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No More muddy paws Pet rebellion

 Hi Everyone, 

How are you this bank Holiday? 

Millie and Mylo have been given their very own job as a product tester. It's about time they did something! Ha only joking. The lovely people at sent my two pups some product to test and woof back about. 

If you haven't been following me for a while let me introduce the pups.

Meet Millie. 
she is 5 years young Springador ( springer spaniel x Labrador). Millie lives to swim and bog dive. Yes if it's smelly and muddy she is in heaven diving in. She is also the best sleeper in the family and love to be very cosy. Millie has mild hip dysplasia. So we are very careful with her weight and exercise. 

Millie is my world. She is so special in so many ways. She is very fussy about people.  she either likes you or just doesn't give a dame about you. She is the boss. 

Meet Mylo. 
He will be three in a few days. Mylo was made to run! especially with us when we go mountain biking. This is his passion. Even if his sister can come with us. 

He also likes to copy his sister and completely idolise her. Mylo is the most loving dog I have every had, he loves his family and has no idea he is a very big boy. He has a very sensitive stomach.

The first item The pups were sent is this X long rug £19.99

After a good inspection, The pups really liked this and it is the perfect shape for our hall. 
It has helped with the nightmare of muddy paws. As you have read millie loves to bog dive and she can be very muddy when she comes in. I like to keep her on the mat whilst we give her a rub down. 

Mylo has decided this is a new bed and like to lie on it. ALL THE TIME!

I really like the colour its really nice. I haven't had to wash it yet but it look like it will was well unlike other mats which didn't stand the test of the washing machine. 

Next up Travel bowels £5.99

I have been looking for travel bowls for Mylo for ages. As you have read, Mylo likes to bike with us and having treats for him is a must as he can do up to 12 miles. So these are perfect for water and his biking treats. The karabiner is super handy as the bowl fold into each other and can be attached to our biking bag. 

If you like these products and fancy giving your pups a treat. Pet rebellion have given me a 30% discount code for you all. Just enter PRBA2 at the checkout. 
There is a cracking deal on there beds at the moment 50% off. I think I might have to go snap one up. 

Stay tuned for Millie and Mylo's next review!