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Pooch & Mutt dog food review

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My lovely Doggies Millie and Mylo Got spoiled by the lovely people at Poochandmutt.co.uk
Pooch and mutt contacted me and asked if the dogs would like to try some of there food and as you know my dogs are the way to my heart I was delighted to have them send some product over. 

Pooch&mutt where so helpful asked what our dogs were like and matched them up with different products fit for there requirements. 
Millie has hip dysplasia (mildly) so We have to monitor her weight and never over exercise her. 
As Millie is half Springer spaniel she would be happy to run and run and run so we have to watch she doesn't over do her self.  So she was recommended Move easy complete grain free dog food 
Here what Pooch&Mutt says 

Move Easy’ is a premium grain free, complete dog food perfect for dogs with mobility issues or those that are highly active. Made with Scottish salmon – one of nature’s richest sources of Omega 3 EFAs that are essential for joint well-being, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, green lipped mussel, rosehips, linseed, alfalfa and yucca, all added to support joint health and mobility.
Perfect for Millie. 
Millie Loves loves loves this food. Now I know you are thinking a dog loving food really! But our Millie is a bit weird when it comes to food she only eats when her brother Mylo eats. Before we had Mylo we would put her food out for breakfast and she'd eat it at 3 or 4 pm. she is not food motivated at all. But for this food she will happily eat this any time and her little tails wags like a crazy thing. 
As a Dalmation he suffer with really bad wind (a Datamation trait) Bless my poor wee boy he has a very sensitive stomach and we have to be very careful what we give him.

So he was matched with 

what pooch&Mutt says

Digestion & Wind’ is a premium grain free, complete dog food for dogs that have poor or sensitive digestive systems.
Made with Scottish salmon, sweet potato as a digestion-aiding fibre, parsley as a natural deodoriser, probiotics and prebiotics to support your dog’s sensitive digestion, charcoal which absorbs gasses in the stomach and psyllium which promotes firm stools.

Mylo loved his food and gobbled it down. I know he liked this as he get some almond milk with his breakfast every morning and he waits for it but not with this food he gets stuck in no almond milk needed. In both the food you can smell the salmon. 
I love how much thought pooch&mutt put in to there food. I am of the belief that you are what you eat and I would never feed my dogs a cheap over processed food as I wouldn't do it to my own body so why do it to my dogs. 
Pooch&mutt have the same ideas as me and there food is packed with goodness and no added rubbish. 

 They also sent some Move easy treats these are hand made and both Millie and Mylo enjoyed. Mylo in particular when crazy for these treats there are lots in the tube we have had them a few day and they are going strong and for this house that its awesome.

what pooch&mutt says 
MOVE EASY dog treats are natural, ethical, low-calorie, gluten-free, hand-baked mini-bones that dogs love

 Do You have dogs? have you tired this for them? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo