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What I do to stop ageing!

HHi Everyone,

How are you today?

Today I'm talking anti aging. I was actually discussing this with my friends the other day and thought. Id write a wee post about it.

My fail safe tips to looking younger. Now I am not going to lie I am blessed to look younger than I am. but I want to talk about how I stay this way and what I am considering in the future to keep me looking you.


I drink a lot of water, I really believe this helps my skin look and feel younger  its keeps refreshed and plump. which in turn makes it look younger.


I have to admit I don't drink very offend and I feel this saves my skin and body a lot of damage as after I do drink my skin breaks out and looks really dull.

Ok controversial I know but I only do this when my skin really need it.
I know a lot of you will be screaming at the screen now but to be honest I really find this helps me not to break out.

Working out 

I like to lead a healthy lifestyle and workout when I can and I really believe getting the blood circulating helps keep my skin younger.

So this is My top tips that I use now.

When I get older/feel I need a wee boost.

Last year you know I looked in to having my birthmark removed for my wedding but changed my mind. whilst looking at this. I found Sknclinics,who are based all over the UK. But I found them in Glasgow which is my nearest. Now you know me I research everything and Sknclinics has the best reputation In the industry. You know when it come to my skin I am really picky.


I looked at this in depth before my wedding as I wanted to have a nice glow. This treatment appeals to me. Like everyone I have breakouts now and again. I have the curse of blackheads and this treatment works from the first session which is amazing. Check out the full description by clicking the link, but basically this is extreme exfoliation, removing the dead skin cells which in turn encourages natural exfoliation. leaving your skin the best it can ever be!

I have read endless reviews about this treatment. I love that you can pop in for this treatment and you don't look like you have had anything done. This appeals to me as I will have to travel for the treatment and I don't want to walk round with a big red face after. Plus for a big event you can have it done without anyone knowing you've had it! result. 

Prices Start from £48 per session ( So I think this is really affordable too).  I'm thinking I will have this done next time I'm in Glasgow and do a vlog? Would you like to see this? 

The other Treatment I will be considering in the next 5 to 10 years is 

Laser Resurfacing

As you know I'm a huge needle phobic but my research tells me that this one would be worth the needle. So Enter Lasers to save my aging process. With age come uneven skin tone and wrinkles. This is the number one treatment in rectifying this situation.
Basically the laser heats the skin to banish the unwanted signs of ageing. Fully explained in the link above. 
I will be honest this procedure is a bit pricey starting at £525 But when you read into the after results it worth its wait in gold! Again this treatment works from your first session and you see results straight away. After your initial down time. I will defo be getting this one in the future. 

So what is you anti aging tips and tricks? What will you be getting in the future? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo