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How to earn money on things you already buy with JamDoughnut

Wow, the cost of everything has continued to rise and we are all feeling the pinch. No matter your financial status we are all in the same boat and making cutbacks where ever we can. I know I am actively trying to claw back some extra savings. It sometimes feels like an uphill battle, doesn't it? 

Today I want to talk about a super easy way to earn some cash back on the shopping you are already doing on a daily basis. I know you are thinking what's the catch but I can promise you there isn't one. I just want to share how I am saving some money because let's face it we all need to tighten our belts and we should all be sharing our money-saving tips and tricks. 

JamDoughnut App

JamDoughnut is a cashback app with a difference it actually saves you a really good amount of money when you use it. Plus it is simple and straightforward to use and the cashback is instant. No waiting around for it to be credited with JamDoughnut No sir just plane money in your jam jar. 

It has over 150 brands available to earn cash back from including your favourite supermarkets, food delivery and fashion brands. Did I mention they are the highest-rated cashback app on Trustpilot. I mean that says it all really. 

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How to use 

First, you need to sign up for the app. This is so simple just go to the app store and download the app. 

If you add My referral code PZS6 I will receive 400 points in my jam jar account and You will receive 200 points after your first transaction. 100 point = £1. You will also get a referral code of your own where you can earn the same if your friends sign up. So that is a great way to earn some extra money before you even get to spending money yourself. Sharing is caring when it comes to money saving. 

So how to earn cash back. 

You now have the app. You can use the app for online and in-store purchases. Yes, you read that right! you can use the app for in stores and online purchases to earn money. 

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So say you are shopping at Aldi. All you need to go on the JamDoughnut app and purchase a voucher for Aldi. You will then receive a barcode that you can use in-store.  Then when you get to Aldi you can get your app out with the barcode and use it in there to pay for your shopping and earn instant cashback. If you have any leftover money on the voucher you can use it on your next Aldi shop. It is that simple. The app is so easy to use. Which for me is a big bonus. 

It is the same situation if you are shopping online too. You just go on buy your voucher and use it to pay for your shopping. Most stores allow you to use your voucher online or in-store. You just use your voucher code to pay for the items like you would with any voucher code its really that simple. 

Helpful hint: If you want a better rate when paying for your vouchers use bank transfer but you can also pay with GooglePay or ApplePay too it's up to you but I recommend bank transfer. 

JamDoughnut has tens of thousands of consumers using the app every month and you can cash out your cashback within the same day. Yes, again you read that right! You can cash out your cashback and be paid the same day into your bank account. I mean could it be better? No more waiting for your own cash reward. 

Jamdounut cashback

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Another Helpful hint to earning more with JamDoughnut. 

They run lots of special offers and promotions Pumped up like this weekend's promotion is with some supermarkets. This means you can get extra points for shopping there this weekend. I always check the Top 10 cashback tab on the app to see who is included in there whenever I log on. Some of the offers in the app can be up to 12%. I also like to check the trending section of the app to see who other people are buying from. 

I am so delighted to share this little money-saving tip with you and I hope you make use of it to start saving some of your hard earn cash. We all need to help each other at the moment right? 

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