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Guest post from Giffgaff


If you want to move somewhere in Britain where community spirit is alive and well, head for the city of Nottingham, officially the friendliest place in the UK, according to a new study.
An amazing 98 percent of people in Nottingham believe they are on good terms with their neighbours. They were just ahead of other friendly towns Cardiff (97 percent) and Newcastle (95 percent).
And perhaps it’s true that Northerners are more friendly as there were only three southern towns in the top 10 friendliest cities, Oxford, Brighton and Plymouth and all of those were outside the top five.
They all compare well to Britain’s least friendly city, Sheffield where only nearly one in six (17 percent) of people say they’re not friendly with their local community.
On a local level, Britain seems to be in good shape in general. Eight out of ten Brits believe that communities work well together in Britain.
Research from giffgaff found over a quarter (26 percent) of adults regard their neighbours as good friends and said their strong community means they are always looking out for each other.
 A modern 22 percent are in a WhatsApp or email group with their neighbours and 11 percent make a point to follow them on Instagram.
In fact, according to the data 60 percent of people say they are more likely to connect with their community online than in person.
Over a third said it’s a neighbourly thing to like each other’s Facebook posts and one in twenty mums of school-aged children now belong to a local online forum, allowing them to discuss school trips, sports days and liaise over drop-offs.
Whilst 38 percent of those polled said the hub of their community is still the pub, more than one in five (21 percent) felt the centre of action was on social media and online.
The research showed whilst 65 percent said they may not be close pals with their neighbours they always make an effort to say hello and pass the time of day.
Of the 1,500 adults surveyed, 85 percent were in agreement that having good neighbours was a huge asset as you never know when you might need them.
The average Brit considers four of their nearby residents as close friends and 72 percent would think nothing of signing for parcels for their neighbours. 
Over a third (36 percent) would be happy to go and investigate if someone’s burglar alarm was going off and 55 percent insist they stay vigilant if they know neighbours are away on holiday.
Four in ten go the extra mile and bring in a neighbour’s wheelie bin after collection and 27 percent always make the effort to show their face at local fetes and events.
Tom Rainsford, Director of Brand & Culture at giffgaff said: “It’s encouraging to see that the idea of community spirit is still alive and well, and what’s really interesting about these results is how technology has slightly shifted the idea of what community means.
“So, whilst we all agree that having neighbours you can trust is a huge asset, it’s also great to see that this idea has spread to the online world. We’ve noticed this trend in how our community relates to each other online, where giffgaffers help each other out on troubleshooting or just have a chat.”
Of those polled, 44 percent said you are more likely to have a greater community spirit if you live in a rural area than a city and 24 per cent felt the hub of their community was the local primary school.
But over a quarter (26 percent) felt you couldn’t visit the supermarket without bumping into someone you know and having a gossip and 16 percent said the local church was still very much the hub of their local area.
According to the poll, 22 per cent feel such attachment to their community they said they would never move and are convinced they wouldn’t get that neighbourly spirit anywhere else.
1.     Nottingham
2.     Cardiff
3.     Newcastle
4.     Liverpool
5.     Leicester
6.     Oxford
7.     Glasgow
8.     Leeds
9.     Plymouth
10.  Brighton
1. Sheffield
2. Bristol
3. Edinburgh
4. Norwich
5. Manchester
1.     Sign for neighbour’s parcels                                                             72 %
2.     Chat with neighbours over the garden fence                                    57 %
3.     Keep an eye out when your neighbour’s go on holiday                    55 %
4.     Bring in a neighbour’s wheelie bins after collection                          39 %
5.     Peer over the fence if you hear something strange                          37 %
6.     Like their posts on Facebook                                                            36 %
7.     Take a look if their alarm is going off                                                 36 %
8.     Donate to local charities                                                                    31 %
9.     Attend local fetes and events                                                            27 %
10.  Trust people with your keys                                                               25 %
11.  Feed neighbour’s cats when they’re on holiday                                19 %
12.  Invite people over for drinks                                                              18 %
13.  Help people out on online forums                                                     17 %
14.  Drop in on elderly residents                                                              14 %
15.  Water neighbours hanging baskets if they won’t be home in time .  13 %
16.  Like your neighbour’s posts on Instagram                                        11 %
17.  Have a WhatsApp group with the neighbours/local community        11 %
18.  Take part in a fitness class                                                                  9 %
19.  Chat on a mums’ forum/group                                                             7 %
20.  Mow each other’s lawns when on holiday                                           6 %
21.  Take round meals for poorly neighbours                                             6 %
22.  Share the school run with other parents                                              6 %
23.  Give friends or neighbours your alarm code                                        5 %
24.  Babysit local children at a minute’s notice                                           5 %
25.  Run with a run club                                                                              3 % 
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