Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Signs you need to visit your dentist

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Signs you need to visit your dentist
We’ve all done it – put off visiting the dentist. But for many, it’s something we put off to the last minute because we don’t feel any aching or discomfort. But then, by the time we are uncomfortable and in pain, it’s too late!
Here you’ll find a list of the most common signs that you may need to see a dentist.
Remember: If any of these seem familiar, then get in touch a private dentist or your local NHS dentist before the dental pain or discomfort gets worse.
Tooth pain
It’s incredibly hard to ignore tooth pain. When a toothache hits, you’re willing to do anything to get it treated. It’s obvious there’s something wrong if you’re experiencing tooth pain but it might be more serious than you think. Even if the pain resides after a day or two, you still need to see your dentist. Your body may have fought off the infection but the root cause of it still remains.
Inflamed gums
If your gums are swollen and inflamed you definitely need to book an appointment with your dentist. Inflamed gums are caused by hardened plaque that has accumulated under your gum line. Inflamed gums can often be a sign of gingivitis or periodontitis (a more advanced condition which can lead to tooth loss if not treated early enough).
White spots on your teeth
White spots on your teeth are the first signs of dental decay. Dental decay is an infection in your tooth where the enamel begins to dissolve in response to acid produced by bacteria. Tooth decay can often occur with no symptoms (especially at the beginning) which is why regular dentist appointments are critical!
Sensitivity to hot and cold
If you’re experiencing an increased sensitivity to hot and cold, tooth decay is a good possibility. When dental decay first occurs, it affects the surface of your teeth. As the condition advances it makes its way into the centre of the tooth where the nerves and blood vessels are located. This is when you start experiencing pain in response to hot and cold temperatures. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, book a dentist appointment immediately to get your cavity filled. The earlier you treat the cavity, the less likely it will develop into something more serious.
Dry mouth
Dry mouth can occur for a few different reasons. Sometimes, a dry mouth comes with age. It’s also a common side effect with many prescription drugs. However, if there’s no explanation for sudden dry mouth symptoms, it’s important you see your dentist. This could be a sign of bacteria or disease in the mouth.
Experiencing headaches
Most people don’t associate headaches with oral care but the two can be very closely related. If you’re experiencing frequent headaches (especially in the morning) you might be grinding your teeth in the night. Your dentist can provide you with a nightguard (a mouth guard you wear at night) which should help alleviate your chronic headaches.

manic Monday featuring microwaves and dogs

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How are you all?

Is it me or when your super busy. Things start going wrong just to annoy you? Yesterday I was having a super productive day. I was up early had a coffee. Checked my emails. Replied to the never ending emails. Did some really boring admin.Started to clean the house and then thought oh no I haven't eaten. Here is where my day started to go wrong.

I popped some soup on the microwave and boom nothing? What on earth. I know it must be the fuse in the the plug. At this point you should imagine me with full tool belt and safety gear, not in fact a knife out the kitchen drawer. I dismantle the plug thinking about how clever I am and Singing independent lady in my head. Everything back together and nope still no power to the stupid machine which has now monopolized my day.  Now comes the next mission buy new microwave. A quick search of cheap microwaves. My day is starting to look more productive  I have bought new microwave.

I hear the sound of my postie pulling up. I notice "oh no" its not my normally postie Billy. The next thing I know the postie has opened the gate and boom Mylo ( Dalmatian) is as fast as lighting and is now running round the road. With a catch me if you can look about him. Oh I should mention since my day concluded of me doing blogging work and cleaning I am in a full Christmas onesie. I take the second to look at my clothes and boom Millie my second dog has joined her brother in the game of get mummy out the house in the middle of the day in her onesie. While the postie looking shocked and helpless just looks at me. I am now running round our garden shouting the magic dog taming words of dentastix. I manage to heard the dog and postie in the garden before closing the gate.
Yes the local bus when passed at this moment.

It was at this point yesterday I decided to write off yesterday and chalk it up to a learning curve. I have learnt never to forget to dress properly. Never try to fix microwaves and just buy a new one and last but not least Never trust a new postie to know your dogs.

How was your day?


Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Festive finances

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How are you all?

Is it me or has Christmas got more and more expensive?

