what would you do If the unexpected happened? - MissLJBeauty

what would you do If the unexpected happened?

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

I don't know about you but at this time of year, You can always guarantee one thing. Expect the unexpected. 

Is it just me but you can be so organised, good at saving and budgeting then wham. Your car breaks down probably two weeks before pay day.  Why do these things always happen at Christmas! I have also had the misfortune of the bathroom flooding between Christmas and New Year. Come on, Why Just Why? 

What to do? At this time of year I can't access my savings and I am not going to ask a friend or relative for help. Enter vivus.co.uk. I am one of those people who researches everything before for I use it so Loans are the same.  You know I am a stickler for good customer service so That is one of my top priority With any company I use. 

So why would I choose Vivus. Vivus are a loan company, Not a broker. So no middle man. 

They are here to help me in my time of need. They offer savvy people like me the chance to borrow up to £500 via a one loan repayment loan. This is done on a only what you need bases. So if you need £256 that is what you borrow no more no less. I like this as I feel it put the borrowing in my hands. 

For first time borrower like me, they offer a half price first loan. Perfect as who want to pay extra when they don't have too. They want to take the stigma way for short term lending. Last face it we have all been there. So why is there still negativity with this type of loan? It makes not sense to me.  I'm not scared to say I have used them so why are other people? There no shame in needing a bit of help in hard times.

In simple terms ViVus (Subject to status- credit check) 

Apply. Get approved, receive the cash, bill paid and you can sleep a bit better that night.  All loans are processed in super quick time too.  Then on your next payday (up to 41 days) you fully repay your loan with interest. Just like that no need to think about it again. 

I like that Vivus really care about their customers, They are not just another loan company out to make quick money from other peoples misfortunes. They are for everyday people who keep a handle on there credit but need a hand.  The last thing they want is for us to get into debt, they just want to help tide us over until payday. Perfect for me when the unexpected happens. 

Have you used Vivus?