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Brexit and scottish referendum

Hi everyone, 

How are you? 

Let's talk the B word, Yes that's right Brexit. well, where do I start? 

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I was reading an article on Talk Tax about the impact of Brexit on VAT and this got me thinking I don't ever think I have shared my views with you all. My views are my own and this does not and will not make them better than yours. 

if you haven't heard of Talk tax it's an awesome site with answers to all your government related question from benefits to tax to pensions. They have all the info. They even have hidden numbers for each department.  if like me you need help understanding your tax return why not head over and find the number you need to call them.

I will get straight to the point. I voted to leave on Brexit and remain in the Scottish referendum.  

I am at the point where I am super frustrated with the government. Both votes are in my fave on paper but in real life where is the change? 

Why did I vote the way I did? 

For the referendum this is simple. I believe Scotland is and will be a better country inside the UK. I do not under any circumstances believe, we have the finances to go it alone. If I hear one more person tell me, we have oil and whiskey I will laugh in there faces.  Yes, we have oil but it is drying up. It is a fossil fuel it is not unlimited and to be honest we should stop relying on it in the first place.  You just have to look at the economy in Aberdeen to see the oil industry is on the outs. (Aberdeen is the main post for oil in the UK) Speak to anyone employed in the industry the jobs are not there anymore. Whiskey we cannot run a country on a drink. Seriously. 

My main reason for this is I am from a fishing and farming family. I watched as the EU took all the rights from the local fisherman and handed them abroad.  I watched the boats catch being quoted due to lack of fish? I was told by numerous fisherman and fishery protection officers that this just isn't the case in the north of Scotland. If the quota is needed then they must be universal and not just for the British fisherman. It is funny how other counties boats are fishing our waters with no quota imposed by the EU. How is that right? Is that not the whole point None should be fishing these areas? 

I am an ex-police officer. I will toot go too far into this but I believe some of the Human rights given to criminals is disgusting. Why should paedophile rapist and murders be given the same right as normal people? They were not thinking of the rights of there victims when they committed the crime.  I am always disgusted when you hear of a convicted murder or paedophile being awarded compensation. for human rights claims. 

I believe in the UK. I believe we are strong. I know we will come out better than before. We all watched as Greece crumbled and that was within the euro. I thank god we did not get the Euro. 

Before I voted I did my research and I made a choice. If It has been a remaining verdict I would have respected that. But it was not. I am sick and tired of "we need another vote" talk. Why. That is a democracy. The public had to right to choose and the majority won. This is our society and I am proud to live in a country where we have a choice. I am not proud of the people of my country who did not get there way and are demanding another vote. You can not stamp your feet until you get what you want. How would that be fair? Whether the vote was won by a 1%  or a 99% win. The majority is just that. That is what we have in this country. I have faith in our country. I am at this time unsure if  I have faith in this government to make good on the wishes of the majority. 

We tell children right and wrong. How the majority wins but we as adults throw hissy fits if things don't go as we planned. 

Oh, that got a bit deep there didn't it?