MissLJBeauty: June 2015

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

It's tplus green tea time

Hi everyone,

How are you all today? 
So you know I'm a tea junkie. Sorry not sorry! 
I live tea and I really believe in the health benefits of green tea, 
I actually drank loads of green tea when I lost my 7 and half stone. 
Back then there wasn't many crazy tasty flavours out there. I really think it's awesome for weightloss and skin problems.

So when I see new teas I'm like a moth to a flame. Enter 
So the two I'm trying is t+detox apple & blackcurrent  & t+boost raspberry & pomegranate. 
They are £3.45 per box. 
I love when tea is individually wrapped as I can throw them in my handbag for work. 
The smell when you open the packet is over whelming in a good way. 
I have to say the raspberry is the nicest smell. It reminds me of a Yankee candle which I can't put my finger on which one ( anyone know) 
Now this is only a sentence a really tea junkie will get. The bags are strong and the string stays in takes with lots of dunk age. I hate when the string breaks grrrr. But these have been tested and work perfect. 

So let's talk t+detox -Apple and blackcurrent. 
This makes me want to be ill with the cold to really get that warming hit this gives you. 
It smells like chewits yip I went there. It tastes smooth and I love that the taste is as good as the aroma. I find with some teas they smell better than they taste but not with this one. 

What t+ says 
This beautiful blend of goodness can help you on those days when your body isn’t so much of a temple anymore. t+ detox is designed to gently help your body cleanse itself after a heavy weekend, or simply play the supporting role in that weekly health kick mission . Antioxidant rich green tea works to help reduce oxidative stress and free radical build up in the body. We add to that a combination of ginger root and dandelion root which have been used for centuries in Asia to help support internal cleansing.  This is all topped off with natural apple and blackcurrant flavourings to give you a little mug of much needed TLC. 

Now on to T+ boost raspberry & pomegranate
This is now my go to summer tea. It's light it's refreshing. It's super sweet. This would also make the best ice tea ever! As I said above what is this smell? its amazing. 

What t+ says 
 This little tea bag packs a real punch! Green tea goodness is mixed with ginseng and yerba mate, used as a natural stimulant in South America for centuries. Unlike coffee, this clever plant gives a slow energy release to avoid those sharp caffeine crashes that the coffee bean gives. We then use a brilliant blend of b vitamins that help to naturally release energy from food into your body. All this in one little tea bag of goodness, bursting with lovely raspberry & pomegranate flavour.

Have you tried these teas 

Got any other tea recommendations for me


Friday, 5 June 2015

Me & 10 under the ben mountain biking race

Hi everyone, 

How are you all today? 

Its only 16 days till I do my very first mountain bike race. I am doing nofussevents.co.uk 10 Under The Ben in a team with my friend Fiona. Ok Ok lets be honest she is making me do it. 

So Team Blonde (Fiona & Me) will be a cycling dream team. 

You may remember that a new bike has been on my fitness wish list and I'm happy to say I'm now the owner of a Boardman full suspension (thanks hubby). Woop. Now I am so happy with my new bike. My hubby has made a few minor adjustments and she is ready to rock this race. 

Image result for Boardman Mountain Bike Team Full Suspension 650B

What is 10 under the Ben?

what No Fuss says 
Each lap is approximately 10 miles -under 1 hour for the fastest 
riders, nearly 2 hours for those who are new to the sport or are just that wee bit more careful. The courses will consist of a bit of everything, including wide single track, narrow single track with rocks, roots, mud, fast flowing single track, low gear uphill’s, water crossings, technical ascents and descents, plus fire roads.

I am lucky as I live a hours drive from the race in Fort William. So no camping for me just crashing at Fi's after the event. 

I'm really nervous and excited for the race as I have never done anything like it before. If you are in to biking in the area you will probably have heard of Fiona is is amazing and has competed in loads of races. I have to say being her support team at the Strathpuffer was very cold work but worth it as she came third girl. I am so proud of her. So I know she will have my back on the day! 

I have bought a few extra bits for the race so far 
new tyres Continental Mountain King II 650b Off Road MTB Tyre

Image result for Continental Mountain King II 650b Off Road MTB Tyre
new seat Bioflex Ozone Ladies Comfort Saddle this one had great review for girls so I'm excited to get this on my bike. 
Image result for Bioflex Ozone Ladies Comfort Saddle
 and last but not least bottle cage for extra water 

Image result for Topeak Modula Cage EX - Bottle Cage

Now I need to pick a new seat post dropper and I'm all set. 

I am training as hard as I can Atm not been very well but trying to do at least 4 times a week either out at Nevis range or on our turbo trainer in the house. 

More updates on my race coming soon. 

Have you done any races? 

Missljbeauty xoxo

Monday, 1 June 2015

Bakers days letterbox cakes

Hi Everyone,

You know I love me some cake and I think every occasion deserves cake!
So it's nearly Father's Day in the UK so I got a lovely letter box cake from bakerdays.com £14.99
For my hubby from our to fur babies Millie and Mylo and I was really impressed.

This tin is so cute

I love the design and my hubby was delighted with the cake 
The chocolate goodness.
This cake is for you, if you like thick icing like I do. The icing is sweet but not overly sickly. The cake its self is so moist and melt in the mouth. The cake lasts 14 days but I cant say this happened in my house it was devoured in one sitting. I was really impressed that a cake which came through our letter box was whole. I had visions of it being smashed in to a million bits but it was in pristine condition.

I have to say our mylo stole it and took it round the garden a wee walk in its parcel and it was still in new condition. 

I would defiantly order on of these for someones birthday again I really enjoyed 
it. its so cute that in the box there is balloons and a streamer, Very nice added touch. 

Have you had a bakersday cake? 

MissLJBeauty xoxo