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5 ways to celebrate the end of lockdown

I think there was a time I thought lockdown was the new normal and we would be in it forever. It almost feels unreal that we are easing out of it and finding our way to what will be the actual new normal. With shops, cafes and gyms reopened and being able to finally hug our loved ones. Life seems different and more positive. The UK is rolling out the vaccine at an impressive rate and all our most vulnerable are fully vaccinated which is awesome. I am sure it will be my turn soon enough too. Which is exciting for me. 

The last year has been hard on all of us in so many different and similar ways. I think we need to take a minute and really celebrate this milestone. None of us has ever been through a year like the last one and yes it was hard but there was joy in there too and we must always celebrate the joy in life. 

Today I want to talk about 5 things we can do to celebrate coming out of lockdown. 

1. Organise a trip

We can now organise a trip with our loved ones. A trip, how expecting is that? I can not wait to go and see our family. They are all the way in Devon and we haven't seen them in over a year. This is heartbreaking but it is so exciting to be able to stay over at theirs now which means we can go and visit them. 

I have also booked a holiday cottage in Cornwall to spend some time with some of our best friends. It was pretty normal to book these trips. To go see friends and family often, I don't think any of us would have batted an eye making these booking in the past but last year not being able to do that was very hard. So go and book yourself a trip and see all your family and friends. 

2. Print your memories. 

I have made it a priority to print my memories from over the lockdown period. I know it was hard but there was also joy in it for all of us too. We all discovered more of where we live. We spent more time with our immediate family and pets.  The time we did get to spend with friends and family was way more important and memories were made. So we need to cherish those memories. 

I think we can all forget to really celebrate the good times. I am going to have some of my photos made into a Photo canvas from Bonusprint. So I can hang them around my home to remember the good times and also remember how strong we all are and we made it through a really hard time in all our lives. 

I find making photos canvas so easy,  You just pick the size of canvas that you would like. Then the photo you would like to get on the canvas, upload it and it's delivered to your home. All you have to do is decide where to hang it.

3. Bucket list 

If last year has taught us anything it's that we do not know what the future holds. So it is time to write a bucket list and start working your way through the things you really want to do. Have you wanted to ride a horse? Book a riding lesson. Want to start painting? Then buy some paints.  Want to learn a language? Do it. 

Bucket lists don't have to be huge life goals like travelling to Nepal or climbing Ben Nevis. They can be little things like horse riding and painting. Do try to tick a few of your own bucket items off this year. I have always wanted to try stand up paddle-boarding so I will be ticking this off this summer and I have wanted to try to conquer my fear of height so I plan on trying climbing. Life is short. I want to make it count. 

4. Eat out 

I can not wait to eat out and I know that our hospitality industry has taken a beating during the pandemic. I am trying to eat out in local restaurants and cafes a couple times a month when everything reopens. I love to support local business and this way I feel I can give back a bit to my local area. Plus it's a great excuse to meet friends for a catch up too. 

5. Get outdoors

We can now travel further afield and enjoy our wonderful countryside. I know a lot of us to feel a bit stir crazy. We are doing the same walks from our homes that we have done hundreds of times in the last year and it's all got a bit boring.  But now we have the freedom to do further and discover new areas. 

I know the outdoors is special to me. I feel so much better outdoors and I love nothing more than the pure pleasure of just watching the sea. I love the water and being close to it has been a huge blessing for me. But I know for a lot of you you haven't been to the seaside or to the mountains in months so it is time to rediscover the wonder that is mother nature and get outside. Why not combine it with catching up with friends and finding a new local cafe to grab a coffee and cake? 

I hope you have enjoyed these little ideas on how to celebrate a bit more freedom and the end of lockdown here in the UK. 

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  1. I love these ideas I think for myself and a lot of people lockdown and losing 3 family members to covid has made me appreciate life and what we have far more