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The Most Important Steps To Planning Your Wedding

Hi everyone.

It’s true what everyone says, your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your life. Well, as long as you’re smart about your planning that is. The truth is if you want an amazing wedding that you’ll remember for many years to come, planning is crucial.

My husband and I remember our wedding day and how special it was but only because we ensured that every detail was planned out in advance. Trust me on this, if you leave things to the last minute, you’ll end up overly stressed and in full on panic mode.


To help you ensure that your wedding day is as wonderfully magical as you hope it will be, take these tips on board.

Invest in a planning book

If you can’t afford a wedding planner, your best bet is to invest in a planning book. These are amazing as they contain lists of everything that needs to be done for your wedding, from selecting a venue to choosing the favors. The great thing about wedding planning books is that often, they put what needs to be done in order of importance. This makes planning your big day much easier and less stressful. To get an idea of the best planning book to invest in, do your research and ask married friends for recommendations.

Use to-do lists to keep on top of things

Organization is key when it comes to wedding planning, which is why to-do lists are so handy. If you want to ensure that everything is kept on top of, make a habit of using to-do lists. By writing down what needs to be done and when, you’ll find it easier to keep on top of everything. For this, you can use your wedding planner notes pages, so that all your wedding stuff is kept together.

Select your venue before anything else

The first thing that you need to do is select a venue. This needs to be done first as it’s the most important part of planning your wedding. Until you know where you’ll be holding everything, you can’t organize anything. That’s why before sending out your invites, selecting your vendors and planning your day, you need to find and book a suitable venue. Don’t make the mistake of rushing this. Just make sure that this is the first part of your wedding planning that you get sorted.

Make sending out invites and save-the-dates a priority

Once you’ve selected your venue and know the date of your wedding, it’s crucial that you make your invites and save-the-dates a priority. If you want to ensure that everyone you want at your wedding can come, it’s crucial that you are prompt with inviting people. Get your save-the-dates out and then start getting your wedding invitations sorted.

It’s a good idea that both your save-the-dates and invites match each other. As this will give your guests an idea of the wedding theme. If you want to ensure that each of your guests feel valued, it’s worth sending out personalised wedding invitations. These are much nicer than generic ones as they're personalised for each guest.

Choose and book your vendors

Last but not least, choose and book your vendors. Deciding on the vendors for your big day is one of the hardest parts of planning it. With so many options to choose from, it’s far too easy to get overwhelmed. Take your time selecting your vendors and make sure to take your wedding theme, if you have one, into account. If you’re stuck for ideas, ask your married friends for some suggestions.

There you have it, everything that you need to know about planning your dream wedding.

MissLJBeauty xoxo