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TAG: Make-up first and fails

Hey everyone,

Ok this is my first TAG (exciting). I love reading blogs and I was reading the lovely Orlaith's blog 


 and this got me thinking about my own make up first and fails and thought oh dear I have loads of them. So this TAG is for me. 

  1.Blue eyeshadow

Right lets start with school aw BLUE eyeshadow gone very wrong

yeah I used to make a meal out of blue eyeshadow. And looked like a bad drag queen! 

2. Dying my hair blonde 

 Oh my gosh, I dyed my hair bright yellow with a orange tinge. My mum hit the roof and made me dye it brown. I had blonde hair anyways! Does anyone else remember sun in (evil product) this wreaked my hair for years afterwards. 

Morale of the story two boxes of sun in plus two teenagers = bad hair !!!! 

3. Orange foundation 

Aw the glamour! Yip I did this at school. With a bad knowledge of products and shopping with my mates. This made me pick some seriously orange foundation thinking it looked beautiful and tanned looking haha. It was about four times two dark. 

4. Did anyone else do chav hair at school. You know the style, hair stuck to your head with hair spray until your head shined like the moon and for some reason two strands at the side of your face looking really weird (also hair sprayed to death) 

This photo was the nearst I could find lol it makes it look glam! 

Well I hope I've come a long way in the hair and make up front but I've got loads to learn lol. 

I'm TAGGING all my readers who blog.

Please leave me any comments and link to your version on this tag. I'd love to read them. 

MissLJBeauty xoxo