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How To Team Up Ankle Boots With Dresses

woman in green dress with ankle boots
Are you thinking of investing in a cute pair of ankle boots for the fast-approaching winter season? Ankle boots are the perfect addition to any wardrobe and can be worn in a number of different ways. However, before buying, many people may be wondering how exactly to style their new ankle boots. Here, we are taking you through how exactly you can team up your ankle boots with dresses to create a range of fantastic looks.
Choosing Your Perfect Ankle Boot
The first thing that you will need to do is choose a perfect pair of ankle boots for the winter season. We would recommend that you choose boots in a neutral colour, as this will allow you to wear them with more outfits and you will be able to get more use out of them. Black and brown are the colours most people opt for and try to think about what you already have in your wardrobe before deciding. If you mix contrasting colours this can cut your legs in half and make them appear quite short. These Dune black ankle boots are some of our favourite options on the market right now and they have a vast range of ankle boots in this neutral colour so you can’t go wrong.
You will also need to decide what type of heel you are looking for. If you are opting for comfort, then you can simply opt for a pair of plain flat black ankle boots, but if you are looking to give the illusion of longer legs then a heeled boot is the perfect option. For a dressy look, we would opt for a slender heel. Pointed toes and higher heels are the perfect design if you are looking for boots for a special occasion where you won’t be on your feet all night.
Choosing the Right Dress
When teaming up dresses with ankle boots, we would recommend that you consider dresses that end above your knee as this will provide you with the most flattering look. The shorter your dress is, the longer your legs will appear to be and we would not recommend wearing long dresses with your ankle boots as this will shorten your leg. If you do want to wear a longer dress, instead we would recommend wearing a maxi length dress or skirt with a hem that stop just above your boot or has a slit up the side as this will prevent your legs from looking too short.
Remember, not every dress and boots combo is going to work well together and so you need to make sure that you are not creating too much contrast that this outfit is clashing. As an example, we would not recommend that you team up your chunky boots with a delicate evening dress as this may be too much of a contrast for moth people. With fancy dresses, you should be looking at getting ankle boots with pointed toes and slender heels, however, with casual dresses, it is best to opt for boots with rounded toes and a flat or chunky heel. Sleek dresses will work fantastically well with matching sleek boots or if it is a vintage feel that you are looking for you can get a pair of cowboy style boots to go with your high waisted dresses.

As you can see before buying a pair of boots, there are many different things that you need you to need to take into consideration when thinking about how you are going to style them. Use this guide to help you buy the perfect pair of ankle boots for you today.