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The So Project eyeshadow

I have to apologies I missed last week Sorry.

This week its Eyeshadow. remember to go and look at the great stephs blog the creator of this amazing project!

My first tip is primer primer primer!

I used this MUA one its a steal at £2.50. I love this any I will defo buy the new version of this once my one has run out.

This gives you a cream base and helps your shadow last as long as possible.

Now my recommendation for starting out is theses

No shock its MUA Palettes £4 each

I have both of the undress me palettes and I love them and use them all the time.

now i sue the darker colours as liner too all you need is a good liner brush I use these

You can get similar here

I want to pop in another couple of eyeshadow I cant live without.

Theses are the 17 metallic eyes these is in wild nude and bronze these are my every day staple for cream shadow. They are £3.99 each but on 3 for £10.

I also love this Sleek Palette. £7 I like this for a pop of colour.

all theses shadows are affordable and amazing quality.

MissLJBeauty XOXo