Its a Pawsome day over here - MissLJBeauty

Its a Pawsome day over here

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all? 

So its Pawsome day for the pups. Sorry this one is late but their first febuary box was destroyed by the courier company. So they lovely people over at Got another box over  to us in super fast time. 

If you don't know about pawsome where have you been? Its a monthly subscription box for you dogs or cats. My dogs love getting there box and almost knock the postie over to get it. 

If you have subscribes I have been given a discount code for £5 off 
 Add code ukbayfij at the check out

 Mylo is so excited
 Some tasty snacks. These are by M&M kitchen No nasty additives these are peanut butter
which is one of my dog favorite snack. They went mad for these. 
 Woof & Brew Health dog tea. My dogs love love love this. My Springador Millie is they type of dog that never really drinks and its like a stealth maneuver when she does but for this she will shove her 
brother out the way to drink this. 

Fluofresh chews the dogs both like these a great alternative to dentastix. I have to say Mylo the dalmatian has the most sensitive stomach and these don't affect him at all so perfect if your pooch has the same issues. 
There is a really handy Biogance clean pad spray. which as a dog owner this 
is awesome my dog can be in the garden on a dry day and find mud and other things to stamp there little paws in. This also hydrated there paws as well as cleaning them. It smells clean and fresh I can not put my finger on the smell but its nice. 

 Two toys A gorgeous bunny which they loved but I have to say it got killed pretty fast. 
The frisbee both the pups liked to fight with and had the most fun playing with again it didn't last the longest as they love to kill toys but the rope ball has lasted and they both wonder round with it. 
 another brilliant box 

Have you tired Pawsome
MissLJBeauty xo