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New hair twist hair bands

I seen theses on another blog and I though ooo I need theses!. They have come from eBay 
And are £4.50 for 24. 

Now I have tried these and I have to say I'm disappointed it must be my hair but if I try them in twice then they are two loose and three time and it pulls my head so tight I get a headache. 
I loved the fact that I wouldn't get a bump in my hair like I do with regular hair bands. 
Ill keep trying them but I'm not convinced. 

I have to say the colours are just amazing! 

Have you tried these? What do you think? 

MissLJBeauty XoXo 

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  1. I love these because theyre gentle to my hair. I wear them all the time! If you decide to not tie your hair with them anymore, you can use them as wristbands. Theyre super cute.