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Time to change my garden

Let's talk gardens, shall we? My garden is doing my head in at the moment. I am so busy at work and My husband works shifts. I am finding there are not enough hours in the day. I just don't have the time to spend gardening that I normally have. There are not enough hours left in the day for everything. 

We have decided to make a big change. We are getting artificial grass for our garden

A bit of background. We are in the highlands. Our weather is very unpredictable at the best of times. This leaves us with a bit of an unruly garden. If you caught one of my earlier posts, you will know we are being plagued in the highlands by the dreaded Tick. I am constantly taking ticks off the dogs. It is driving me up to the wall. I hate ticks. Vile bloodsuckers. 

Whilst I mention my furbabies. One of them is a digger. She loves nothing more than making big holes when I turn my back. Then trampling mud through our cream carpets. Why did we buy cream carpets? One of my biggest mistakes. 

Oh did I forget to mention our garden backs on to the hills? Yes, very pretty but this winter. Mother nature decided our garden is a wonderful place to have a boggy stream running off the hill. Thanks for that. It has created this huge boggy area for my dogs to play in. Yes, My dog loves a bog and now think I have installed there own private play bog. So think how much they love to play in there. One of the nicknames our Mille has always had is Boggy socks as she loves bogs that much. 

When our garden wasn't such a mess. I love to grab a yoga mat and workout outside. Don't get me wrong I was not in the front garden with my neighbour watching me sweat. I have a nice private back garden to workout in. 

Now last but not least. We have a drain in our garden which is connected to our neighbours. A bit grime but it has sunk. This has caused a few blockage issues. Killing all my newly planted grass. I spent months doing last year. Yes, I could have cried. Workmen and newly laid grass just don't go together. 
Miami Artificial Grass
It is time to make some big changes. Time to get rid of the real grass. This is being replaced by high-quality artificial grass. This should help me keep the ticks at bay. They find anything other than real grass and plants hard to climb on. Yes, there is a cost Involved in getting artificial grass but the benefits outweigh the cost to me. 

What has pushed my decision to redo the grass of the garden? 
1. No more Ticks. Try climb over that critters. 

2. Less time-consuming upkeep.

3. No more muddy dog paws. Heaven

4. It will always look good. Oh yes, talk about photo ready. It will always look like natural perfect length grass. Keep up with us Mrs Jones. Instagram ready. 

5. A lot easier to clean up after the dogs. You know what I mean. 

6. I can take my yoga mat back outside and workout in the sun. 

7. It will last at least 8 years. You had me at this, See you later mower. 

8. It is not as expensive as I thought. starting prices are as little as  £7.99 per square meter. 

Why not change your garden like me and get some Instagram perfect grass for your garden. I can not wait for this in our garden. I am already picturing the BBQs and sunbathing I can do. I mean workouts in the gardens.