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its a Pawsome box

,Hi everyone,

How are you all? 

Millie & Mylo have been spoilt again and here is their amazing gifts from Pawsome box
I case you don't know Pawsome is a monthly subscription box for dogs and cats! 

So the testers 

Millie is a 3-year-old Springador she is mostly about two things sleeping and swimming. 
She is a strange pup in that she is not food orientated in any way. She will do anything for a tennis ball, however. 

Mylo is the baby at 18 months. He's a Dalmatian who loves running with our bikes for miles. He is getting good at swimming. He is obsessed with his sister Millie.  Food wise he has Dalmatian tummy issues, anything over process is not for him as it causes serious tummy issues. 

I love the inside of the box wish I could think of something to do with the box. Any ideas let me know 
Both the dogs were crazy excited when this was delivered. They know it's for them and just go ape. 

Mylo went straight for the ball. It was a good size but I have to say it didn't stand up to the Mylo test and he killed it pretty fast but had an amazing timed doing it.

Millie was about the cow. Which is great you pop an old 2-litre bottle in it to add the stuffing. This is still alive and kicking and they both love playing with it. You just pop the bottle in the bottom and hours of fun.  

Let's talk treats

Good boy lollipop, This went down a treat! I gave this to Millie as I wasn't sure Mylos tummy would handle it. Like most Dalmatians he has a very sensitive tummy and I'm quite strict with him and his diet. 

Captain jacks salmon bites, The pups loved these but oh my gosh they smell terrible. I just love my dogs as they are delighted to get these! Both dogs go crazy for these. 

Pet munchies, liver & chicken training treats. Oh gosh, these could be beef jerky in smaller bits.
There no way to describe how much my dogs love these. They both enjoyed them and were begging for more. 

Last but not least poo bags. I think these are so cute I love that they have little paws on them.
In handy rolls for easy transport. These poo bags are not the type that poo bag fairies can carry so you have to pop them in the bin yourself. 

Just while we are on this fact, there is no poo fairies. The poo bags don't get carried away to poo fairyland other dog owns like me pick them up and put them in the bin so please pick up your own dogs poo and give us dog owner a good name. 
( sorry but this drives me mental) 

Another amazing box and two thankful pups

Do you have a dog or cat who has tried Pawsome ? Why not try the Xmas box 

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Special Edition Christmas Box is a box of 6 specially chosen products, perfect for those wanting to treat the pets of their friends and family.

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Miasljbeauty xoxo 
Sorry about photo quality had to use my iPhone