I really cant decide if people are more giving or people expect more than they used to? When I was a kid gifts just didn't seem as expensive. One of my favorite gift I got was a big teddy and I loved him. I still have him. but now it Xboxs and Ipads.

Now I feel like the pressure with social media and one up man-ship is on us all we must buy the biggest and most extravagant gift. But why? I am the type of person I really value someone who put thought into gifts and I don't care if you spend $1 or $100 on me as long as there is thought behind the gift.

Everything in life has gotten bigger and better but really what do you love about Christmas? The gift? or spending the day with the ones you really love. I know what means more to me.

Is it me or if something is going to go wrong it is at this time of year too. Is it just me who has had to get extra help with a personal loans online before? Last year My boiler finally died. So It was time to replace it and I thank god there is a way that we can borrow money sensibly online now a days. Don't get me wrong I am not saying go out and get a loan for Christmas but for emergence this has saved me a few times.  I honestly don't know what I would have done with out this.

Gone are the days of face to face meeting with bank manager. Who we can not get an appointment with in time and the panic and worry that goes with that. There used to be a huge taboo behind borrowing money but I really think this is not longer an issue. I do not know anyone who has not borrowed money and as long as you are sensible and can afford the repayment why not? It is a very old fashioned point of you that borrowing is bad. We borrow money for our car or home and I am so glad we can and we have the control and security to do so.


Monday, 11 December 2017

what car should you buy next?

Hi everyone, 

I have been thinking a lot about the debate going on in the media about diesel cars? Should diesel car be charged more tax. In the 90's everyone was told to buy a diesel car as they are more economical and better for the environment.  How on earth were we taken in by this?

The more you think about it,  You can only come to one option. The future of vehicles as we know it is electricity.  I know the first thing your mind jumps to is all the old wife tails.  These cars can't make it far, They are too expensive.  But this is just not the case anyone.  Even in my small village in the north highlands of Scotland there is a communal charging point and  with NewMotion chargepoint giving you faster charging at home there really is no real excuse. 

Why are we all not driving electric cars. Yes I know there is a cost implication of buying the car but if these vehicles where the same price as your car could you really say no to it? I do think it is the governments responsibility to help the country buy electric vehicles. Could you imagine the reduction of air population in cites like London and Birmingham? Not only they environmental implications but the cost saving for your family would be amazing. wikipedia states that a Nissan Leaf (electric car) driving 500 miles per week is likely to cost $600 compared to $2300 per year. What could your family do with all that extra disposable income? I know I could use that saving. That would pay my council tax for the year! or buy a nice trip away. 

Yes electric cars are not known for speed but to me this is only a good thing. If my time in the police taught me anything it is that we could all go slower on the roads. To be honest We are all in a constant rush to get some where and would the odd minute added to you journey really matter. 
60mph is 1 mile a minute. half that and  30mph is 2 minutes per mile. A person hit at 30mhp is more likely to live than die. When you look at it like that does going fast really matter that much? Check out this really is food for thought. 

It really is a old wife's tail that electric cars can't do long distant. Yes some can't but others can do 300miles+ it depends what type of car you buy. I know the isle of Eigg  has a Renault Twizy. They use on the island. I have spoken to resident of the island and they love it and say its the best car for the island. they say its reliable and most importantly for them Eco friendly. Eigg is a Eco friendly island of the west coast of Scotland, which you access via ferry from my village. 

With the advances in science daily electric cars will only get bigger, better and go further. I really think in ten years time we will all be driving these cars. 

What do you think would you buy an electric car? 


Friday, 8 December 2017

Where to get the best personalised Christmas gifts.

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How are you today? 

Today we are talking about where to buy those extra special gifts for love ones. 
I love nothing better Personalised Christmas Gifts. I really feel these give a really good impression. I love putting thought and time in to my gift as I want them to be remembered. I love for all my gifts like this, as they are made so well, and the quality is insane. I have no idea how they make all these gifts at such reasonable prices. This is one of those sites I’m almost not wanting to tell you about because its where I get all my really special gifts from, not only at Christmas. They have everything from christening to retirement gifts… you name it they sell it. 

