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Growing Old 'Disgracefully' Is No Disgrace

Hi everyone, 
If growing old ‘gracefully’ just isn’t for you, then what’s stopping you from taking the ‘disgraceful’ route? What’s stopping you from combatting the signs of ageing? What’s stopping you from fighting the plights of old age? If combating and fighting old age are things that you want to do when you do them, no matter what any naysayers may have to say about it. And if you do choose to combat ageing in this way then make sure to read on in order to find hints and tips on how to do so.

Your first port of call in your quest to fight old age is to tackle the effect it has on your skin, as your skin is one of the biggest telltale signs of ageing. Ageing causes wrinkles and it brings about age spots. And if you’re not ready to accept these things happening to your skin just yet, then you must fight them. And there are many ways to fight them. To fight wrinkles you can use over the counter anti-ageing cream and ointment, or you can simply make changes to your sleeping habits. In regards to the latter, you should always seek to sleep on your back. When you do the opposite — sleep on your front, or even on your side — you make yourself liable to wake up with lines etched into your skin, and these are lines that sometimes never fade. To fight age spots you should be open to a treatment known as microdermabrasion. This is an unaggressive treatment where minute exfoliating crystals are sprayed across your skin in order to remove the outer layer of it. However, no matter how unaggressive a treatment it might be, it’s still imperative that you use the best microdermabrasion machine possible. No treatment should be undertaken without the use of the very best, and most genuine, machinery in that field — especially not a treatment that directly affects your skin.

But growing old ‘disgracefully’ isn’t just pigeonholed to fighting the impact ageing has on the way you look. No, it’s about fighting back the impact it has on your general wellbeing and standard of life too. And one negative impact it can have in this sense is the fact that it can be detrimental to your eyesight — and this is a negative impact that should be fought at all costs. Nobody deserves to lose their eyesight, no matter their age. So, you should fight this plight, and to do so you must try changing your diet. You should eat cereals that are rich in whole grain. You should opt for foods that offer you a plethora of protein. You should cook away the fat that comes with your food. And you should, of course, eat plenty of carrots. Even before you see the symptoms of deteriorating eye health, you should prepare for it by changing your diet in these ways.

When it comes to growing old ‘disgracefully’, there is no disgrace. But there is also no time for excuses either. If you don’t begin to fight the plights of old age as soon as possible, before you know it they’ll be beating you. So, ignore what others say and grow old ‘disgracefully’, but just be willing to put in the work needed to do so.