Wednesday, 21 September 2016


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Social casino started getting in vogue back at early 2000’s. However, with the integration of the online casino software to the social media platforms they started earning more players, by 2012. Another reason that actually added on it’s vast popularity was due to creation of android application for mobile devices. People could now access their favorite online games with a click of a button, from anytime, anywhere.

The social aspect of these online casino games lies in the fact that it’s allows the players to communicate between each other and to compare winnings, trophies and achievements.

There are a number of providers of specialised software you would comes across today while browsing through the internet, which certainly give you many options to choose from. 

However make sure that you choose a reliable and a responsible site. Make sure that they works with mobile friendly platforms and is able to propose most appropriate variants of playing.

Online bingo is one of the most popular variation for Social Casinos today. There is a Direct communication between players during the game is the unique possibility to make new friends and discuss anything from the situation in the game to the weather.

Online bingo uses a Random Number Generator, where random numbers are called out while your tickets gets auto-dabbed.

You could go to this bingo website , GameVillage, if you are willing to try out some unique variations of bingo and a few popular slot games! The site also has a Social community forum of it’s own which is even complemented by the frequent player meets, wherein the players and the chat-hosts get together and meet each other in person, outside the virtual space.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Dogs and Death #willinnumbers

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I was away this week and I had to do a 4-hour drive each way. The way back was very scary. The road where pretty flooded and a challenge to drive.

This got me thinking about what would happen if I died. I know morbid, but a very really and inevitable fact of life.

I have a very little family and in my house it is me, my gorgeous hubby and my two babies. Yes, my babies are my two dogs who you have read about a lot in my posts.

If the worst happened and my hubby and I were involved in an accident. I worry what would happen to my pups.

So I started thinking about a will. As you may or may not know I am an ex-cop and I have seen many times people passing away without having a will and this has left so many issues for their loved ones. 51million Britons don’t have a will. What a crazy number of people with no say in what happens to their possessions if they die. This also means if you have no immediate relatives the crown will get their full estate. This happens so often.

As I said I have a small family and I don’t speak to my parents and sister. So my nightmare would be that they had some say after I passed.  

I worry about Millie and Mylo. Who will look after them? Who would know that Millie has mild hip dysplasia and you have to monitor her exercise.
Also Mylo has major dietary requirement that you really can’t stray from his diet or he will have a really bad tummy.

So I think it’s time me and my husband talked wills. To get our affairs in order encase the worst happens to us.

I am lucky that I know my lovely In-laws would look after the pups and would never let anything happened to them. They might have a fight on their hands with our best mate Dave as Millie is obsessed with him and if I was to be completely honest she is Dave’s dog and just lives with us!

My two are an unlikely pair but you could never separate them. Millie might pretend she doesn’t like her brother but if he is out without her she misses him deeply. Mylo just worships the ground Millie walks on and when she is out will cry his heart out for her. We had Millie for about one year before we got Mylo. Mylo fell in love with her the moment he seen her and when we took him to come live with us. He scratched me to death to curl up in Millie’s bed with her. He lives to steal the odd cuddle with her even now. So I defo have to get a plan together for them!
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Have you talked wills?

MissLJBeauty xo 

Sunday, 18 September 2016

winning the Lotto?

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whilst I was looking to buy my euro million tickets online the other day I noticed that euro million are putting the price of the tickets up to £2.50! So it’s getting pricey to have a little flutter there. 

So I was searching online for cheaper alternative and stumbled across Basically the same principle as the lottery but all though this site. So if your euro million numbers come up instead of lottery paying you the money, lottoland would pay you. The main difference I can see is that you can’t buy a physical ticket. You play online and the price is going to stay at £2. Plus, you can play different lottery from all around the world! Even the american one which had an impressive life changing 1 billion dollar jackpot this year! 

This got me day dreaming what would I do If I won a jackpot. I love playing the lottery as it’s like buying a dream. I let my mind wander.

First things first. I would buy my hubby and me a nice house in Cornwall. Something with a beach so our dogs could swim as much as they wanted. Also get the long haired sausage dog I want.

I would make sure my in-laws were well taken care off and never had to think of money again. They would also get a very nice family trip away yearly. This would be with my mother in laws brother and sister in law (who we adore) and maybe us.
I would plan an round the world trip with our best friends.  More than likely this would involve mountain biking and a trip to get custom made bikes from Santa Cruz. I’d have too many bikes and probably a lot more injuries to go with it.

