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Creative Storage Ideas That Can Be Used in Any Home

We all want to make the most of the space we have in our homes. One thing that stands in the way of creating space is the issue of storage; where do we put all of our stuff? It’s not only about finding storage space, but it is also about making that storage solution both functional and pleasing to the eye. With more and more of us moving to the city, and therefore living in closer quarters than we used to, creative storage ideas are popping up all over the place. We at Balustrade Components have collated some of our favourite ideas and inspirations…

1.Ceiling Height Shelving
There are several areas of ‘dead air’ commonly found in our homes. By this, we mean areas of rooms that are commonly not used for anything at all. One of these places is the areas of wall between the top of our standard units and the ceiling. So, if you are going to have shelving, use all the space you have and make them reach right up to the ceiling, and, whilst you are at it, right to the edges of your wall or alcove! This has a surprising impact on the amount of storage space you can get out of a shelving unit.

2.Create and Utilise Divisions
This is a wonderful trick, especially if you have a large and uninteresting room to play with. Divide up your space with walls made from open shelving units and display cabinets. These are cheap, easy to find and simple to construct. Instead of putting them flat to the wall, place them at protruding angles from the wall in order to not only create storage, but also to create sub areas in your large room. This is particularly good in a space such as a lounge/dining room, or a shared bedroom. These also help to create zones in a room whilst still allowing light and air to flow through freely.

3.Storage Tables
vintage storage trunk in home with cosy mat

Most of us have coffee tables in our living rooms or side tables by our beds. All too often they are just that; tables. However, if you replace these with a vintage chest, a purpose-built storage table, or a small shelving unit, then you will increase your storage space without actually ridding yourself of any more floor space. This is also a fun opportunity to upcycle an old box or crate to create your own, home-made storage efficient coffee table!

different mug hung up
Hooks are a really simple addition to any home. They are great tools for storage for a number of reasons; they utilise some of that ‘empty space’ that wouldn’t otherwise be used for anything. Hooks are cheap and easy to install. They are versatile and can be used to get so many things up out of the way, including coats, hats, towels, mugs, bags, pans and shoes. These new additions to your wall also help to create texture, colour and interest to a wall that might otherwise have been an area of no visual interest.

5.Headboard Drawers
The headboard of your bed is probably not the first place you would go to when thinking about adding storage to your home. However, it is a great place to add capacity for this very reason; it is not space you will already have taken up, or that you will miss once it has been utilised! You could build an entire shelving unit that reaches to the ceiling in place of your headboard, or even replace your headboard with a bed width drawer unit (the drawers facing outwards of course!)

6.Under Bed Storage
minimalist bedroom with wooden floor.
From the head of the bed, to underneath it! ‘Under the bed’ has got a bit of a bad reputation; it’s where we tend to sling bits and bobs without any regard for space efficiency. However, there are many storage boxes on the market perfect for slipping under the bed. No matter how much height you have to play with, there is a box that will fit your needs. Great for storing shoes, clothing, bedding and baggage.

7.Under Stair Storage
Under the stairs! Yet another neglected area in our houses. It is true that many under stair areas do have a cupboard in place, but these are often not making the most of the space available. There are so many awesome solutions an ideas out there about how to create great under stair storage. Purpose built pull out drawers, mini office spaces, wardrobes, workshops, fold out dining tables… the options are endless. Utilise your under-stair space today!