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Surprise Bra of the month Clara-Olivia February

Hi everyone, 

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You know me I am on the constant hunt for the perfect Plus size bra! I am on the hunt for us small back, big cupped girls. I was contacted by the lovely people at Clara-Olivia. Where we came up with the idea of surprise bra of the month so this is month two yip its a wee bit late sorry.

Check out my unboxing here. 

I love this bra Freya deco bra £32 But dont forget
They have also given me a a very generous 20% off discount  code for all of you to use, Enter Beauty20 at the checkout. This is off the whole site!!! did i mention this give free delivery too. 
Someone hold me back. 

I have had the chance to wear this now a few times and Have to say Woo by far my favorite bra I own. It has molded cups which encase you make you feel safe at all time and for me a really comfy bra. I judge a bra by the fact that if you forget you have it on its a complete winner in my books. I love love love the shape its the perfect tshirt bra that give you the silhouette or your t-shirt dreams. the size is great it fits like a glove! I am defo buying this in white too. this bra is my go to for comfy tshirt bras for sure    

So let me know if you use the discount code and what you bought!

MissLJBeauty xoxo