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Skinny Medical Reviewed The Diet pill that works

Hi Everyone, 

How are we today?

So as you know I love to try diet products So you all can rule out what does and doesn't work!

So time to welcome

his is not only a Diet Supplement but also a healthy eating plan.

Lets talk the diet!

Skinny Medical provide you with a diet plan based on Protein days, Carb days & You Days 

I really enjoy the plan. I find unlike other plans I can train whilst being on this.
As I have lots of energy which I find really make a difference. 

You can Mix and Match how many Carb days & Protein Days you have in a month and you get two YOU days a month (these are as they say days for you eat what you want days!!)

What I love about the plan is, it is so easy to stick to and you get foods on each of the days which are free food! for example on a protein day this includes Bacon and tuna. On a carb days this includes Dried pasta and baked beans.  But there are also everyday Free foods such as Bananas and low fat yogurt!

So let get to the nitty gritty! You get 100 credits a day to spend everyday and its a point system as to how you spend them! Plus you take two Capsules

Heres my typical protein day


Low fat Yogurt with red Berries 
Tea with skimmed milk 
10 credits 


1 Skinny medical Tablet
Beef Sandwich on brown bread
32 credits

Snack Banana
0 credits

pork chop with mash potato broccoli and peas
31 Credits

Raspberry Elixir( from meal plan)
17 Credits

So I have spent 90 Credits today

and I wasn't hungry like I normally am on a diet program. I am training with results with Lucy and this has given me plenty of food to keep me fully able to train and not feel ill. 

I find with some "diets" I just don't have the stamina to maintain a good workout as I'm so drained. 

Lets talk the Magic tablets Behind this plan!

You take two a day before breakfast and lunch. 

Heres whats in them. 

These not only keep you fuller for longer, suppresses my appetite but are said to be carb blocking and fat burning. Woop perfect for me on my weightloss fitness journey. 

Check out the finer details of this wonder tablet here 

I know what you are wondering so How much Have 1 lost! in one month on skinny medical I have Lost 9.5 lbs which is great as I am training and tend to hang on to weight as I Gain muscle. 

Ive still got a long way to go but I think this is my new plan to stick to!
its so simple and full of all the things I love including kitkats Yum!

1 months supply is only £34.99 Shop

Have you tried Skinny Medical? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo