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Packing for a trip

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

Sometimes I feel like I'm the last at the party why have I never been to
This site is so good it's turned in to my obsession. It's simple to use has everything from sports good to designer handbags! Oh my gosh you know I love a bargain so a site devoted to this is just my heaven. 

So I am away to the Alps mountain biking in about a month we are driving with 4 people and 4 bikes. So not much room for packing! (Oh no) I have been looking for a 40l bag that's built to withstand a biking trip. I love Berghaus but let's face it, it's quality and it comes with a whopping price tag. 

I wanted the blue 40l bag which retails at £80. Quite steep for a bag I thought! 
Enter and after a quick search, it was on there at £40 yeah get in my basket. 

This bag is small but mighty. I really thought it was going to be tiny but as you can see from the photos it holds a lot of kit. As you can see the glossy box is swamped in it. And my weight fits in fine too. This is just to show you how much this can hold. I like the handy pockets especially the one in the top flap very handy. It's very well made and to be honest bomb proof it's going to be the perfect bag for the Alps. 

I can't get off this site it's so good so grab a deal!