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Wedding Wednesday - Vintage

Hay everyone, 

How are you today?

I have been a bad bride lately and put moving house first. Yes bad me but last night when you read this, I had a tweet from forage & find who make amazing vintage jewellery. This Mother and daughter team really have a good eye for classic beauty.

Now as its Wednesday. I thought this is perfect for Wedding Wednesday. 

So traditions is something I have been thinking about a lot. You know the old  saying, something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. 
Now I am a modern girl but lets not forget I'm a highland lassie at heart and tradition is stamped in my DNA. 

Yes I don't walk under ladders lol.

I know a lot of brides will have family jewellery they will wear on the big day and some will spend a crazy amount on new goodies. 

but I have fallen for some of the necklaces on Forage and find 
if you are on a budget this is for you. These amazing necklaces are really affordable and whats more People will think you spent a fortune on them as they look so elegant.

Now the items I am showing you are good box tickers.

Something old - its vintage
Something new- you just bought it so its new to you right
Something borrowed- it was someones once (a stretch but you get the idea right)
Something blue- blue is included.

This is only £18.50
Sentimental Silver Heart & Swallow Necklace - product images
I love this Its £15

 Verdigris Blue & Green Soaring Swallow Locket - product images  of
This is £15

Turquoise Mottled Heart Silver Necklace - product images  of
I really adore this £12.50

I know vintage brides will love this £24

 Turquoise & Coral Coloured Statement Necklace - product images
I really like this one too £15

Now for the right dress how amazing would these look?

This is a cheek wee one at the end for all you fairy tale lovers and is not wedding related but look how cute this is

Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit & Mechanism Necklace - product images
 A steal at £12

What do you think? Have you been over to Forage & find?

MissLJBeauty xoxo