I would go shopping with my girls and buy far too many things I don’t need.  where would I go? London, New York and Paris in shops like Tiffany’s, Louis Vuitton, Chanel need I say more.
So I have to win the euro millions as then I would be able to give a nice sum to the RNLI who I fund raise for at the moment and my list goes on and on and on.

What would you do?


Friday, 16 September 2016

September two favorite home items

Hi everyone, 

how are you all? 

This month I have two home items that I have never though of getting that I am 100% obsessed with. let me introduce you to them. 

I have a up coming series of healthy baking so I was in the market for a new all purpose whisking machine. Enter this amazing do it all wonder machine. This has cut my baking time in half and has produce the fuffest cakes and muffins I have ever created!

The photos doesn't do this justice the jug is huge and can easy make a huge about of cake mix.  with help of the 5.5 liter capacity. 
and with the splash guard there is no more cake mix up my walls. It comes with three attachments a whisk, a beater a dough a spatula and a cook book you are fully equipped to get baking. 

 the recipes book is crammed with new recipes to try out. The machine its self has loads of features not only does it have 6 speed setting 1260 watt motor making the toughest project easy worth. 

The Hamswan ultrasonic essential oil diffuser

I am obsessed with this. I have had a really bad cold which has gone in to my chest and I have been struggling with my breathing. I know no the most fun right? So My friend recommended one of these for this and I picked this one. I love love the colour changing function. I also use it in my treatments. I put a couple drops of oil in it and it fulls my room with the most amazing smell and it really clears my chest. I feel like I can breath better with this one. it leaves the air so much purer in my opinion. you just plus it in and in now time its all really to go it has function for having the steam or not. I like the steam. this has built in safety as soon as the water runs out it runs it self off. perfect if like me you can be forgetful. 

What have you bought for your home lately? 

MissLJBeauty xo

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Primark haul September 2016

Hi everyone. 

I was away for a few days so I hit Primark. Here is what I picked up. 

Bath mat I always grab a new one of these. 

 pack of sock and fluffy socks. I always grab face wipes for taking the make up off the back of my hand. Two jelly bean hand sanitize. this smells amazing not like jelly beans but something else. 
 quite simply I was thirsty so water is  need. 
two vest tops I wear these to death. new gloves the weather is turning up here so need these. orange sticks for manicures and false lashes.  rose gold little scissors and hair bobbles. 

love this top so soft and comfy I got a size 6 and its huge! this was £6

 new sport hoodie for colder rides and trowing on in the house has the wee slits for  you thumbs this was £10
two pairs of legging for under my biking shorts 

same style and price of stripey one if they had more I would have bough them all 

I love in my pair simpler to these there wasn't much choice but these are ok 

two perfumes to try for another blog post 

make up sponge and brush as I can never have two many and want to compare to my high end ones.
rose gold tweezers and sponges 

why would i get these?

I tried bare minierals for the fist time this trip so nipped to boots to grab the starter kit. 
good staple for my make up kit 

very cute little set. I will do a full review soon. 

i have had the worst brake out of my whole life when i was away so ran in to boots to grab a spot cream. I love this love heart hand wash sooo delish 

what have you bought lately?
Missljbeauty xo 

Monday, 12 September 2016

My top tips for driving

Hi Everyone,

How are you all?

You may or may not know but I have been driving for a good few years now and when I was in the police, I completed the police driving course. I was fully trained to drive with blue light and sirens. So after lots of studying I think I know a wee bit about driving so here are some top tips for my exercise.

Here are my top driving tips.  

1.   Always get your car checked regularly. From the tyre depth to the oil. This can all lead to major problems if not caught early.

2.   Road handing. I want you to think about your tyres. Now your tires are your grip on the road keeping you firmly in place. Each tire is only the width of a CD case! That is what is holding you on the road.

3.   One of the best things I learnt on the driving course is to brake in to a corner and accelerate out. This gives you the best control of the car on the road.

4.   Harsh braking is for emergence's only!

5.   Drive to what you can see. Yes you drive that road every day of your life, you haven’t had a problem yet but what if after that bend there is a broken down car? or worse a pedestrian crossing unexpectedly?

6.   Never take a risky over take. Why would you risk your and other people’s lives for the sake of 10 seconds progression on the road?

7.   Never brake harshly on a wet road this will cause a skid at the lease and a crash at worst.

8.   If you get in to a skid try to remember to steer in the direction of the skid never against it.

9.   NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE. This go’s for drugs too!!!

10.   Seat belts save life’s. I have seen this many times where people wouldn’t be with us without this lifesaving safety item.

