MissLJBeauty: February 2017

Monday, 27 February 2017

Top Mum Moments

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How are you ?

Its nearly mother's day and time to get a gift organised.  I don't have my Mum in my life but I have a wonderful mother in law. I love to treat her and Although we won't be together on Mothers day. I always make sure she feels Loved. I have spent many wonderful moments with my Mother in law, Its hard to think of particular ones but here are a few. She went above and beyond on our wedding day to help me not only get ready but make so many wedding decorations its not real. we spent hours gluing crystals together. She has just lost over 4 stone and helping her shop for her new figure has been so much fun. She is like my own barbie to dress now. She looks amazing. My first trip to London, went to Harrods and museums It was so much fun. We have attended a spiritualist church together and this has really opened my eyes. We have so much in common. 

I have always struggled to feel loved but I know that my mother in law loves me for me and to be honest this means the world to me. I never felt that with my mother. I had a wonderful grandmother growing up but I always craved that mother affection. This is actually a hard post to write for me. 

I like to spoil her as much as I can. When I am staying with her we always have a girlie spa day or two. She has two sons so before I joined the family she didn't really get the chance to be girlie and my mum wasn't interested in spending time with me. 

This year we have all just returned from a weekend away in Cornwall for her 40th wedding anniversary. I have decided the best gift this mothers day would be to put together a photo book of our weekend with other family snaps popped in. I always use Truprint to make these it so simple and looks so special. I can not recommend truprint enough they also do prints so why not turn your memory s in to prints and fill those empty walls?  Treat your mum to a photo on a mug the choice is endless. 

Whats are your favorite #mummoments ?


Monday, 20 February 2017

Nail trends 2017

Hi Everyone,
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As you know I am a nail tech and 2017 is a exciting year for us in the industry.

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Every year I am surprised with the latest trends. I loved last years monochrome and mermaid styles.
If you were to ask me what is my all time favorite brand of nail polish is. I would say with no doubt at all Essie!
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I love ESSIE! I buy my polish from  www.ellisons.co.uk I find they are the cheapest around and the fastest delivery for any beauty products.  Next week Ellison are releasing a Ebook on 2017 top nail trends and I will be first in line to read it.

ES1346300 - essie gel couture 13.5ml,  Twill Seeker ES1348200 - essie gel couture 13.5ml, Rock the Runway ES1348900 - essie gel couture 13.5ml, Bubble Only
So far this year I think Matte is the stand out trend again not a new one but it is highly requested.  Using Essie matte about you.  Also the reverse french and french with colour instead of classic white. 

With it being winter a lot of dark colors like Essie Trill seeker, Rock the runway and Bubble only are top of my clients list. I adore the couture collection all available at ellisons. The top coat for this collection is amazing so pop some in your basket for days of chip free shiny nails.  

ES1349000 - essie gel couture 13.5ml, Gala Vanting ES1349500 - essie gel couture 13.5ml, Caviar Bar

I have to say I have noticed a non trend! ( if that's a thing) Gone are the days for accent fingers. Most client don't want one finger different anymore. They are leaning towards different themes with some wanting completely different colours on each nail! Yes I love this. If I am to be completely honest with you all, I never really got the whole one nail thing but themes I can get on board with.

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This year nails are jewels not tools and they are more like individual works of art then anything else.

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styles don't have to be perfect they are all unquiet and I love that!
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 Glitter and metallic is going no where at all! I predict this will be all over the catwalks again this year!
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 I have also noticed a huge increase in short nails. Yip No More long manageable nails. Client want nails they can work with and short is the new long in the nail world.

What do you predicted the next big nail trend to be? 


Thursday, 16 February 2017

top tips to beat the cold

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all? 

Well winter is truly here. I mean that in I everyone has colds. I have yet to be affected and I thought I I would do my top tips to prevent and help a cold!

  1. I know I say it about everything but DRINK WATER. I believe the route to good health can be found in being hydrated. 
  2. Pack in those vitamins especially vitamin C. Oh no not more tasty fruit and veg. Get your body ready to fight any infection that it encounters.
  3. Stay active! Yip get some exercise. A healthy body and happy mind.
  4. Get prepared! Stock up on cold and flu remedies I use The Independent Pharmacy (15 % discount code NEW15) for all my medications. I always have Benylin in the cupboard. 
  5. REST, Its here, you have done your best to fright but even the best of us cant beat it all the time. It is OK to rest relax and let your body heal its self. Let the medication do the hard work. That's what boxsets are made for right? 
  6. Avoid alcohol it will make you 1000% worse. 
  7. If your symptoms last longer than a week or get worse don't be afraid to call your doctor for advice or help especially if you have a underlying health condition.  I have asthma and I have seen the doctor thinking I had a cold and I had a sever chest infection. 
  8. Use steam. I find steam really helps clear my sinus. boil some water and pop a couple drops of tea tree oil in and a towel over your heal and breath in the nice steam. ( plus free facial). 
  9. Sweet Tea fixes everything right?
  10. Up your calories. Wait what did she just say. Your body is fighting the infection hard give the diet a bit of a miss and eat. Now is not the time to do the 5:2 or detox you had planned 
Hope you enjoy my tips to beat the cold 


Should Women Pick Their Own Engagament Rings?

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How are you?

It might sound crazy, but these days more and more women are putting in their two cents when it comes to choosing their engagement rings. What was typically deemed as a 'man's job' has now reverted to being a decision that many women would just rather make on their own. In many cases, it's little wonder - the market for engagement rings (in fact, rings of any kind) is vast and complicated. There are different jewels to choose from, different carats (find us a man who knows what a carat is, seriously!) and of course, they all cost a pretty penny. If you are in two minds about whether or not to pick your own engagement ring, read on and see if it helps you make a decision…

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Being upfront

In some cases, the topic of marriage between certain couples isn't something that is kept a secret. Some pairs are very open about it, and marriage is discussed in a factual and open manner - it is simply something both parties know is going to happen for them at some point. If you are your partner have 'agreed' to get married at some point, you can get away with being a bit more blunt about making a decision on the ring. Speak to your partner about what kinds of factors you expect your ring to have. For example, maybe you have always had a thing for sapphires, or perhaps you just want a simple, understated wedding band. Plus, if you can be open with your partner about the prospect of an engagement ring, at least you know he'll probably get it right the first time!

Dropping hints

If a wedding is not 100% on the cards just yet, but you still want to point your man in the right direction when it comes to rings, you might want to try dropping some hints. How subtle they are will be dependent on how much of a sleuth you are - or how shameless you are! If you are passing a jewelry shop, take your partner over to 'browse' some of the selection with you. Alternatively, if you want your hint to be a little more low-key, leave open a Pinterest page on engagement rings you like, or forget to close the tab that is all about Verragio rings. Even if your boyfriend is usually slow when it comes to picking up on hints, he would struggle to miss these!

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Trusting his judgment

Of course, in some cases, you may trust your partner enough to make the right decision about your engagement ring. Consider a few things carefully - is he already a man of good taste, with a sharp dress sense and an eye for the finer things in life? If so, you probably don't have much to worry about, and you can trust that when the time comes he will present you with a ring you'll fall in love with. Plus, this also means much less hard work for you!