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How to Give Your Garden a Modern Look

How to Give Your Garden a Modern Look

Characterised by sleek lines and contemporary planting, the modern garden is a design increasingly popular. Suitable for the smaller garden as well as a larger outdoor space, these ideas will help you transform your garden from ordinary to extraordinary modern outdoor space.

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Modern garden design is characterised by colour, clean lines and angles, texture, form and scale. Incorporating all of these is a way that is sympathetic to each other will create a garden with a modern, contemporary feel to it.
But it doesn’t mean you have to have a big budget and neither does it means a complete revamp of your garden. A few additions here and there, along with nifty planting choices will make a difference.
And here’s how;


Like a modern interior design scheme, the colour palette of your garden should be simple. Use two colours, and a third sparingly as an accent. Colour is not just about planting either but a combination of plants and hard landscaping.
  • For a striking combination, use light grey paving stones or concrete alongside light green planting
  • Exposed brickwork is also a great backdrop in a modern garden design so make the most of walls. For a modern twist, paint it white.


The modern garden has a clean planting structure, something you can emulate by;
  • Repeating planting patterns form a cohesion to the garden that is appealing to the eye. One idea would be the plant a row of small trees, small shrubs and ornaments at regular intervals. It looks ordered and has a timeless appeal.
  • Create contrast with simple, geometric-shaped lawns and pathways, softening the edges with blousy flowers hanging over the edge.
  • Structural plants give a hint of structure which in summer are drowned out by the blooms but form the backbone of the winter garden.
  • A long-lasting plant also helps the garden to remain lush and appealing for as long as possible. Verbena is an excellent plant for long-lasting colour, for example.


Just because it looks modern, feels modern and is wash with bright modern colours doesn’t mean it has the right contemporary credentials to makes it ways into your modern garden. When it comes to accessories, choose wisely as these are the components that really appeal to the modern backyard.
Garden furniture
Is not so much an accessory but essential for the garden to be functional. With a modern garden, it is about choosing the garden furniture set that most suit your space and its dimensions;
  • Rattan cube garden furniture is ideal for the smaller modern garden, as they neatly stack away in a square when not in use.
  • The material is an important consideration too. Opt for natural materials whenever you can, including rattan as well as driftwood benches or even a well-worn upturned trough acting as a garden bench.
Additional details
They say the devil is in the detail and it pays to get the ‘background’ details right.
  • Mix up lines – when using fencing, the battens and framework tend to run horizontally, for obvious reasons. There is a difference between cohesion and something being monotonous. Introducing vertical lines softens the horizontal landscape. Attach flat climbing frames to fences, and use climbing plants such as clematis to add detail and colour.
  • Ornaments and sculptures – fantastic for fill a gap or adding a feature to a hard to plant area, ornaments and sculptures are welcome, albeit sparingly, in the modern garden. Choose lighter colours or white sculptures. And no, sculptures and ornaments don’t have to be of a particular design. Sometimes, introducing a note of something different adds a little quirkiness to the garden. So, the Grecian lady sculpture you have always loved will fit right in!
  • Lighting – essential for any garden, a soft glow is a delight in winter to add warmth to the view of your garden but in summer, it can be the backdrop to enjoying your garden late into the evening. As well as mains power lighting, there is a range of pretty solar string lights perfect for dotting about the garden. Battery operated ones are perfect for collecting in jars for small pockets of light detail in various parts of the garden, including your rattan cube garden table set.
A modern garden is not necessarily the pared back, minimalist space that many assume it to be. It can have detail but by simplifying the detail of the planting and accessories, you allow the components of effective garden design to come through – and that means the perfect retreat at the end of a busy day!

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