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Does the UK suffer from eco-anxiety #EcoAnxietyStudy

Today we are talking about climate change and more importantly eco-anxiety. There is so much in the press about climate change it can be super overwhelming. I feel like every day there are new headlines in the media about climate change and what is happening to our planet.  We have the media and celebraties telling us their opinion, From David Attenborough to Leonardo DiCaprio, they have all voiced there concern and made statements on the subject but does this help us the public or cause us fear and alarm and cause anxiety? 

There are also on the more extreme side extinction Rebellion. Who do crazy and sometimes dangerous protest around the world putting themselves at risk for something they believe in. I am all for freedom of speech but I do think this need to be done on a peaceful and non-dangerous level. It is easy for people to form an opinion on the subject without information and it can lead to extreme opinion and panic and this is where Eco anxiety comes in. 

What is Eco- anxiety this is what Wikipedia says
Eco-anxiety or climate anxiety is not included as a specific condition in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders but was defined by the American Psychological Association in 2017 as "a chronic fear of environmental doom."[1] It is a sense of anxiety primarily based on the current and predicted future state of the environment because of human-induced climate change. It is associated with awareness of the increasing risk of extreme weather events, rising sea levels, floods, forest fires and potential loss of livelihood or housing. It often includes feelings of helplessness and fears about the future of younger generations
I was reading Does the UK suffer from eco-anxiety It is super interesting. They interviewed 100 people in the UK. Some of the results really shocked me. You can check out the full study on the above link but the ones which shocked mew the most are

Over 70% of people surveyed didn't know what Eco anxiety is. This is probably me being naive but I thought everyone would know what this was. 

Over 7% of people worry daily about making eco-friendly choices. That is a lot in my opinion of people really worrying about how they live these lives. 

Over 32% have changed their diet due to environmental issues and pressures. 

These results are actually really shocking to me. I suffer from anxiety but have to say environmental anxiety is not something I worry about. I feel if we all do our bit as much as possible then that is the best you can do. I have not changed my diet and have no plans to. I eat British meat as much as I can when I do eat meat and I feel strongly about supporting our fishing and farming communities. Coming from the Scottish highlands this is instilled in our blood.  Without these industries, we would not survive up here. As long as you can put your hand on your heart and say you do your bit then you should not be worried about this.
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