This year we are spending Christmas with my mother and father in law. I wanted to get something a bit more special to commemorate this occasion. My husband and I don't normally get to spend Christmas away as my husband’s job dictate what we do. I came across Personalised Alcohol by Both my husband and his dad love a good whisky and this engraved bottle of Isle of Jura is perfect at £49.99! 

Isle of Jura is an amazing whisky. It is left to slumber for a full decade in quiet contentment in ex American white oak bourbon casks. This giving it its unquiet flavour and colour, lingering taste of warming gentle oak, caramel, soft liquorice and roasted coffee beans. It really has a smell like no other island whiskey. 

You can engrave a message of up to 90 characters over 5 lines and you can personalise this with anything you want. This takes the place of the normal Jura whisky bottle label. Don't worry! You get to check and confirm that you have what you want on the bottle before you place the order. 

As you can see, I went with ‘Merry Christmas Roger and Hugo A dram for father and son’. I think they will love it and I know that my husband’s mum will want to keep the bottle after.

The whole process was super easy and straight forward and deliver for this was FREE. I know! A website this nice with gorgeous glass items post to you for free? This came really fast within a week. Which for the Highlands is unheard of? I cannot wait until Christmas morning to see their faces when they open it. 

I always struggle with gifts for couples. As I find them to be boring, but I have found this lovely large personalised cheese board set with knives. Again, you can personalise this with 75 characters over 3 lines. Not only do you get to put your own message on it, but you get a selection of cheese forks, including a narrow knife for soft cheese like brie, a half heart knife for your hard cheese like gouda and a wide spatula to serve with. I think this would be a great gift for newlyweds on their first Christmas as hubby and wife.  

Now, I have to mention a cheeky stocking filler for my husband. He is always losing my measuring tapes. So, I think this merry Christmas personalised tape measure at £15.99 is perfect. This will definitely make him laugh on Christmas day and hopefully stop him nicking mine all the time at least that’s what I hope!


Thursday, 7 December 2017

Christmas stocking filler for everyone

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How are you?

Today we have stocking fillers.

When I come to stocking fillers i like to get thing people wouldn't get themselves
 popaball blueberry shimmer bubbles £4.95 these are super fun. A nice way to add something to a gals of fiz. 
monin coffee syrup set £6.95 any coffee lovers dream combination. If like me you are a bit of a costa addict this will be right up your street. 

cigarrillos £4.95 These are delish. I would never think to buy these for myself but they are heaven in a biscuit. 

Assorted Spanish Biscuits And Pastries£6.95
I think these are the perfect stocking filler for anyone who has had the please of trying Spanish cakes and biscuit. these are delish. 

biscottificio antonio mattei chocolate £6.50 who doesn't love a really nice biscotti and a chocolate one yes please these are the nicest one i have ever tried and make the nicest stocking filler. 

Spanish Cold Pressed Virgin Nut Oils £10.95. I love nice oils but its something you wouldn't always buy your self. This give you the chance to find out which is your favorite so you can buy a big bottle. 

nom nom love super salted caramel £6.50 This chocolate is gorgeous and would make a lovely stocking filler for any chocoholic. 

Lakrids Christmas 2017 Salt Caramel Chocolate Liquorice £8.97 Now I don't like liquorice but these taste nothing really like it. They are super festive and I love the colour, 

Sprout white chocolates these I love, Everyone takes the mick out of me for loving Brussels sprout so I love these chocolates and they make a funny and tasty gift. 

what man doens't love Gillette razors. To be honest they are my favorite to. 

Yutaka Sushi Kit £9.94 This is great for the sushi addict in your life. 

The ultimate stocking filler for skincare lovers in the family, an all in one oil that is moisturising and perfecting through to anti-ageying.  Packed with nine luxurious oils as well as Retinol and Resveratrol to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. 

TIANA Argan Fresh Coconut TLC, Intensive Hair Treatment
The only beauty product to combine organic coconut and argan oils together to help repair damaged hair and deliver an instant transformation, leaving hair shiny and manageableContains the highest content of key nutrients including Lauric acid, Capric acid and Caprillic acid which possess excellent anti-bacterial propertiesPerfect way to combat all kinds of damaged or dry hair and can also be used to treat dandruff.

dead sea aromatherapy bath salts with frankincense £6.95
I love a good long relaxing bath and these are perfect for giving the gift of relaxation. Help someone body relax and there stress float away. 

