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Get a Younger Looking Face in a Flash With my Tips!

Hi everyone, 
how are you all today? Something I know a lot of women stress about is having a younger looking face. We all age naturally, but some seem to do so more than others. Sometimes this is down to lifestyle factors, others it’s just the way our genes are programmed. The tips outlined in this guide should help you to get a younger looking face in a flash:

Get a Better Quality Sleep

It isn’t just about getting lots of sleep; you need to make sure you’re getting a good quality sleep. You can do this by making sure all the lights are shut off, you have a comfortable bed, and you’re relaxed before you drop off.

Keep Up a Good Skincare Routine

Regularly cleanse, tone, and moisturise your face to keep it in great condition. You should only ever use products to suit your skin type, so make sure you know what it is. Don’t just buy products for the sake of buying products. You should also exfoliate and apply a face mask every so often.

Drink 3 Litres of Water Per Day

Drink 3 litres of water per day to flush out your system, brighten your eyes, and clear your skin. You should notice a huge difference after keeping up a routine like this for a while.

Eat More Vegetables

Vegetables should be the main part of any healthy persons diet. You can’t expect to turn back the clock if you’re filling your body with junk food! Eat lots of veg and make sure they’re the base for the majority of your dishes.

Cut Out Junk

Stop eating processed, sugary, and salty foods. Keep them to a minimum if you have to have them, making 80-90% of your meals healthy and natural. You should also avoid diet foods. Many people think they’re healthy, but they’re not. They’re filled with chemicals and other nasty ingredients, so keep them away from your body.

Get Some Exercise

When you compare a person who exercises side by side with somebody who doesn’t, the difference is so clear. I don’t know one single person who exercises who looks older than they are. Everybody who works out looks at least a few years younger!

Stop Worrying

Did you know that stress can not only make us put on weight, stop our periods, and effect our health in others ways - it can make us look older too. Just because you can’t see stress, doesn’t mean it isn’t a real problem! Stop worrying. Do things you enjoy, take deep breaths, and try not to think too far into the future. Many people create issues in their head. You have more catastrophes in your head than you do in real life!

Treat Yourself

Why not treat yourself to a skin treatment? There are so many that can help the skin; facials, a thread lift, and even microdermabrasion. Do some research so you know what kind of treatment is suited to your skin.

Use Makeup to Suit Your Skin Type

Your makeup needs to suit your skin type too. If it doesn’t, it can sit in your pores and won’t do you any favours.

Use these tips and you’ll look younger virtually straight away!

what tips do you live by?