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how to stop Smoking

Hi Everyone, 

its 2017 and I have been thinking a lot about health. When I was growing up everyone smoked and I was the the odd one out who never did it. I was the kid who would throw her parent cigarettes in the fire. Yes that was me. I still have never smoked and I have to say I don't really understand smoking. 

I know a lot of people its a new years resolution to quit smoking.  So I thought I would do some research in to how to help to quite smoking. 

  1. The top result seems to be to be to switch to vaping. I worked with one girl who swears by this and changed her habit to this and she says she has seen benefits for smoking cigarettes. NHS research says that two in every three people who try to quite smoking successfully do this with the help of vaping.  Check out eshish there is so much more choice with e-cigarettes you can have different flavors from rice pudding to menthol. that sounds so much more appealing than cigarettes to me. I know that having something to hold is a big thing. So this would help. Plus vaping is more socially acceptable. 
  2. Smoking like any addiction is hard to kick. it will be a long road to being smoke free. I know when I am trying to kick habits or make new goals. I like to make list of why I want to do it and stick it to the fridge and you can have a quick read to give you a boost in times of cravings. 
  3. DO NOT GO COLD TURKEY this will not work. You will fall of the wagon. slowly cut down. this will give you a better chance of sticking to your goal. 
  4. Gum. nicotine gum normal gum what ever detracts your mind. 
  5. Contact your doctor! Yes seems silly but they are health care professionals and will help you in the process. 
  6. Tell people. You need support. You will want to tell people when you need support and get crankie. Join a support group!
  7. Start something new. Join a gym. learn the guitar. start a book club. Whatever you can do to occupation your mind
  8. Be positive! Don't give your self a hard time if you  have a slip you are human you are aloud to fail. just dust your self off and try again. Do you really care if Dave in accounts did it with no slips and quit in 5 minutes. No one is perfect. Think yes I slipped but look how great I did before that!
  9. Have a lot of healthy food in your house, I know my friend put on weight trying to stop smoking. As she needed something to take the craving away. 
  10. Drink water. I know you are thinking what? But when you are dehydrated your brain can not function properly and everything is magnified and become worse. So grab that water!
Good Luck