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top tips to beat the cold

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all? 

Well winter is truly here. I mean that in I everyone has colds. I have yet to be affected and I thought I I would do my top tips to prevent and help a cold!

  1. I know I say it about everything but DRINK WATER. I believe the route to good health can be found in being hydrated. 
  2. Pack in those vitamins especially vitamin C. Oh no not more tasty fruit and veg. Get your body ready to fight any infection that it encounters.
  3. Stay active! Yip get some exercise. A healthy body and happy mind.
  4. Get prepared! Stock up on cold and flu remedies I use The Independent Pharmacy (15 % discount code NEW15) for all my medications. I always have Benylin in the cupboard. 
  5. REST, Its here, you have done your best to fright but even the best of us cant beat it all the time. It is OK to rest relax and let your body heal its self. Let the medication do the hard work. That's what boxsets are made for right? 
  6. Avoid alcohol it will make you 1000% worse. 
  7. If your symptoms last longer than a week or get worse don't be afraid to call your doctor for advice or help especially if you have a underlying health condition.  I have asthma and I have seen the doctor thinking I had a cold and I had a sever chest infection. 
  8. Use steam. I find steam really helps clear my sinus. boil some water and pop a couple drops of tea tree oil in and a towel over your heal and breath in the nice steam. ( plus free facial). 
  9. Sweet Tea fixes everything right?
  10. Up your calories. Wait what did she just say. Your body is fighting the infection hard give the diet a bit of a miss and eat. Now is not the time to do the 5:2 or detox you had planned 
Hope you enjoy my tips to beat the cold 


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