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Wedding Wednesday Bridesmaid gifts

Hay everyone.

How are you today? 

Today I'm in the final weeks of wedding planning and I Have just bought my bridesmaids gifts. STOP READING NOW GEMMA!

I actually bought another necklace and (me being me) decide I didn't like it.

So I was on one of my many ebay hunting missions does anyone else spend to much time on ebay? Just me then? 

I found the perfect necklaces for my 4 wonderful girls.

This can be bought In Ebay shop  JVN1984 seller 
These are created by the lovely Jessica @ sheluvs2sparkle
 Etsy Shop -  
Facebook - 

This is how they came packaged 
how cute.

I bought these little boxes on ebay here

What do you think 
How cute are they? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo