought I'd do My top tips in bike maintenance and storage! 

1. Always wash and clean your kit. Not only will this keep everything in tip top order but it is the easiest way to check everything is in tip top order. although think carefully at this time of year if you are out biking in freezing conditions. 

2. With winter here. We have done a shed check and found our window are broken and leaking. Now this is where our problem came in. Me being, me looked at buy a whole new shed. The cost of a new shed which can fit all our ever expanding bike collection in was going to cost a small fortune. (NOT just before Christmas) But the last thing we want was rust setting in to our kit. 

My hubby suggested getting new windows for the shed. This was not something I though you could do? I nipped online and found some Clear Perspex Sheet which came cut to size and my hubby fitted it. This saved us a fortune. I cant believe I was looking at buying a new shed!

3. Take your bike to a local bike mechanic to do a winter health check yes this can be expensive but it will save you a fortune in the long run. Lets face it we all hit the trails hard this summer.  If like me you have no notion to stop over the winter season its time to get you kit checked no one want a big crash due to a faulty bike. 

4. Now in the biking world this is conversational but I store my bike the right way up. I find if I don't my brakes take a bit of work to get them back to normal. But some people like to store them upside down. 

5. Invest in a good bike rack. this might seem like a strange one to add in here but my hubby lost a bike as it feel off the roof. it was a nice carbon bike he was raging. 

6. BUY insurance this is worth its weight in gold. please see last point we were lucky that we had our bikes covered and my hubby got a new one really quickly. I should have mentioned this happened not long before a booked biking trip. 

Hope you are all hitting the trails this winter. 

MissLJBeauty x

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Why its important to warm up before a workout

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all? 

During the festive period, you might not be thinking about your fitness regimen as much as usual. Most people plan to have a splurge over Christmas and New Year only to start a ‘get fit’ resolution once January swings round. Why not get ahead of the curve and focus on keeping active as we head into party season? London Bridge Hospital have some tips to make sure you’re perfectly prepared for your work out.

Preventing injury
When doing any exercise, it's important to make sure you’re properly limbered up and ready to go. It might seem minor or an unnecessary thing to do, but warming up is vitally important for several reasons. Whether you’re doing cardio or strength training, it's important to take 5 or 10 minutes to get your blood pumping and muscles loose to take on a bigger challenge.

Warming up helps to get your brain and body into the exercise you’re about to start but it will also help to prevent injuries. By raising your core temperature and getting your blood pumping before a work out, various studies suggest that warming up will not only improve your flexibility but can also help to you to keep a stable heart rate during cardio. Common injuries from improper preparation range from sprains and strains all the way up to fractures and dislocations which could put you out of action for weeks.

Stages of warm up
Now we know why it's important to prepare for exercise but, how do we do it? There are four main stages of warming up these are:

  • Increasing the heart rate, jogging or a light run will also help to get oxidised blood pumping to the muscles to loosen them up.  
  • Stretching, depending on what type of exercise you’re about to embark on, it's a good idea to stretch the muscles you will be relying on. For running, make sure you limber up your legs but for team sports like netball, you’d need to incorporate arm stretches in too.
  • Practice, whatever the activity you’re going to be doing, it's a good idea to go through a practice run first. This will help to get your mind and body into it and will also let you know if you are ready to ramp it up.
  • Mental preparation, we’ve all heard the phrase ‘get your head in the game’ but mentally preparing for your activity beforehand can get you motivated and help you envision success.

Ensuring that you cover all of these areas will help to make sure that you make the most of your workout and stay safe from injury.

Cool off

You’ve warmed up and had a great session in the gym, you might be thinking that you’re done but, it's best to take 10 minutes to have a cool down. This can help to reduce your heart rate back to before your workout and get rid of lactic acid which builds up during exercise and can cause muscle tension and stiffness.

MissLJBeauty x