Sunday, 18 February 2018

Saying goodbye to shaving

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I wanted to take a taboo subject. Hair removal. I am so sick of shaving. I mean come on it is so annoying and razors are expensive. How many cuts do you think the average women get from shaving? I was thinking this morning as I watched blood pour from my knee. I have had enough. It's time to think the more permanent solution.  

I did a rough calculation and for one year I spend 

£119.88 on razors
£71.88 on shave cream
£37.14 on hair removal cream
£300 on eyebrows

Total £529.90 WTF!!!

This is crazy. What scares me most is this won't include any impulse buys or aftershave creams etc. 
When I see this figure it is actually shocking me. That's it is time for a more long-term solution. 

Right time to do the research, No more shaving for me.

Oh, my goodness this video by pulselightclinic.co.uk Has sold the treatment to me even more. 

Why I have chosen laser hair removal. 
  1. Its permanent and works from the first treatment. 
  2. I am sick of shaving. 
  3. I hate the dark hairs on my lip and I have two on my chin. 
  4. Its inexpensive compared to buying razors and shaving cream and balms. 
  5. It's a quick procedure & Can be done on a lunch break
  6. I send a lot of time in shorts riding bikes and I hate having to shave my legs. 
  7. No more panic, I always worry I have not shaved my legs. I know but I do. 
  8. Timesaver this will make shower so much quicker. 
What is laser hair removal? 
In a nutshell, it is Laser works by targeting and destroying the hair follicle with a laser light. This stopping the hair from regrowing. This does not affect the tissue around the hair. It is super safe and effective way to not have to worry about hair removal. 

I will be using pulselightclinic.co.uk for my treatments from my research, they are the best in their field and I have every confidence in them to do an awesome job. Plus their prices are amazing! treatment start from £35 and they offer payment plans and if you book blocks of 6 you get 55% off or 8 You get 60% off. As you have seen the shocking amount I spend on shaving products this will save me money in the scheme of things. So It really is worth doing. 

So who is coming with me? 

Contact details
Liverpool street clinic
150-152Fenchurch street 
Tel 0207 593 8055


Saturday, 17 February 2018

How to Maximize Your Winter Workouts

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I get asked this a lot. How do you maximize your winter work out?  I thought I would answer this today.

This is going to come as no surprise but diet is a huge factor. Imagine your body as a machine. If you put the right fuel in the machine it will last longer, perform better and live longer. Its simple isn't it? Well, life gets in the way sometimes I get it. But when you are training you need fuel. Your body needs carbs and good fats to function. think back to the machine. Put in cheap fuel it will work but will break down quicker. Put in good fuel and boom energy and efficiency for longer. happy machine.

I take Supplements. I have found getting the right supplements really helps me train harder and get more out of my training. I think everyone in the modern world should be taking supplements. My journey started when I found out I was iron deficient.  I had the lowest level of iron in my system my doctor had ever seen and was quite ill because of it. I really put the effort in to find out what works for me and what doesn't work.

Here is what I take

Green tea- This curbs my appetite and helps burn fat. I find this really works for me.

Glucomannan- This is to help aid weight loss and weight management.

Vitamins B6 & B12- Allows the body to use and store energy from proteins and carbohydrates in food. Helps form haemoglobin this is the substance in red blood cells which carried oxygen around the body. B12 helps keep the nervous system healthy.

Vitamin A & D -To help keep my body able to fight any illness and also helps with eyesight.

Vitamin D-  For healthy muscle teeth and bones.

Copper- Produces red and white blood cells and triggers the release of iron to form haemoglobin.

Iodine - Helps make thyroid hormones. This helps to speed up and strengthen my metabolic rate.

Your body is made of water. Without water, your body cannot and will not function. You have to keep hydrated. I know a lot of people say I just don't have time to drink enough water. I have to say this is the worst excuse I have heard. You don't have time to drink to help your body function?. Take a water bottle with you it will encourage you to drink and this, in turn, will fuel those workouts. Dehydration is the number one cause of headaches and blurring vision. No one wants that.

Work out planning
This is key. I like to have a plan in place so I know what I am doing. I like to have a lot of variety in my workouts. I like to know that throughout the week I will have HIIT, Biking and Core work. I leave my workout timetable flexible. I never say on Monday you must, as I find this really demotivation me.  I like to choose what I am in the mood to do. Something I don't want to kick my ass at boxing, I want quietness, so Yoga it is. Plus its winter getting out on my bike is hard in 5 inches of snow so Variety really is the spice of life as they say.

I hope this helps you with your winter workouts.


Friday, 16 February 2018

Tips to update your kitchen

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How are you? 
Giving your kitchen an update from time to time stops your home from becoming outdated or boring. You don’t need to do a massive renovation of your kitchen, with a few simple changes your kitchen can look entirely new. If you feel a bit lost and don’t know where to start, this post gives you some tips that you can try even when you’re working on a tight budget.
Painting cabinets

One of the easiest ways to make your kitchen look brand new is by giving it a new lick of paint. A great way to do this on a smaller scale is to repaint your cabinets. Unless they are incredibly outdated or have lost functionality, this is the perfect alternative to a costly remodel. If your kitchen is very small, then you should choose light colours as this will help to open up those darker spaces beautifully.