11.  Unsafe speeds are for track day and trained emergency service personnel not for being a idiot and trying to work on time. Your boss would rather you lived to get to work than made it on time.

12.  If weather conditions are bad and you don’t feel confident and comfortable then don’t drive. Use a train or bus or have a snow day? Never feel pressured in to driving.

13.  Driving in snow is tricky and smaller cars handle better unless you have a land rover or snow tyres.

14.  New and learning drivers. Give them space you had to learn to and I bet you didn’t jump in to the learner car and be a competent driver. Be courteous.

15.  Be courteous. What goes around comes round. Let a car out if you can.  The unofficial rule at a round a bout of junction is let one car in if everyone does this then we will all get there quicker. If you are causing a que of traffic pull over and let the cars passed. Did you know this is an offence if you don’t?

16. NEVER text or call and drive. Come on people pull over if you are texting how can you be concentrating on the road??

Well I hope this has helped you and you found some tips you didn’t know. If you would like more posts like this let me know. 

MissLJBeauty xo

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Doggie diets

Hi Everyone. 
How are you all? 

Lets talk dogs for a wee minute. My two dogs are very different and this can be a nightmare and a blessing all at the same time.  If you have been following me a while you will know them but if your new here is a wee intro. 

This is Millie she is 4 and she is a Springador ( springier spaniel lab mix). We got Millie at 18 months as her previous owns thought she was a bit hyper! Millie is the laziest dog you can meet by the way! Unless she is swimming or there a ball involved that is. 

As soon as we got her we took her to be checked at the vet and the vet told us she had had a ectopic pregnancy and her poor paws where worn to nothing as her old owners walked her on the concert paths all the time. Once we had her back to full health. we noticed her hips didn't seem quite right. She is a Springador so she does wiggle that bootie a lot but this was different. she started to limp. So back to the vet and a Xray revealed she had mild hip dysplasia. So we have to monitor her very closely and make sure we don't over exercise her and watch her weight so no extra pressure is put on her hips. 

Above any thing Millie is our princess and if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have come out of my depression. 

Next up is Mylo

After we got married as a wedding present to our self we got Mylo he was 12 weeks when we got him. My granddad had a pointer and I loved her so much that I have always wanted this kind of dog and when we seen an advert for Dalmatian pups on our mini moon it was fate. 
We learned quickly that Mylo has a very sensitive tummy and he has to be on a very strict diet.

 The main reason we wanted a bigger dog is we are both keen mountain biker and we wanted a dog to come with us. I like knowing that Mylo is with my hubby and hes not on his own. My hubby had a huge crash last year and went in to a tree he woke up to Mylo frantically licking his face! Mylo needs a diet that suits his very unique needs. 

He is a huge softy and loves nothing more than cuddle and kisses. where we are out I find peoples reactions to him funny they are either obsessed or scared because he's large. I find this funny because I have been round dogs all my life and I can say he is the softest thing ever!

So we have covered the two pups and there individual needs. They were sent some food to try. I love that this was sent to our door super fast and hassle free. I also like that they get individual food as they really are so different. You go online and fill in lots of details about each pet and from the information they give you they create a blend for each dog and sent it out with handy leaflets to keep you informed. When you create your account it does set up a direct debit so your never have to worry about reordering i now this is a love hate thing for some people but I find it so convenient. 

Mylos blend is 15.1% healthy active, 18.8 % calorie control 66.1% tailored vitality. 
Why is this for Mylo what in it ? there Beep pulp which helps with healthy digestion for his wee tummy.  Potato for energy High quality protein for healthy body. It also got loads of vitamins and minerals to promote growth and omega 3&6 for a glossy coat and good skin! £38.02

Millies Blend is 45.9% joint car 20, 5.1% senior nutrition and 49% active nutrition 22.So we have mobility and joint care for her hips. essential fatty acid for healthy coat and skin. weight control elements to keep her in tip top condition. dental care and healthy growth and vitality. £20.09 per month.

These both come with measuring cup which you set up to each dogs individual needs. Give you peace of mind that you are giving each do the right about and not over or under feeding them. 

For both do we for a month its about £58  which is not to bad for quality food for them. My dog loved this maybe too much as they would wake up early have there dinner and then want to go back to sleep. deliver every month to your door so no more lugging huge dog food bags from the pet shop. I am in the highland and they deliver here free of charge! 

Tails have kindly given me a discount code for you to have 2 week free trial with just £1 delivery too Just enter MISSLJBEAUTY at the checkout and go and get some for your prince or princess. 

What do you feed you pups?  

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