Sunday, 18 September 2016

winning the Lotto?

Hi Everyone,

How are you?

whilst I was looking to buy my euro million tickets online the other day I noticed that euro million are putting the price of the tickets up to £2.50! So it’s getting pricey to have a little flutter there. 

So I was searching online for cheaper alternative and stumbled across Basically the same principle as the lottery but all though this site. So if your euro million numbers come up instead of lottery paying you the money, lottoland would pay you. The main difference I can see is that you can’t buy a physical ticket. You play online and the price is going to stay at £2. Plus, you can play different lottery from all around the world! Even the american one which had an impressive life changing 1 billion dollar jackpot this year! 

This got me day dreaming what would I do If I won a jackpot. I love playing the lottery as it’s like buying a dream. I let my mind wander.

First things first. I would buy my hubby and me a nice house in Cornwall. Something with a beach so our dogs could swim as much as they wanted. Also get the long haired sausage dog I want.

I would make sure my in-laws were well taken care off and never had to think of money again. They would also get a very nice family trip away yearly. This would be with my mother in laws brother and sister in law (who we adore) and maybe us.
I would plan an round the world trip with our best friends.  More than likely this would involve mountain biking and a trip to get custom made bikes from Santa Cruz. I’d have too many bikes and probably a lot more injuries to go with it.

I would go shopping with my girls and buy far too many things I don’t need.  where would I go? London, New York and Paris in shops like Tiffany’s, Louis Vuitton, Chanel need I say more.
So I have to win the euro millions as then I would be able to give a nice sum to the RNLI who I fund raise for at the moment and my list goes on and on and on.

What would you do?