Replacing doorknobs

An old trick that never fails, changing doorknobs and handles will also help to change of look of your kitchen. Often overlooked, but handles and doorknobs all help contribute towards a theme or style. Whether it be vintage or modern, there is plenty of choices out there.

Add decorative accessories

Accessories should never be underestimated when redecorating a room. In your kitchen, you can use your glassware and crockery as pieces of decoration by displaying them on shelves. Plants are another good addition to your kitchen as they give an organic and natural atmosphere to a room. If vintage is what you’re going for, you can easily find various pieces in charity shops or vintage fairs. This is a fantastic way of up-cycling and reusing old pieces of furniture.
Extra lightning

Lighting is key to the look of any room, and your kitchen is no different. Ideally, you want bright lights overhead to help brighten the room when cooking. For this, spotlights or LED bulbs are perfect as they provide plenty of lighting. But for a more atmospheric look, you can use fairy lights to decorate shelving units or the dining area. This helps to bring a more charming and relaxed look when you’re hosting guests perhaps.

Updating the flooring is also a good way to give the kitchen a revamp. You might be thinking that changing your floor isn’t a cost friendly way of updating your kitchen. However, you can find very cheap floors that don’t sacrifice style over substance. For example, you can find a wide range of cheap laminate flooring that looks like solid wood but without the price tag. Laminate floors have the advantage of being both water and scratch resistant. These are important features in the kitchen as spillages are very likely as there is an increased level of activity. As we mentioned previously, laminate floors are a high-quality alternative to solid wood and as such are available in a huge range of styles and designs.

So there you have it, some tips that will help you to make your kitchen look brand new without having the break the bank. 


The best Merchandise ever from G.o.T to Disney and many more.

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How are you? 

I have come to the best site for merchandise I have ever seen. 
You may not know but myself and my husband are HUGE Game of Thrones fans. There I said it. I am not ashamed. I am proud and I was looking for unusual valentines gift when I stumbled across emp.co.uk

This site is heaven if like me you love slogans from your favourite shows.

Yes just yes, This is targaryen fire and blood £29.99. I love Khaleesi, She is amazing and by far my favourite character. This hoodie is everything. I love it the quality, the design everything is on point. I never want to take this off. My husband jokes that I am a wildling. As I am from the north highland of Scotland. But I always tell him I'm Targaryen. So I had to get the hoodie to stick it to him. Plus he has a  stark hoodie I got him for Christmas. 

I have a lovely Dalmation of my own. So when I saw this dalmation love t-shirt £12.99 you know that went straight in the basket. The quality is great Its super soft. It is just gorgeous to wear. This is a size small. I am a 8-10uk. I love when you find a white that that isn't see through and this one is great. 

This is for my hubby but he was able to model for me so I thought I would wear it. I drink and I know things £12.99. This is from Game of Thrones its said by Tyrion. who is one of my favourite characters and it's very true of my husband. He always comes out with random facts. The t-shirt is super soft. I would say its large in size I should have ordered the smaller size. its great quality for the price is insane I have designers t-shirts that are nowhere need this nice.  Come on Pop a belt on and I can pull this off right. 

If you are looking for some fan Merch from Game of Thrones to Disney EMP has it all. You need to get over there. 



Thursday, 15 February 2018

finding the perfect gym outfit.

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How are you all? 

Today lets talk gym gear. I am always in need of new gear. I am I the only one who spend hours looking for the newest and best gym gear. I really feel good gym gear can make or break a workout. Here is what I have just ordered from jdwilliams.co.uk.

First things first. I have a small back and big cup. The recipe for disaster for sports bra shopping. 

Enter glamorise elite performance medium impact sports bra £39. This bra is amazing. It keeps the girls strapped in and supported whilst going loads of activity. This is a medium impact bra and I would recommend it for biking and yoga type activity. I have used it for HIIT but it not quite enough support for me. It was gorgeous. Which if you are looking at bug cup bras is not easy to find. Normally they look like something from the 40's. its super soft and well structured. basically the perfect sports bra. 

This is a very clever touch you get with your Glamorise bra. A bag to wash it in to save damage. Come on bra company caught on to this. It's a simple thing but really makes you realise how much though Glamorise sport has put into this item. 

I got under armour favourite engineered legging £33.50 In the sale. On my goodness, These are so comfy. They are super lux feeling. The stretch really well and let you move freely. I have never really thought about under armour but I am so glad I got these. I love the stripes they are super slimming and honestly, you won't regret buying them. I have put them through there paces with biking, HIIT and gym and they still look like new.

I need something to throw on before and after a workout. I picked body star performance full zip hood £19.80 in the sale. It also completes my outfit. 

I love the star detail on the zip. This also has silver technology helping killing odour.  It keeps you warm when its cold and cool when it hot. the perfect workout top. 

