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Body cream by shine like a celeb

 Hay everyone 

How are we today? 

Today I'm reviewing a product I was sent by shine by a celeb. 
Diamond sparkle body cream*

The packaging is so cute I like that it's elegant and look very expensive. 

Now I was not expecting this jar, it is by far my favourite jar of cream I own. It is just so pretty.
Now my photos aren't great today as my fiance has my good camera in the car at work (err) 

So I will update these. 

Now as I opened the jar the amazing smell hit me, to me it's kind of vanilla and cream smelling, so divine I want to put it on my fruit and eat it. 

The cream it's self is very thick and creamy and has a really nice texture. 

I applied this all over my body and my skin just ate it up like crazy. 
Now if you are a constant reader of my blog you will know I love me some glitter and this has little gold and silver glitter in it and leaves the skin with the most amazing sparkle which has really picked up my tan and made it glow. 

Now when I first seen this I thought this is so like my mac strobe cream. Could it be multi purpose cream ? Well I know it's a body cream but I have to admit it is so close to strobe cream that I have used it under my foundation and have to say I really like the result dare I say more than my beloved strobe cream! 


Now this is £38 for 100ml, it's a wee bit expensive as a body cream but as an all-purpose cream I think it's great now for the good bit what in it 
  • Contains essential vitamins A,B,C & E.
  • Gives your skin an irresistible shimmer.
  • Made with EU certified ingredients and produced in the UK by a certified UK manufacturer.

Now I would buy this myself again as it really is divine and I think it will replace my strobe creams for nights out. 

I applied this this morning and I can still see the shimmer and smell the scent it is not over powering and won't get in the way of your perfume. I'm wearing it without perfume as I really like the scent. 

Have you tried this? 
What do you think?

MissLJbeauty xoxo 

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