Tuesday, 13 June 2017

My secret shhhh

Hi everyone, 

Well, it's a rainy day here. So I thought I would share with you a little secret. 

I love to play online bingo. I always spend responsible but I love the thrill of playing online and I like to keep updated with the latest and greatest sites find more out here 

I like to think I am buying a dream. I always look at the jackpot and dream what I would do with it. so, I thought it would be fun to share my dreams with you. Usually, every game has a different prize amount but I thought I'd round it to the nearest round number. 

A bottle of prosecco for me and the girls 

New dog harness for my girl Millie 

A meal out with our best friend for curry and beer after biking, 

A spa break with the hubby and pups. Nice meal and nice massage BLISS

A big biking splurge getting a whole new wardrobe for me and the hubby and a few more dog toys of course. With a weekend in our favorite hotel for biking in Peebles. 

Ok, this one is a bit weird but pay off the council tax for the year. I would love this having the extra money every month that would be awesome. 

A new car for me. Last year we bought a new family car for us and the dogs, it is bike friendly and loads of boot space for Millie and Mylo. My car is very old and is just a runaround but I would love to update it. I wouldn't buy a new one just a new run around that fits my massage bed in better. 
Plus a holiday to the Alps biking, taking both our dogs and our besties. 

The ultimate dream. Buy a house, car and dream holiday around the world. I would train to be a physiotherapist. My hubby would retrain as a bike mechanic I think and buy a bike shop somewhere.

I think gambling online is fun as long as you are sensible and only spend what you can spare. 

What would you buy?