 There is nothing better than new gym gear to get you motivated to kick ass in the gym.


Top tips for maximising your profits when selling online

Hi everyone,

Perhaps you’re moving home and want to lighten your load on moving day, particularly if you’re downsizing and will lack the space. Perhaps you do an annual spring clean once the daylight returns, or maybe your wardrobe is bursting at the seams despite you only wearing the same handful of outfits.
Whatever the reason, it can be difficult to get started when selling online. So here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your items and maximise your profits so you can make some extra cash!

Compare sites
Before making a listing, do some research to determine which site will be the best one to sell your items. There might be specific sites for certain categories of products like antiques, furniture or cars. This is particularly important if you have a niche collector’s item, where you’ll benefit from targeting specific buyers. If in doubt, it’s best to stick to the more well-known sites - these are where the majority of buyers will be and will therefore make you item much more likely to sell.
Whichever site you choose, make sure you know what fees you’ll be expected to pay as a seller, as these may affect how you’d like to price your item. You’re likely to pay a fee to the payment system you choose, too (eg. PayPal), so make sure you work out the minimum price you’ll be willing to accept after fees and price accordingly.

Accurately price your postage
Postage can be a bit of a minefield, and it can be tempting to round up your postage to make sure you make a little profit. Try not to do this - regular buyers will have an idea of the correct postage and can tell when you’ve overdone it. If you’re only advertising locally, make it clear if you’re only able to hand deliver the item within a certain area. For small parcels, take a look at couriers like Hermes, or Parcel2Go to find low cost parcel delivery, and for anything larger you might find it helpful to use a site like Shiply to compare prices for things like furniture, cars or anything bigger than a parcel.

Be flexible with payments
Unless you have good reason, you should really be able to accept at least a couple of methods of payment. If you’re selling on eBay and only accepting cash, you’re likely to find it very difficult to actually sell your item compared to if you were able to accept cash, PayPal and credit card payments.
If you have a good reason to keep your payment options limited, make these limitations very clear on your item listing so buyers know the situation so they’re not disappointed later if it’s out of their reach.
PayPal is very easy to use, so it’s definitely worth getting involved if you aren’t already registered. On PayPal you can create invoices and process refunds as well as sending and receiving money.

Hopefully this will help you get What are your top tips for selling online?

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

So Stobo Food.

Hi everyone,

How are you all?

As you know I have been to Stobo castle Check out the full post here
I knew as I started writing that post that the food at Stobo Castle needed its own post. 

We were on Dinner, breakfast and lunch deal. I want to share with you what we ate. 

The avacado salad. This was beautifully fresh. I loved the mix of flavours the beetroot added that extra kick of flavour. The side dressing of basil was amazing. Just delish. 
Prawn Marie rose salad. This was my husband, He said the prawns were fresh and juicy. 
great sauce and loved the rocket. 

Why is there two photos of the lamb? Well, we both had to have the lamb. I love lamb and fine it is very hard to get a really good piece of lamb. 
This is cooked to perfectly melt in the mouth tenderness. The redcurrant and port sauce was amazing. it was the right amount of rich without overpowering the lamb. 

 To accompany, the lamb was freshly boiled potatoes turnip and cabbage. All cooked to perfection and really balanced the lamb nicely. 

My husband had the cheese board. He particularly liked the brie. He loved the chutney in the pastry case. I have to confess I had the fig and it was delicious. 

Lemon Posset
OH MY GOODNESS. This dessert is pure heaven to me. creamy with a lemon zing. This was one of
the highlights of the meal for me. even the shortbread topping was the best shortbread I have tasted and being Scottish that's a brave claim.

Breakfast I forgot to take photos as It was really busy and a buffet. It had loads of fresh fruit choices and a hot food buffet with eggs cooked to order. There are cereals and meats everything you could want. 


I had the fruit salad to start. The pineapple in this was super tasty and juicy. This was the perfect arrangement of fruit. The zing of the raspberry with the mellow melon and the hit of pineapple just works so well. 

My husband had the soup. Which I was too slow to get a photo of before he had eaten it. It was fresh asparagus. This was creamy and light which he loved. 

He ordered the cajun chicken and rice. He said it was tender and juicy with the right kick of seasoning. He especially liked the salsa on the top. it mixed well with the rice. 

I went for the cold buffet. There was a crazy amount choose from. The lamb was good and with it being cold you could really taste the flavour. The potatoes were cajun spiced and my favourite part of the buffet. These are so nice. There were lots of salads and pasta salads to choose from. Everything was amazing and I would definitely recommend the buffet if you are there for lunch.

We both ordered the Coconut pannacotta. It had a passion fruit sauce This dessert was outstanding. 
everything from pannacotta to the side of cream was out of this world amazing. I could eat this all day long. It really was perfect. 

I have to say food is a big part of travelling for us and Stobo Castle did not disappoint. 
honestly, the food is a reason in its self to go to Stobo. They have wonderful chefs who really put time and effort into each and every menu. It really is a highlight of a visit to Stobo.