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The Scariest thing tag !

The Scariest Thing 

Now my morning routine when I'm not workng is to catch up on vlog and blogs so I was watching FleurDeVlog and seen her do this tag! I love fleur and I thought hell yeah I want to do this one 

Scariest real life experience? I do have one but it's not something Im going to talk about, but a recent one would have to be a car crash myself my fiancé and our doggy were in. We were coming home from Glasgow and we went on the Loch Lomond road home and the road was very wet! The last thing I remember is my fiancé saying is " this road is really bad I can't do more than 40" then bang
My side of the car skidded in to the rock face then spun and hit another car! In the second I thought I was dead! I seen a flash (probley the airbag going off) and felt scared but eerily calm. Then my fiance shook me and the car was filled with smoke and he was shouting get out get out. And I got out and I forced open the door and grabbed the dog. But I was really weak so my fiancé grabbed me as I was about to faint. This was horrid and I remember thinking this is it I'm dead! 

Do you know anyone convicted of a violent crime? There is a boy of a story! So a few years ago my dad called me and was like is it ok if your cousin comes to see you! This was strange as I haven't seen him in years but I was like yeah ok cool! So he came and went we had a good chat and I called my dad back after he left! So my dad said did he tell you much about prison ? I was like WTF ! 
It turned out he was just out of jail! For stabbing someone on princes street! The family had hushed it up! 

I have a second story. I lost another cousin to a car accident when he was mucking about on a friends car making faces on her windscreen and she hit the accelerator and long story short he was run over a few times and didn't make ( he was ver young and a good guy) but I found out that a couple of monthsbefore he died he had hit someone with his car and they had died too. 

Are you afraid of the dark? Now this is weird I used to be so scared of the dark but I think I'm not as bad as I used to be. 

Does your hometown have any scary legends? Yeah it's about three trees 
Basically a family had 3 daughter and they would plant a tree ever time they had a child. 
The 1st child died very early in life as did her tree! The middle child had a stroke on her right side and the right side of the tree withered and started to die. The youngest lived a very long life as did her tree ! 

What's your favourite Urban Legend? I'm not really in to urban legends so I not sure! 

What is your scariest nightmare? I have a reacurring nightmare which I have had for years! 
I dream I have been kidnapped by cannibals with member of my family and friend ( always different people) and I get to watch them torture and kill them one by one them it's my turn and I can feel them cutting me and the hot blood running from me then just before I die I walk up scary eh? 

As you know I love tag so I tag everyone who reads this to do this! 

MissLJBeauty xoxo