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Skinny sprinkles review

Hi everyone,

How are you all today? 

As you know dieting has been a big thing for me lately and after my amazing results with I'm motivated to start a diet! 

Out of no where walks in my new favriote diet secret !
Where have you been all my dieting life you little beauty's ! 

Now full disclosure these were sent to me to try but I rushed out and bought my own after trying them! 
These are 21 sticks for £17.95 

I know your like come on get to the good part!

Ok so this is a drink mix you add to water about 15 to 20 minutes before you have your meal! 
All you have to do is stir, the more you stir the thicker it gets so you choose how you drink it. 

It's strawberry flavour and so tasty, it's sweet and at only 19 cals it also curds your sweet cravings too. This helps you stay fuller for longer and stopped me snacking completely. It's strange it also stopped me over eating at meal times as I felt fuller quicker. I have to mention it tastes like camola remember that? I loved that as a kid! 

here's the science behind the product ( taken from skinny sprinkles themselfs) 

How does Skinny Sprinkles
make me feel full?

Skinny Sprinkles contains glucomannan (Konjac) in the correct quantities recommend by EFSA for weight loss.

When you drink Skinny Sprinkles
the glucomannan immediately starts
working in your stomach and swells
forming into a gel.

The stomach reacts to this gel solution
in the same way it would food, which
delays gastric emptying. Gastric emptying refers to the speed at which food and drink leaves the stomach. Food is retained in the stomach to allow digestion to take place, where as fluid leaves the stomach almost immediately.

This is why a glass of water will not satisfy us in the same way as food will. It is the delay in gastric emptying that makes us feel full

These have helped me maintain my weightloss, this is such amazing product I have never found a better product thought all my diet trails! It's safe to say if you look in my handbag from now on I will have one of these in there waiting for my next meal! 
You can buy theses here and my mate bought hers on amazon 

Have you tried these? 

What do u think ? 

Missljbeauty xoxo