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Supportive bralette for bigger boobs

Let's talk about underwear. I have a problem like a lot of girls in the UK. I have a big chest. I find it is almost an impossible task to find underwear to fit me that is not only pretty but functional. I have the added drama of a very small back. This added together give me a never-ending headache when choosing underwear. I am jealous of people who can walk into any shop and pick up a bra set a pay. This is not my reality. 

When I was contacted by to review and try some of their set I was over the moon.  A bit about The company. 

We're a small family-run brand based in the UK. We pride ourselves of being a brand that promotes a healthy positive body image in social media as well as producing high-quality handmade lingerie and nightwear. 

Here is my first set Navy Longline Lace Supportive Bralette Bra £47.00  and matching panty £20.00. 

My top is a medium and bottoms a small. I am a size 8/10. As I explained with a big chest. I have never really embraced the bralette fashion trend as I never thought they would fit me. This set is stunning the navy is very sexy in real life and the pattern is gorgeous. This feels really luxury. It is not a high supportive fit. It is more lounge about looking fantastic. For me, it wouldnt be something I would reach for if I needed maximum support. Saying that It defiantly does lift your boobs and give you a nice silhouette.  The lace on the back is gorgeous and should be shown off. If you have a low back top this would look amazing. 

What the brand says about this set. 
Soko exclusively for IDentity Lingerie

We’re happy to introduce our exclusive partner Soko as a part of our expansion into the high quality European handmade brands.

Supportive bralettes are real! Wide underband and padded cups provide great comfort for both smaller and bigger bust women. Royal navy colour will make you feel like a queen while gorgeous lace back will highlight your beautiful shoulders.

  • Wireless & longline
  • Sizes S to XXL ( AA to F cup )
  • Great bigger bust fit & support
  • Stretch & soft padded cups
  • Handmade in Europe

Next up we have  Sexy Lace Padded Supportive Bralette Bra £47.00 and matching panty £20.00.  My top is again size medium and bottoms small. The colour of this set is just stunning. A really deep red colour this would be perfect for valentines day. I really like the cut of these panties. It is such a nice shape on the bum. The bralette is a bit more supportive than the other one. The back again is far too pretty to hide and should be shown off. This one made me feel super confident. It looked a lot better on me than the other one. But saying that I still loved the other one too. I feel like the back of both of these set really sells these items. They are both made to a very high standard. They are better quaility than bras I have paid hundreds for. 

What the brand says
Happiness is …taking off you bra after a long, tiring day. BUT this most certainly does not apply to this bra! It’s so comfortable you will forget that you have been wearing this bra at all 😉

Soft cups and sport bra design make this bralette super comfortable and barely noticeable.

  • Wireless & Padded
  • Plus size available (AA to F cup )
  • Great bigger bust fit
  • Supportive stretch soft cups
  • Beautiful lace back
  • Handmade in Europe
If you are in the market for a new set that really turns head then I think you need to head over to  Identity lingerie you will not be disappointed.