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My Guide To Quitting Smoking

If you want to look beautiful and stay fit, you can not smoke cigarettes. I know, you always see a celeb enjoying a cig between shoots. Then what do you know, when they next appear on a magazine cover, they look flawless. But, there is such a thing as photoshop. In fact, the media has got it down to an art form now. Remember those “The Heat” posters? You can make anyone look like a model with a little computer wizardry. But you don’t have that option, and smoking will severely alter your body and health. It will leave you with lines around your mouth and the lung capacity of a five-year-old. Here’s how to get that addictive craving off your back.

Don’t Go Cold Turkey

I know, there are many people who quit smoking by just throwing all their packs of cigarettes out. Then they spend two weeks or a year in a hell fighting a desire to buy another pack. It’s not fun, but that isn’t the reason why you shouldn’t opt for this route. The real reason is that it doesn’t work. You’ll be cold turkey, completely clean for around maybe a month? Then, you’ll be right back to going through your usual amount of cigs a day. In fact, many people find that once they try going cold turkey it get’s a lot worse. They’re smoking more than ever. You need to phase it out.

Don’t use Nicotine Patches Or Gum

When I was quitting smoking, neither of these resources worked for me. But that’s not why I’m arguing that you shouldn’t use them. A nicotine patch is just as harmful as a cigarette, don’t kid yourself into thinking it isn’t. You are essentially pushing nicotine straight into your bloodstream and if you think that’s better than using a cig, you’re wrong. Effectively by using patches, you’re streamlining the issue. Sure, it’s more socially acceptable but you are still damaging your body. As for gum, it tastes disgusting, and it doesn’t give you the same feeling you get from smoking. What you need is a replacement that isn’t as damaging.

Do Try E-Cigs

There are plenty of reasons why I would recommend a person trying to quit smoking try e-cigarettes. I’m not going to list all of them here. You you might be wondering: how do e-cigarettes work? Well, I can tell you how they work to help you quit smoking. First it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than regular smoking, and you can control your nicotine intake. You can start off with a high amount and then gradually reduce it until you are using zero nicotine e-cigs. These are a lot better for you and have been shown to have had very few negative impacts on a person’s health.

Do Get Help

If you have an addiction you may be ashamed to get help, from friends or family. We’ve all been there but a support system is vital for success. You need people who are urging you to continue trying to get healthier. That way you’ll never want to let them down and eventually you’ll find you will never want to touch another cigarette again.