The PediRoller is an exercise aid, offering immediate relief from common heel and arch foot pain. Used regularly, the PediRoller can maintain healthy feet and address problems of heel and arch pain such as plantar fasciitis. Perfect for any runner in the family. 

The Original Silversock- The best socks for any sport or fitness freak. Keeps odes at bay. keep feet warm in winter and cool in summer. Developed in Great Ormond street hospital. Also helps give relief to people suffer in form poor circulation and chilblain. Perfect for when your out mountain biking in 

For the tea fanatic in your family. 
Little Miracles are a beautiful blend of organic tea and superfruit juice. With carefully selected Panax ginseng in its purest form and açaí, it is the perfect pick-me-up morning, noon and afternoon. The brand has recently gone through a complete rebrand fresh for summer 2017.Developed with consumer health and well-being in mind, .RRP: £1.39 - available at Asda, Tesco, Ocado among other retailers

NIVEA Luscious Lips Gift balms £5.00
The NIVEA Luscious Lips Gift Pack is the ultimate treat, providing you or someone you love with super soft and luscious lips all year round. With four full sized NIVEA lip care products. I know this will go down a storm with my friends. 
AWARD WINNING Age old Unani remedy for providing essential nutrients to your hair and scalp in a unique and powerful blend of luxurious natural herbs and organic cold pressed oils.
Free from paraben, sls, petrochemical, phthalates, fragrance, dyes. Not tested on animals. For all hair types
I love rescue remedy starting from £3.49

Christmas can be a hectic time, so help friends and family take a moment to unwind and enjoy the festivities, by putting NEW RESCUE® Spearmint Chewing Gum in their stockings. With the act of chewing suggested to help calm and relax the mind, RESCUE Spearmint Chewing Gum, with its liquid flower essences centre, is both a handbag and desk essential. NEW RESCUE PLUS Lozenge. RESCUE PLUS Lozenge has a soothing orange and elderflower liquid centre and contains pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) which helps support normal mental performance.

what have you bought? 

*some of these product have been given to me and some I have purchased myself all opinions are my own.

Christmas gift guide for kids and babies

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How are you all?
Today its all about the little ones in my life.

Sam the Steam Train  £32.99 and Motorbike Max £13.99 By wow toys
I thinks these are awesome. Non motorized and super fun. I have chosen these for my Friends little girls. They live beside the steam train and I had to get the motorbike Max as it has a dalmatian in it. 
As you all know I have my own little spotty dog. I think they will have a blast having fun with these. 

This is a perfume for baby's, It has been proven to help development of baby's senses. It is completely free of alcohol and any nasty ingredients. 
it smell delicious. 

One for older kid from 6+ this fun creative kit comprised of little multicolored bricks connect and hold together bit by bit producing a huge and endless design opportunity. can be reused time and time again. great for a week weekend. 

The Mini Hornit £14.99 is the world’s most fun accessory for children’s bikes and scooters and is fast becoming a craze in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia. It comes loaded with 25 sound effects from bells and trumpets to racing cars and animals, and has bright lights (white AND green!) for safety.
It also comes with a remote trigger for use on bikes which enables children to operate the sounds without taking their hands off the handlebars and top quality AAA batteries This one is one of my favorites you know I am a biker and encouraging kids in to the sport is a must for it to thrive. So get on your bike. 
 the Smelly Sprout (RRP £4.99) Teddy Christmas (RRP £5.99)
I love giving books to kids as i like the thought of them taking a little time away from the tv to read. 
theses are super fun and festive. The smelly sprout is a interactive sticker book. Whilst teddy Christmas is thrown out for having a tear where his heart should be follow him on his journey to find a new home. This is such a heart warming story. 

Say hello to Igglepiggle,  from in the night garden  You get the pattern and all the yarn you need to make him come alive. He is knitted in a washable acrylic combined with a furry effect yarn to make him extra snuggly. How much fun would this be. 

What have you got the little ones in your life? 

*some of these product have been given to me and some I have purchased myself all opinions are my own.