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Lighter Life fast

Hay everyone, 

So as with me there is a drama I made a Youtube vid for my unboxing of this which has disappeared :(.

I have been on the program for about 3 weeks and I am really enjoying it. 

so the plan is so simple 5 days a week you eat as you would normally and two day the plan is all ready for you to do. 

My fast day meal plan

I start with porridge which is so yummy I want to have it every day. 

Lunch I either have veg soup or a shake

then dinner I have the pasta carbonara which when I first made it I thought this is tiny but oh my gosh this is so filling. 

then I have the best thing in the word nut fudge bar OH MY GOSH. if theses were for sale in the chocolate isle its safe to say i would pick these over anything else. its like a mix between a snickers and a mars bar.

Now You can have coffee and tea and water with this. This is 600 calories a day. Now I thought I would be to tired to work out but I can still work out on my fast days as my energy levels are still high.wooop

now what you are hear to read about right? weightloss. 
I did a juice detox before I started this and lost 5.5lbs so I am delighted to say I have lost another 2lbs. now you are thinking thats not much but considering the detox weight loss has been maintained and a extra 2lbs. I'm delighted. I have a day on my Lighterlife fast filmed which will be up next week. 

MissLJBeauty XOXO