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New Year Car Safety Goals

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

As I look outside, I can see how much snow is lying on the road. This is a great time to check on your car. I wanted to compile my new year car safety goals for you all to keep you extra safe on the road. 

  1. First things first, when was your last MOT? Not only is it a crime to drive a car without a valid MOT it is also extremely dangerous. So why not check and add this to your phone calendar this way you will never forget it.
  2. Do you know how to check if your tires are in good working order? You need to check your tread depth is a minimum of 1.6mm of the central 3/4th of the tyre and are there any cuts or bulges? if so its time to get new ones. I was told to think of your tyres as, what is keeping you on the road and a tyre width is the same size as a cd case. That is all that is between you and the road. 
  3. When was your last service? Many local stations provide car servicing in Dewsbury and the surrounding area, like Ossett Tyre House. it's important to have your car serviced. To have a really good check of all the important parts and some car require this to keep there warranty valid. 
  4. Keep on top of your oil and water levels. These are really important and being able to check these is a great way to keeping your car running smoothly. If you don't know how just ask when you take your car for a service the mechanic will always show you. 
  5. The windscreen, this should not have any chip or cracks. This is so important at this time of year. The slightest chip can get cold and cause a full on smashed window. How do I know this? well, it has just happened to me last month. Luckily in my parking space. But I was out picking up glass in the snow and ice not fun. Also, check your wing mirrors. 
  6. I always carry a first aid box. Do you? This could save someone's life. This is a goal I wish was law. The difference a bandage and a foil blanket can make a casualty after a car accident can be great. 
  7. Carry an emergency kit. extra blankets, some cereal bars, water. Just essentials in case you get stuck somewhere you weren't planning on, especially at this time of year. 
  8. A spare phone charger or back up kit, I know you are thinking this is not car related but imagine you have had an accident and there is no charge in your phone and you need to contact the emergency services. keeping your phone fully charged is a high priority. 
  9. On that note, I always carry my breakdown card so I can call them if needed, as well as a photocopy of my insurance. 
  10. A big goal is, only drive if it safe to do so. If you are new to driving and are not confident in snow don't drive. No one will criticise you for being careful. This also goes for speed limits. It is just that a limit. It does not mean you have to sit at this the whole drive. In fact, I know my road this is impossible to stick to as we have sharp and winding corners with big potholes. 
What are your new year safety goals for driving.