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Depression and me

So today I did something brave, I told two of my close work friends about my depression.
If you have been following me for a while you will know I moved to a new village and started a seasonal job, I have meet some lovely people. I have grown really close to one girl at work and I started to feel like I was hiding myself from her and I didn't want that. as I feel she will be a true friend. 
They have reminded me there are nice people in the world ( not just other bloggers lol) 

I was worried about having the conversation but it seemed to come up so I just blurted it out. I have to say it went really well. Although I am still worried they will both see me differently. I am relived to have told them. 

My other friend has had issues in the past and I was really wanting to say I completely understand what you are saying and what you went through. He has overcome a lot. 

It's coming to the end of my seasonal contract and I'm starting to really worry about the future. I have my bad day and good days I.m just so worried about not having some where to go each day. I am  studying and will start my own business but we all know these are hard to start in small places.

I just dont want any stigma to follow me about. 

It's hard coming to terms with depression yourself let alone telling others. 
But at least if I have to leave a night out or have a panic attack I have two friends who know what's happening. 

I am going to keep you all updated on my depression as to be honest it's part of my life and me. 

Missljbeauty xoxo 


  1. Well done honey! :) xxx

  2. you are extremely brave for being so vocal about something that people tend to hide. amazing post :)