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5 flowers that help boost your mood

wow, it is mid-July and life has been a little busy, hasn't it? I don't know about you but the world seems a little overwhelming and a bit like everything is in hyperdrive at the moment. We all need to take a little minute and take care of ourselves. I know I for one have been a bit overwhelmed and anxious at times in the last few weeks. I am making a conscious effort to find some me time and really explore what makes me happy and I am looking at more ways nature can help me with this. 

We all know I am a huge nature lover. I was chatting to a friend about flowers and she was telling me about the fact that certain flowers can boost your mood and they all have different means. So as you can imagine I decided to do some research. I thought it would be nice to share my finding with you. So we can all add some of these flowers to our own garden. I love the idea that by planting flowers we can invite some positivity into our lives. 


Tulips are actually one of my personal favourites. I have always loved them and one day I hope to travel to a tulip field in Holland. Tulips have a couple of means one is deep love. I really love the idea of being surrounded by deep love. I love the idea of being surrounded by deep love. 

Tulips also mean rebirth as tulips are often the first flowers to bloom in spring. We are all starting a new chapter in our lives after the last year and this makes Tulips the perfect flower to plant to remind us of the past. 

Tulips come in so many varieties and there are more colours than I can count. I am defiantly going to look for a tulip bulbs for sale so I can surround myself with deep love and celebrant the rebirth of a very new and different world. 


We have all drank chamomile tea to help us with calmness but I never even thought about actually planting this in my garden. Chamomile is known to help with stress and anxiety. The plant its self represents Humility relaxation and rest. 

We could all use a bit more of all of these things in our busy lives. In the 19th century, Chamomile flowers were used to signify energy in adversity. I really like this symbolism. When we are going through a rough patch this is what I need a bit of energy in adversity. This is why in the 19th-century people would drink this in the morning to set themselves up for the day and be able to take on whatever there is thrown at them. 

Chamomile might be viewed as a weed by mean people but it actually has wonderful healing properties and great symbolism. 


I would be doing an injustice if I did not mention the lotus flower. This is the most famous flower for its symbolism. Not only is the lotus flower stunning and a joy to admire it has wonderful meanings. 

It represents enlightenment, self-regeneration purity and rebirth. These are all wonderful things to surround yourself with. 

The lotus flower also represents strength. The flower has to plant has to grow on water and to bloom it needs great strength to rise above the water to do this. No matter how murky the water the flower will get through.  This in itself make the lotus a pretty special and wonderful flower But the actual flower itself is some of the most beautiful and spectacular in the world of plants. 

If you have the capacity to have your own lotus flowers I am sure they would bring you great joy. 


These are some of my all-time favourite flowers. Peony represents good fortune, prosperity, romance, compassion and good marriage. I love the symbolism behind this flower lets face it after the last year we could all use a bit of good fortune and prosperity. 

These would make a wonderful wedding gift. I will need to remember this the next time I attended a wedding. 

It also represents honour and bashfulness. It seems to be a really positive and interesting flower. 


Lastly and one I couldn't really miss out on as I am a highlander myself. Scottish heather. This has many meanings. It can mean good luck, admiration and protection. 

White heather is traditionally worn by the groom on their wedding day to symbolise good luck. This is a tradition to this day here in the highlands of Scotland. 

As I write this post I am looking out of my window at a Scottish highland mountain that is full of heather. I have to say I love when the heather is in bloom all purple, white and pink. It really does bring me a sense of peace in a busy world. 

I hope this post has given you some ideas of what flowers you can plant in your garden to help boost your mood and help you find a bit of balance in your life. 

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