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Blac cleanse & me

Hi Everyone, 
How are you all ?

Blac by Juice to U
As you can see from the rubbish video quality I Think my camera is on the outs. 
So I will finish in the old fashioned blogging style where I left off. 

I did the cleanse for 5 day. whist I was on this I felt really energised. It was quite a routine to get into to remember to have my juice before bed but after I finished I missed my juice. I would say on this i was quite thirsty and drank a lot of water. 

I was less bloated on this program. I continued my routine as normal I worked out, i ate as normal, used the same skin care products etc. Just normal boring life!

Now My results
My skin cleared up. I have been suffering the worst breakouts I have had all year and these cleared up and my skin looks really healthy. I looked like I was suffering from the chicken pocks.

My stomach problems have settled right down. This is awesome, as I am an IBS suffer. It was like I was a normal person! you will understand if like me you have ever suffered with this horrid condition.

Now as I said this is not a diet program but I will share my weight loss and inch loss with you. this all about cleaning your body from the inside out!

weighloss 5.5lbs 

I measure at the biggest part of my body 
Chest 1inch
waist 2 inches being me down to 27 again woop 
muffin top  stayed the same
bum 0.5 of an inch
upper legs 1 inch
arms 0.5 of an inch

considering all I have changed is adding this juice in to my diet at night I think this is insane results. 

Here is what the lovely folk at Juice to you say

BLAC  is a all natural juice that contains activated charcoal that is used as a natural digestive system cleanse, the activated charcoal is an absorbent black granulated powder that is digested with a mix of agave nectar, lime and alkaline water which has a ph balance of 8.5 the charcoal is activated by under going heat treatment,  this process creates a porous facade that acts as a magnet for positively charged toxin (acidic waste ) that are tapered in our digestive tract  BLAC absorbs these harmful  toxins like a sponge and as our natural digestive mechanics for disposing of waste engage the elimination of toxins is complete the activated charcoal can only eradicate toxins that are in your digestive system.
BLAC  is to be used in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle as a essential for your tool kit and healthier self.

Have you tried this detox yet? 

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